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Do You Text and Drive

Put your phone down and be safe while driving.

Honk If You Love Jesus. Text While Driving If You Want To Meet Him

Honk of You Love Jesus Text While Driving If You Want to Meet Him

This image is going viral over on Facebook, and rightfully so. I chuckled and thought about the many times I admittedly have almost wrecked while doing something on my phone. Cell phones and driving are a new thing. And texting and driving is just something we shouldn’t be doing.

That #[email protected])!# iPhone. As cool as you are, you are dangerous and should have an automatic KILL SWITCH when it realizes that you are driving, now that would be a SMARTPHONE. The number of wrecks happening due to texting and driving is on the rise. As more people switch to smartphones, I can only imagine the numbers skyrocketing in regards to car accidents.


A few months back while pregnant, I made a commitment to really make an exerted effort to put away the phone. If I am talking to use my Motorola Rokr (bluetooth – handsfree device) rather than holding the phone. Admitting that makes me feel like I drank while pregnant, but hey I just want to keep it real and honest. And no I didn’t drink while pregnant and let’s hope you did not find this blog entry by googling “drinking and driving while pregnant” (but if you did, don’t do that, and don’t text and drive or drink and drive either!)

My few months of maternity leave had me watching the Oprah. And the Oprah has her no phone challenge. I signed it. Now her next campaign needs to be, no putting make-up on while driving.

Do you text and drive?

Stop texting and driving people. Because I like you. Because your family loves you. Because people need you. And texting and driving, it can just wait. Save yourself from a car wreck, avoid texting and driving.

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