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How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos in Under a Minute!

Have you ever needed to download Instagram photos or videos? Last year, my youngest son needed to do a poster board for school of his life. Sorry kid, you were born in 2011 therefore the majority of your life has been placed on Instagram and I the photo back-ups are on some hard drive in the attic.  Thankfully I found a solution, so super easy too!

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos in Less Than a Minute!

Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Are you ready for this simplicity? For real, so simple. To download Instagram photos or videos – first thing you will need is the URL of the Instagram photos or videos. Let’s use this Instagram pic. I actually need it for a blog post, so perfect!


The URL is Copy the Instagram photo or video URL. 

Now here is where the magic happens.


The DownloadGram website has ONE purpose. It’s purpose is to download to you the Instagram photo or video that you want. 

Go to and paste the Instagram url here: 

download instagram videos

Click the Download button. 

Then a Download Image button appears. Click that. 

That’s it! Your Instagram photo or video will download and you forever have a copy of YOUR photo. 

download instagram photos and videos

Come on Instagram, Give Us a Download Option!

So this is a major annoyance of Instagram. I love me some Instagram. I quit Snapchat because Insta-stories. I’ve accepted that Facebook now owns them. But one thing I just don’t get is why there isn’t an easier option for us Insta users to download our photos. 

As much as some things on Facebook annoy me, they will let you have your data. Same thing with Google. They aren’t locking it up in some crazy code like Instagram does. Seriously, have you ever tried downloading your image off of Instagram? You would think you could just go to your profile, right-click and save. NOPE. 

There is a way to dig into the code and find the image (not obvious!) but come on! Thankful for simple tools that just do the job like DownloadGram.

I found my first post on the Instagram app, get this on November 10, 2010 – it had just launched publicly a few weeks before. Back before the Facebook purchase, hell wasn’t even on Android yet! Time changes everything, but still obsessed with this app. 

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