Dressing Your Kids Cute Without Breaking the Bank

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3 boys, 1 girl – that’s a lot of kids to clothe (don’t get me started on feeding!) While I have no desire to spend our expendable income on fancy clothes – I still want my kids to look cute. Cute, you know – while I am still allowed to dress them.

My go to for affordable stylish clothes THAT LAST for boys is PS from AERO. We’ve had a long time partnership with them, and while we do receive free products, I still am spending my own money because – ALL THE CUTE THINGS and the prices are reasonable, I mentioned that – right?

Here’s a look at the latest outfits that I bought my boys. And yes, I dress my boys alike, still (again, while they let me, i’m doing it.)

PS From Aero

Similar, but different – matchy-matchy but not TOO matchy-matchy, right?

My fave and the boys fave? The JEANS. The elastic waist band (which I like to refer to as the maternity pants band) – is awesome for growing boys. In fact, we JUST got our winter stuff out of storage (we’re in Texas, winter weather just arrived.) As I am pulling out the boys jeans, every pair of PS from Aero jeans are still in tact. Amazingly, none of the PS from AERO brand from years past had holes in the knee. That is the joy of having 3 boys – HAND ME DOWNS.

These are our favorite style. They each fit the boys well. The style is called Kids’ Dark Wash Bootcut JeansPS From AERO Jeans

If you are in the market for cute clothes without breaking the bank, check out PS From Aero.

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