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E’s Birth Story – 41 Weeks Pregnant

Our sweet E turns 7 today. He is our second child and oldest son. He’s a rockstar. To make up for the lack of a baby book, I’m trying to document the each birth story of my kids. Here is E’s birth story.


E’s Birth Story

7 years ago I was 41 weeks pregnant with our second child. Miserable was an understatement. E was due on April 30th. I remember at our first visit finding out that yes, I was indeed pregnant – my husband saying “Oh, the baby is due near my birthday!”. NO, Sean – your birthday is May 7th and the baby is due April 30th. Boy was I wrong.

At the 40 week mark my doctor at the time tried to get me in for an induction. Bad news. At Plano Presbyterian, where I was set to deliver – scheduling inductions are the happening thing. She could not get me induced.  At my 40.5 weeks appointment, she came up with a plan. She told me to fake contractions on Friday night and go into the hospital as they would have to call her to let her know that I had come in. She said that then she could tell the staff “oh, she is a week over due, go ahead and put her on Pitocin”.

Perfect. Let’s get this baby out.

Grab a Sonic Route 44 before giving birth.

So that Friday night, we had dinner with my family, left my daughter with my moms and headed to the hospital at around 11:30 pm. We stopped at Sonic for a Route 44 Diet Coke. This was going to be the night I delivered.

We pulled up to the hospital and couldn’t find parking any where close. As I was walking across the hospital lawn, I peed myself. Or so I thought. Whoops. My water had broken. Yes, right there on the hospital lawn I was a leaky mess. The baby was coming and quick.

After making it to labor and delivery, we were taken to our delivery suite and everything moved quickly. It was midnight when I officially checked in. After a botched epidural that caused a spinal headache and blood patch with our first child, this would be my first natural delivery.

I recall my husband watching a rerun of Conan O’Brien. I LOVE CONAN, but while in labor with NO meds I remember screaming TURN CONAN OFF NOW.

2:30 am I tell the nurses, it’s time. Except there’s a problem. My doctor is no where in sight. They tell me to hold up, the doctor is coming – but they ready the room for delivery. I explain to them I don’t care if the doctor is coming, this baby is coming and quick.

I start to deliver the baby. No doctor in sight, until baby is crowning. The doctor runs in, with 1 glove on delivers our baby boy E. It’s 3 am. We have a baby boy. He’s perfect. He has his dad’s birthday. He looks JUST like his dad, sideburns and all. He has a ton of hair that is shaped into a faux hawk. Our heart is full.

It’s a BOY!

E, you are the best kid. You have the sweetest most caring temperament. You love the Lord with all of your heart. So much so, we swear you are going to be a preacher.  You still have the best hair.

The last 7 years we have seen you grow into this happy boy. Your smarts amaze us. We are constantly amazed at how much artist and engineer you have in you. You are the perfect combination of both your dad and myself. We love you.

Happy Birthday E. 

I asked E a few questions – hopefully I can remember to do this each year with each kid.

E’s Birthday Interview

Favorite Song:

Row Row Row Your Boat

Favorite Color:


Best Memory from Year 6:

Going to NASA and seeing the space ships!

Favorite Food:

Macaroni and Cheese

If I Had a MILLION Dollars I’d:

I’d buy all the stuff in the world.

Favorite Cartoon:

Phineas and Ferb