Digital Mom Reviews: smarTouch Gloves

smartouch isotoner gloves

The nice folks at Isotoner were kind enough to send me a pair of their new smarTouch gloves. (Or as I like to call them Smart Gloves!)

What’s So Special About SmarTouch Gloves You Ask?

Have you ever tried texting or using your smart phone with your gloves on? These gloves are TEXT and smart phone savvy! Not only are they cute and well made by Isontoner (and these sure beat my magic stretchy gloves that I share with my kids) – the thumbs and pointy fingers have special edges that allow you to text and surf more efficiently. The thread on those 2 tips convey an electrical impulse from the fingers to any touch screen device.  The palm has a non-slip design and the gloves stretch so they are ultra comfy.

I had to try these puppies out for myself.

Watch This Video of the SmarTouch Gloves in Action!

And here is where I awe you with too much of a drum loop, ignore the sound and watch these in action.


I will say this, I had to get use to using my thumb and pointy, once I figured out where the edge is on my gloves, I was able to surf my iPhone so much easier. Your surfing experience is not the same as with bare hands, but in the bitter cold with gloves on – you’ll actually be able to function on your smart phone!

As you’ll see in the video, I tried on my magic stretchy gloves (which my kids had apparently been wearing on the playground as you can see they are dirty with bark). Attempting to use the iPhone with my old gloves, I didn’t get pass the slide bar!

Smart touch isotoner gloves

A Great Functional Gift for the Tech Savvy

Looking for a gift for your tech savvy friend who has everything? Well here is your gift, and since the SmarTouch gloves are brand spankin’ new – chances are they don’t have them… yet.

Stay Tuned

A little birdy told me that I MAY be giving a pair or 2 of these away in the near future…. Thanks Isotoner for giving me this pair to review! No more magic gloves for me!

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  • Barb S.

    Those look great! Are they waterproof?

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