Dude That’s Cool – New Game

Dude that's cool

Yes, you are a hamster that will do whatever you can to get the goodies that are being held onto by your friends (who are also hamsters). You lay pipes down to reach the other side, in an effort to grow your goodie box. Looking for a new game to play this weekend? Here is a new app that plays similar to Hanging with Friends and Words with Friends where you play another person – except, this time you are a hamster.

The kids will love this, we’re putting on our kids’ iPods this weekend for some friendly sibling competition.

The downside: make sure your friend is in the mood to play and doesn’t leave you hanging waiting for a turn.

Get your hamster strategy on with DUDE! That’s Cool (yes, that’s the app name) – currently only available on the iPhone

Download Dude That’s Cool – FREE


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    I love this game!  I play it too.  It teaches kids strategy and thinking ahead, with a few fun “tools” to thwart your opponent.  Clean family fun. 

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