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Here at Digital Mom we talk kids and technology, we share funny things and products we find interesting. We know that parenting isn’t for the weak of heart – especially when you throw technology into the mix!  In 2009, Digital Mom was created to help parents over come the everyday hurdles of modern parenting.

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Technology and Kids

While raising kids in this digital world can seem scary, here at Digital Mom Blog we are dedicated to helping guide parents thru the in’s and out’s of technology. We share our personal experiences with technology and kids. You will also find product reviews, parent talk about screen time and online gaming, info on resources for limiting technology, apps that parents may find useful and much more. 

5 Things Kids Can Learn From Playing Video Games

This post is brought to you by Energizer®. All opinions are my own. I know as a mom, I tend to always dwell on the bad of a ton of screen time - especially video games. Everything in moderation, right? But there's some good news. Maybe those video games your kids play...

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How We Got Our Minecraft Obsessed Child to Read

Minecraft Books - How We Got Our Minecraft Obsessed Child to Read  Getting Your Child to Read Minecraft Books Do you have problems getting your Minecraft child to read? We say Minecraft child because OMG these kids live and breathe Minecraft.  Here's the deal. Over...

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Instant Pot All The Things

Here at Digital Mom Blog, we are slightly obsessed with the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot has saved us countless hours and given us a whole new range of things to cook for the family. Here are some of our favorite Instant Pot recipes

29 BEST Keto Instant Pot Recipes

Keto Instant Pot Recipes - similar to the low carb Instant Pot recipes, but these were collected with the Keto dieter in mind. I learned about Keto last year, and have used this diet as my go to whenever my pants start feeling a bit snug! The options are endless and I...

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Things to Do in Dallas

We are TEXAS proud, here at Digital Mom Blog (actually Dallas Proud, but we love all of Texas.)  With 4 kids, our weekends are usually spent somewhere in the metroplex doing something family related. We share our fun finds and adventures of fun family things to do in Dallas, TX.

5 Things to Know Before You Go To a Dallas Cowboys Game

This past week, our friends at #GoVerizon invited my husband, Betsy and her husband to the Dallas Cowboys game. I've lived here in the Dallas area all of my life (minus 7 dreadful months in Arkansas), and I had NEVER been to a Cowboys game. Dallas Cowboys Football...

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Marvel Universe Live 2018 Review – We Met Super Heroes

This past week, Marvel Universe Live was in Dallas and we had the privilege of attending as media to review. If you have little (or big) Marvel fans, you won't want to miss this event when it comes to your town! Marvel Universe Live Review With 4 kids, 3 being boys -...

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