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Looking for an ETSY Coupon? Well while this isn’t available at every store on ETSY – it is available at our ETSY show, Geekiness by Digital Mom Blog!

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GEEKINESS by Digital Mom Blog

What is Geekiness? Well as a forever geek – when trying to come up with an Etsy show name, Geekiness just hit me. Come shop with us! We have a fabulous printables – perfect for parents and SVG files for those crafty geeks.

Here are a few things that may interest you – but know we have a ton more in our shop – so check it out! 


Chore Reward Cards 

Help gamify chores with this awesome chore reward card. These work just like an old school punch card works. Have your child bring you their chore reward card either daily or however you decide. You punch it. After 10 punches, your kid is eligible for whatever the prize is you determine. These are designed to be super cute and on the back there’s an area for you to put the reward once your child has their card punched 10 times. 


The best part, you just buy this once – and print at home as needed! You get access to an instant download immediately after purchase. 

Total parent win, right? We think so! In fact – our kids love these. 

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