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Experiencing Cinderella on Stage

I’ve had the privilege of attending several musicals here lately, but recently I had the chance to take my daughter to see Cinderella. I asked her to sum up what her experience was like – here is what she said:

WOW! It was so awesome. The stage was amazing. The costume changes, you have to see Cinderella’s dress change – it’s like magic. I like the story, it’s not the same one Disney tells but it is really sweet. Go see it!

Cinderella Dallas Summer Musicals

My Z is 12. The same night, my sister took our niece who is 9. The girls sat still the entire show, and these girls are, how do I say this – hyper. Love them, but they are the ones who you take out to dinner and they forget that the whole restaurant isn’t there to hear them.

If you have the chance to see Cinderella, pull out your tiara – grab your daughter or any other little princess in your life and go see it!

If you are in Dallas, you are in for a treat. ?Cinderella hits the stage now thru June 21, 2015. Don’t miss it!

Here are a few random facts about Cinderella musical:

  • Cinderella is the second Disney Princess, joining the franchise in 1950, after Snow White in 1937.
  • Her shoe size is mentioned in the third movie which is a size 4? in woman’s.
  • The symbolic message of the glass slippers is that Cinderella is so delicate that she can walk in glass shoes and not break them. It is also symbolic how she can be comfortable in glass shoes, meaning that she can easily adapt to typically “uncomfortable” situations.
  • Cinderella is the most popular Disney Princess among children.
  • Cinderella is derived from the French word Cendrillon, which translates in English as “little ash girl.?

Thanks Dallas Summer Musicals for the invite!