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Facebook Birthday Wishes

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Facebook birthday wishes, oh how you have to LOVE them.

birthday wishes on facebook

So yesterday was my birthday. In case I had forgotten – my phone and Facebook reminded me. DING DING DING DING oh just everyone I haven’t talked to since Elementary school dinging my phone wishing me a Happy Birthday on my Facebook wall.

Since posting this on Facebook birthday wishes, we have created a massive collection of Birthday Memes – perfect for sharing on Facebook to celebrate your friend’s birthday.

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Facebook!

It cracks me up how much LOVE you get on your birthday thanks to beloved social media.

I am totally guilty of posting rather than calling on birthdays. I also am someone who clicks the right hand corner of Facebook and drops a birthday wish to add to the Facebook birthday bomb people get on their special day.

Now, if my Dad had Facebook – maybe he would of remembered that it was my birthday – womp womp womp.

Dear Kids, your mom loves you to know end and I am promising you to never forget to call you on your birthday or skype or whatever the future of technology leads us to. Oh, and yes – I am the mom who will be following you online and yes, leave you embarrassing Facebook birthday wishes.

Here’s to growing old – cheers!

Are You Guilty of Facebooking Rather than Calling on Birthdays?

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