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Disconnect Movie Review

Last week I had the opportunity to check out the movie Disconnect with the Dallas Social Media Club. To be completely honest, I walked into the theatre happy about a kidless night, to hang out with my sister and free movie. I hadn’t watched the Disconnect movie trailer and had no idea what the show was about, but assumed something internet. What I walked away with was the realization that I, like most of us – are way too connected.

disconnect movie reviews

Disconnect Movie Review

Disconnect features Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Jonah Bobo and Marc Jacobs and a slew of other actors. The story ties together multiple tales of wired hijinks. It addresses the topics of stolen identity, child pornography, online sex addiction, sex trafficking, online bullying, disconnected parents, teen suicide, online grieving, losing a parent, losing a child and marital issues. (If you dug further, I am sure you can pull even more hot topics out of the story line). The overall story, feels very fresh as all of these things either have happened to someone we all know making the movie relatable.

jason bateman disconnect movieWhile Disconnect is a movie, there are a few hang-ups in the story that bugged me. The main bother was the tale of stolen identity. Thousands removed from a bank account, leaving a grieving couple broke. I get this, but maybe it’s just Chase Bank (props!). When my credit card number was stolen a few years ago, and thousands were being charged – I was notified immediately and was immediately reimbursed funds. There was no 4 week investigation or money lost. But again, maybe Chase is just on it.

The story ended with me wanting to know more. Overall, it was worth the watch and will see again when it comes to DVD with the hubs. It did bring real life situations to the big screen. While there was way too much nudity for my liking – though it’s hard to do a scene about online sex websites without nudity – I did walk away thinking there needs to be a cleaned up version – especially in regards to the online bullying topic that my kids can watch.

This is a thriller. Don’t bring your kids (please!) and the Disconnect movie is now out in theaters.

P.S. This isn’t the Arrested Development Jason Bateman that we are use to seeing. Don’t expect him to be funny! (boo!)