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Quick and Easy Family Meals with Dinnerly

We have been living in a hotel for 137 nights when asked if we would like to do a Dinnerly review. Knowing that we were headed home soon, I asked if they could delay my delivery a week. The day we moved in, our Dinnerly box was awaiting us and perfect timing. So something in the swarm of being out of the house for so long, dealing with all the things – something that didn’t dawn on me is that we would return to the house with an empty fridge, minimal pantry and the lack of willpower to grocery shop. 

Remember how I mentioned being out of our home for 137 nights? Each of those days we had to eat our meals out – well with the exception of Easter. Our family needed a real meal and seeing that Dinnerly box on our doorstep – I was hopeful that they would get that. 

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I have had friends that have done the meal subscription boxes before, but none that have 4 kids (feeding a total of 6 people.) I wasn’t quite sure how big the meals are, because let’s face it – some of us eat like birds, while others of us eat likes bears. While we had the 4 person box, each night we had leftovers and each night, our kids loved the meals and ate well. The portions are generous and the food was delicious. 

Easy Meals with Dinnerly

Dinnerly Review

Our Dinnerly review box was well enjoyed. The service made dinner for the week super easy and my grocery bill significantly less. Here is a peek at a few of the meals we cooked. 

Dinnerly Review - Easy Meals Good Food

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Carbonara Pasta

The carbonara pasta was made with bacon (YUM) and parmesan and was out of this world delicious. We enjoyed the leftovers the next day and will be making this recipe again. 

Chipotle Chicken Tacos

They had me at TACOS. I am serious when I say I could eat tacos every single day. These chipotle chicken tacos were tops. Dinnerly also sent ingredients for a slaw that just completed these tacos. 

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

While I can’t get my kids to eat regular ol’ broccoli, they will eat broccoli and cheese soup and demand seconds (and sometimes thirds.) What made Dinnerly’s recipe for broccoli cheese soup unique, is they had you make homemade croutons and then bake them with the soup. I have to say this added a whole new dimension to the soup and i’ll be using this technique again. 

How Much Does Dinnerly Cost?

Being a family of 6, the cost is always a factor. Another hesitancy when it came to purchasing a meal subscription was the money factor. Dinnerly costs $5 per adult serving. Each meal box includes fresh ingredients to make 3 meals. The meat that arrived was organic, the vegetables were fresh, and the cheese was high quality. Even random ingredients like mayonnaise were included. We did need olive oil for one meal – but even with our bare-bones kitchen, we were able to successfully make the meals. 

You have 2 options for purchasing. 

Dinnerly price chart

Two Person Box – 2 portions per recipe, 3 recipes per week – $38.99 ($5 per serving and $8.99 for shipping) 

Family Box – 4 portions per recipe, 3 recipes per week – $68.99 ($5 per serving and $8.99 for shipping) 

After seeing all that you get in the Dinnerly box, and the simplicity of ordering, not having to think about family meal planning for the week and all of your meal ingredients arriving on your doorstep – the box, in addition to being affordable – is well worth it for sanity!

How to Order Dinnerly

Ordering Dinnerly is super simple. Click here to get started. 

You will choose which meal box you want to purchase – either the two-person box or the family box. 

Next, select where your box will be delivered and your delivery date. Because the ingredients are so fresh, I would say it’s best to plan to make the meals sooner rather than later. So if you order for delivery on Monday, don’t wait until Saturday to start cooking your meals!

You will be given the option of which recipes you want to order. Each week the Dinnerly menu changes. You can view the menu here. 

Pay and you are on your way. The beautiful thing is you are not committed to any length of time with Dinnerly.

5 Reasons We Love Dinnerly

In case I haven’t already convinced you to order your meal box, let me give you the 5 reasons we love Dinnerly and will be ordering again soon: 

  1. Affordable
    Dinnerly is significantly more affordable than other dinner meal boxes we looked into. 
  2. Convenience
    I mean all the food you need for 3 meals delivered to your door? LOVE IT!
  3. New Recipe Ideas
    We get into routines with our meals. It was great to break out of the normal menu and try new recipes, all of which my family loved. 
  4. Easy Recipes for Family Meals
    These meals are easy. There are a handful of ingredients and prep is super simple. 
  5. Great Meal Options
    The menu of options of meals to choose from is appetizing.

Affordable Dinner Options from Dinnerly

Click here to order your Dinnerly box and enjoy! 

Thanks again to Dinnerly for giving us a box to review. We thoroughly enjoyed the food. 

If you purchase a Dinnerly box, we will receive a small commission at no cost to you.