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30 Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Kids

Easy elf on the shelf ideas because mama is BUSY but knows her kids love that silly little Christmas elf.

The holiday season is almost here and the fun times with our friend, the Elf.

Get Yourself an Elf on the Shelf

First, do you have your elf? Now there are all kinds of elf on the shelf dolls for you to choose from. Choose your favorite.


Thankfully, elf on the shelf now represents more than the white boy elf. There are still some ways to go on diversifying the elf but it’s a start.

The Elf on the Shelf also comes with the Elf on the Shelf book.

Okay, got it? Great! Now let’s get at it with easy elf on the shelf ideas. The Elf on the Shelf are quickly approaching as well.

Family Tradition for Christmas

As much as we all love the Christmas family traditions and memories we are creating for our kids, we have to keep our ideas fresh each year. Whether your elf comes to visit right after Thanksgiving or a few days before Christmas, these easy ideas for moving your elf will make the holiday even more memorable.

easy elf on the shelf ideas

Having The Elf on the Shelf is fun, but seeing your child’s smile each morning as they find out what their Elf was up to overnight is classic and heart warming.

That Elf On the SHelf

One of my favorite things to do each morning is take a quick snapshot of my child’s reaction as well as what our friendly little Elf was up to while we were sleeping. It’s great to capture their reaction on camera and create a fun scrapbook page at the end of the holiday season to share with them later on in life.

elf on the shelf easy ideas funny

That said, I need these things that this funny elf is doing to be EASY. So we are only sharing EASY Elf on the Shelf ideas. 

30 EASY Elf on the Shelf Ideas

This year I was able to get a jump start on planning our month long fun with our Elf on the Shelf and I wanted to share our family tradition and ideas for this holiday season with you in hopes that you can enjoy some of the fun too!

Happy Elf on the Shelfing! 🙂 Here are 30 Elf on the Shelf Ideas Funny Things for Your Elf to Do!

  1. Elf Arrival – he has arrived! Wrap the Elf on the Shelf up the presents and watch him get stuck in the box of bows
  2. Watches An Elf’s Story because he wants to see his Elf friends
  3. Makes pink milk
  4. Knits a scarf to stay warm
  5. Makes his own sleigh using a coffee mug and Hot Wheels cars
  6. Makes a shoe mountain
  7. Leaves a note that he needs more cookies
  8. Has a wrestling match in the laundry basket with Barbies and loses
  9. Takes a sleigh ride down the banister
  10. Leaves a new joke for your child everyday
  11. Emails Santa about your child’s behavior
  12. Plays the guitar
  13. Tracks Santa on his way from the North Pole
  14. Has story time with his stuffed animal friends
  15. Makes cookies for breakfast
  16. Wraps the kitchen with toilet paper
  17. Plays soccer
  18. Takes a bath in the kitchen sink
  19. Listens to music on his iPod
  20. Wraps a mini gift for your child
  21. Has a pillow fight with his stuffed animal friends
  22. Has a race with Barbie and Ken
  23. Makes donuts & green milk for breakfast
  24. Hangs lights from the curtain rod
  25. Makes a peppermint Christmas tree
  26. Makes a selfie out of play dough
  27. Sends a special package in the mail to your child
  28. Hides in the Christmas decorations
  29. Flies in his airplane from the chandelier – it’s time to say goodbye to the Elf on the Shelf. Congrats, you did it mom!

Which of these easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas to you plan on doing this year?