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The Digital Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love a photo booth, what about a digital photo booth? Well, the modern photo booth is almost here. While we personally haven’t yet seen these at our favorite putt putt golf arcade, YET – it’s sure to come.

Digital Photo Booth

So when it comes to a modern photo booth, what are your options?

digital photo booth


One of the coolest thing we saw at Blissdom, was Smilebooth. It’s a modern day photo booth with a fabulous iPad application that allows you to instantly send your photo to yourself via text, email or post to Facebook or Twitter.

Brands can watermark the photos as well. Below is the photo from The Lorax party at Blissdom of my sister and I (NERDS!).

Learn more about Smile Booth.


If you LOVE Instagram (we do! we do!), then you may just be interested in this here little device called Instaprint.  This isn’t necessarily a photo booth, rather than you are able to print photographs from an event.

Here’s the idea. You are at an event, Instagramming of course. This printer, cleverly named Instaprint would allow you to send your photos it’s way to print.

Easy as pie, right?

Instaprint was invented in the spring of 2011 by our small company called BREAKFAST. Over the past year our prototype devices have been seen at events such as store openings, product launches, a variety of different parties and events including The Grammys and Lady Gaga concerts.

Going from prototype to consumer product is a massive step, and is something BREAKFAST has been working on for almost a year. It’s a huge endeavor that will require us to bring on more staff and dedicate many months to make it all happen. Some things are sure to change as we get into the thick of it, but that means things will only get better.

We’re really psyched to try and make this happen, and we hope you’ll help us reach our goal. We can’t thank all of you enough for any support you can give!

I love this idea. But personally think it could be done for a heck of a lot cheaper. With the use of Google Print Cloud and a cheap HP printer, you could totally in business for printing your Instagram prints at event for next to nothing.

The Instaprinter will have inkless technology so no replacing color cartridges.  That’s cool, but I want to know price!

Instaprint is trying to get this Instagram printing party started with Kickstarter. $500,000 is a heck of a whole lot of money to raise… just saying!

We did find a few other ditties, but looks like the main player if you are looking to rent a digital photo booth is Smile Booth.

Purchasing a Photo Booth

I’ve always wanted a photo booth to have for photos whenever anyone stopped by. Needless to say, those lotto tickets just haven’t hit the right numbers… YET!

If you are looking to purchase a photo booth, here are some options:

Craigslist – random finds, check your city to see if you can find a photo booth near you.

If you have $9,000, you can purchase a digital photo booth from Amazon. What’s $9k for a fun photo booth in your kitchen… sigh.

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