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Face Fighter Gold iPad app – this app received good reviews and I wanted to download a game to keep my husband entertained.

Face Fighter Gold App Review

The Face Fighter Gold app is NOT kid-friendly. Currently, it is only available for the iPad and well, it is full of violence. The app is VERY funny and if you really feel like beating someone up… you should just buy this app, and not do it in real life.

face fighter gold ipad app
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I decided to make a little YouTube video to show you what the Face Fighter app is all about. What better person to beat up then my brother. Love you bro, but you are going DOWN. Here you can see me beating Billy up. You can insert any face, think of this as a virtual voo-doo doll of sorts. 

Sorry for the bruises, bro!

SO, violence, yeah. I have 3 kids, and am a pretty cool calm and collected person. This app is VERY TESTOSTERONE. I wouldn’t recommend letting them play it. 

Here’s the premise of Face Fighter Gold: You choose your opponent you would like to fight (you can input a photo from your album).

Next, you choose your weapon of choice. There are some numerous weapons to choose from such as fish, microphone, high heel. Each item that you use as a weapon does something different.  Gain enough strength and you can go into LEGENDARY FURY MODE. With Legendary Fury mode,  you can beat up your opponent with the weapon you chose.

The Face Fighter Gold app is a simple game that brings a lot of laughs WITH the right audience.

Make sure you keep this iPad app away from your kids. I do love that this app lets you beat up whoever needs a beat down without actually hurting the person in real life! I know a few people who I wish could just take out their frustration on this app then on other people. 

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  1. These are the items that keep getting mentioned as the flaws on the iPad. Let’s assume Apple really wants to add those things. I know you might argue that it has an agenda not to add them, such as wanting us to keep buying iPhones, but let’s just ask this: could it, technically, add those things? How much hardware, software, processor speed, user experience would it cost?

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