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Dr. Google – Relying on the Internet for a Diagnosis

The world is changing. Information can be accessed easily from just about anywhere. This is a wonderful thing until it’s not. A bad habit that we’ve picked up is using Dr. Google.

Dr. Google

Dr. Google gives me all the information that I don’t want to hear. My Google search for “sore throat” can turn into a result of “throat cancer.” Don’t ask me how I know this.

The doctor’s office my husband and I go to is technology savvy.

Dr. Google

  • Our appointment reminders are emailed to us, with the option to reschedule with a click.
  • Each time we check-in, the nurse asks for our latest email address and if we have any questions about the practices’ website.
  • After our appointment, we are sent a survey asking how our visit was.
  • Prescription requests can be done online.

No matter how much I love our technology savvy doctor, I still hate going to the doctor. So what do I do? I resort to Dr. Google.

Story of my life.

The kid has weird symptoms, I go see Dr. Google.
Baby spits up clear stuff, I go see Dr.Google.
Husband has a weird shaped toe, I go see Dr. Google.

This past week, I threw my back out. Once again I was like a turtle stuck on my back for a few days. With a newborn, I had to do something and quick since Dr. Google can’t fix herniated discs.

Our tech-savvy doctor’s practice has a new feature to add to their already fabulous line-up of uses of technology. For $50 a year ($100 for the family), we can now email our doctor. So I keep telling myself that with this new service I can end my relationship with Dr. Google. Dr. G’s advice, while seemingly helpful just ends up putting me in a panic!

How many times do you turn to Google for advice you previously sought from a doctor?

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