Do You Text and Drive

Do you text and drive?

Honk of You Love Jesus Text While Driving If You Want to Meet Him

Honk If You Love Jesus. Text While Driving If You Want To Meet Him.

This image is making its shared away around Facebook. I chuckled and thought about the many times I admittedly have almost wrecked while doing something on my phone.


That #$@)!# iPhone. As cool as you are, you are dangerous and should have an automatic KILL SWITCH when it realizes that you are driving, now that would be a SMART PHONE.

After a close call a few months back while pregnant, I made a commitment to really make an exerted effort to put away the phone and if I am talking to use my Motorola Rokr (bluetooth – handsfree device) rather than holding the phone. Admitting that makes me feel like I drank while pregnant, but hey I just want to keep it real and honest. And no I didn’t drink while pregnant and let’s hope you did not find this blog entry by googling “drinking and driving while pregnant” (but if you did, don’t do that.)

My few months of maternity leave had me watching the Oprah. And the Oprah has her no phone challenge. I signed it. Now her next campaign needs to be, no putting make-up on while driving.

Do you text and drive?

Stop. Because I like you. AND I would love it if you could read my blog post tomorrow.  Actually, I have NOTHING brilliant planned, but do come back and read tomorrow 🙂

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  • Betsy

    MEH – I have issues with putting on make up while driving too! It seems way too convenient to not do it. But I will now only do it at stop signs and red lights.

    • digitalmomblog

      and while texting. I STILL REMEMBER you texting and driving that JEEP YOU FREAK. 🙂

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