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Digitizing Your Kid’s Art

What Do You Do With Your Kids’ Artwork? Let’s learn how to save your kid’s art with your camera’s app

I am a LOVER of kids’ art, especially my own and ESPECIALLY when they spell things inappropriate ways:


Hores – also known as a HORSE. Not to be confused with… a pony? 🙂

But let’s face it, the piles of drawings from 2 kids in elementary school start to clutter quickly. And the fact that I’ll have 2 more kids going thru school equals a heck of a whole lot of art projects. Any organized person would agree – my house is already junked out enough!

What’s A Mom To DO?

What we’ve started doing is we have an art box. As we clean out folders and backpacks – all art related projects and drawings go in the art box. There is an exception – super duper cute artwork and drawing get promoted to an art door or our refrigerator. We started with 1 art door but then the competition of who gets more space led us to 2 art doors. Both are in our kitchen – because I am classy like that and don’t mind scotch taping up the doors.

Kid's Art Door

One of our art doors in the kitchen.

kid's art

I asked E what this drawing was, since I couldn’t quite make out his story. “This is you and me cooking soup, but you caught the kitchen on fire – see my chair on fire?”

Digitizing Then Throwing Away

A few times a year we go thru the beloved art box and decide what to keep (a few things from each kid which goes into the attic), what to take a photo of, and what to chunk.

E's Thanksgiving Turkey

Take a photo of your kid’s art projects. That way your can still love the art but not have the clutter!

Take a photo help digitize the memory.The first few years I didn’t take pictures, I just kept the kid’s art or threw away. This led to MANY tears and my dear daughter who is way beyond her years would guilt trip me with “HOW MUCH TIME SHE SPENT ON THAT DRAWING”. She has a way with words that will someday get her far in life.

Photo Books of Your Kids’ Art

Something that just never crossed my mind but is brilliant is to take the photos of your kids’ art and make a photo book out of the pictures. Making a photo book super easy and with online coupons you can get these things next to nothing. This way your kid’s art will live on – and your house will be a wee bit cluttered…. maybe. 🙂

What Do YOU Do With Your Kids’ Art Projects and Drawings?