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Did I Mention It’s HOT?

Guys. It’s HOT here in Texas. I am pregnant. Pregnancy and hear just do not mix.

Did I Mention It’s HOT?

Dear July, Did I mention it’s HOT? You know that right?

Dear September, I can’t wait to see you. I am wondering if this is what hell feels like.

It's HOT Outside
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So of course, here I sit nearly 9 months pregnant with our fourth child. We are in Texas and it seriously is hot as well.

Texas Summer Weather is No Joke

I’ve lived in Texas for all of my life, minus 7 months that we won’t talk about. I should know that Texas summer weather is no joke, but this year – its extreme. We have had numerous consecutive days with triple digit temperatures and it is a lot for this pregnant mama.

Doesn’t Texas summer weather know that I am growing a baby up in here. Alas, this Texas heat does not care.

Pregnancy Dehydration Due to Heat

I ended up in the ER with dehydration. Pregnancy and dehydration are 2 things that neither are good and when you combine them, well yeah – not good. After receiving 2 bags of i.v. fluid and a nice nap on a stretcher, all was good.

Baby is in good shape. I wish the little thing would hurry up and make his or her appearance. Yes, we know the sex. No, we will not tell you. I didn’t want to know the sex, but the ultrasound tech slipped up and told us.

Debating Baby Names

Now we debate baby names for this fourth kid. This is most likely our last so we better name her or him something memorable. But you guys, seriously in this heat I just can’t even. I can’t think, I can’t go outside. I can barely move because remember 9 months pregnant fourth kid, I’m basically a whale.

Looking Back

Update, this was written 10 years ago! WOW. And Texas, you still have your hot summers that create misery but this particular summer was the hottest. Texas ended up having 100 days of 100 degree weather. That is just insane.

Pregnancy in Texas Heat

If you are pregnant in the heat, make sure to stay in cool air conditioning whenever possible. Electrolytes are your BFF to help keep you hydrated. Liquid IV is great for helping with hydration.