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Facetune App Review – The Easiest Way To Airbrush a Photo on Your Phone

Facetune app – are you familiar with it? It’s what Khloe Kardashian swears by. It’s the easiest app to do airbrushing with. Let’s give a look at why this app has stayed at the top of the App Store sales charts and why so many people rave about it.

Facetune App Review – Airbrushing for Dummies

I decided to kick off my new YouTube app review video series with the Facetune app. I downloaded the app, gave it a whirl to see what it was about and decided the review should be done with a photo of me, make-up free and then do a before and after to see exactly what kind of magic touching up the app can do. After playing with it – I get it. IF you want your perfect fake complexion and white as white teeth to gleem — and maybe you want to reshape your nose too – this app is for you. Okay, the Facetune app has other features and it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be used to give yourself digital plastic surgery – but it can.

Facetune will do everything from simple touch-ups, to full fledge makeovers – all with a few clicks. It is pretty powerful. Here is my before and after photo – no make-up, then touched up with detailing, airbrushing, patching, toning and filtering. Facetune is like Photoshop airbrushing – to the extreme.

Facetune App Before and After

It’s pretty amazing how different I look. It was a crappy front-facing iPhone camera selfie shot to begin with under terrible lighting in the middle of the night – plus no make-up. I added color to my skin, no blotchiness, my eyes are all sparkly, eyebrows perfect. While I like some of the features, its too extreme. I went crazy with the smoothing (smoothing = airbrushing) and as much as I am not a fan of photos with my without make-up, the Facetune after – is well just TOO much.  Here are some of the demo photos from Facetune to show you the look this app can achieve,, so shiny and contoured!

Facetune App Before and After Photos

I can see people instead saying “Photoshopping” will be saying “Facetuning”. Facetune App Before and After Photos

How to Facetune – App Review

Here’s a video walking thru all the features of the Facetune app. You can see what each tool is used for and how to use each Facetune tool, as well as see how a photo looks when you use a tool with it.

Overall, the app gives you the power of Photoshop but with ease of use. I am going to caution again that a little “smoothing” and “detailing” can go a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG way, so minimally use.

App Overview

The Facetune app is available for iOS and Android. It is $3.99 to download.

Facetune’s website touts the perfection you can achieve – sounds like the perfect app for editing photos for Tinder and Match! *hello sarcasm*

Perfect Skin

Move your finger over the skin for a smooth, glowing look, eliminating wrinkles and small blemishes. Simple to use, simply beautiful results.

Perfect Smile

Frustrated by that yellowish tone your teeth can get in photos, even after you’ve just visited the dentist? Swipe your finger over your teeth for a bright, shining look!

The Power of Reshape

Remember that lovely picture where everything was perfect, but you forgot to smile? Did the camera angle ever distort your face? With the Reshape tool you can gently modify your facial expressions and structure.

Hair Salon

Have an area of bald spots, thinning or gray hair? Use a combination of the tones and patch tools to turn back time and achieve a full, young looking and natural head of hair!

Personal Thoughts on Airbrushing and Editing

Personal thoughts on editing photos.  I don’t shy away from editing here and there, but the whole eye sparkly and extreme face and skin smoothing, I am NOT a fan of. I am instantly reminded of the Photoshop world we live in. Everything is SO edited. It took me years to realize that attaining magazine perfection is totally impossible and that every photo is edited for print. I remember coming to this realization when I was at the water park. It hit me JUST how REAL people look in real life and how NO ONE looked like they could grace the cover of ANY magazine. Hundred of people, and not one magazine perfect.

Raising a tween (soon to be teen, help!) daughter, I want so bad for her to be able to know the difference between what is real and what is fake and to accept herself for who she is and not feel like she has to edit her life away with Photoshop or an airbrush app like Facetune.  So mixed emotions here on this one from this mom.  Here and there, whatever. Everywhere, no thanks. I used Facetune to edit my original photo to my liking, minimal revisions but not so blotchy. Much better, not too overdone and it still looks like me (but with foundation and after a cup of coffee – not the rolled out of bed look.)

Facetune App Before and After

Yep, I am still pale – but that’s how God made me – white and pasty. I’ve come to accept that the only way this girl is getting a tan is well, Facetune or Photoshop.

Facetune App Review