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15 Best Fall Plans vs Delta Variant Memes That Are Exactly How We Feel

These funny Delta variant memes that explain our exact feels about it wrecking our 2021 fall are too spot on not to share!

Hello 2021, we see what you are doing here. Here we were, living our best lives again – almost feeling like we were back to normal. We have gotten the vaccine. We were just getting comfortable with going to the store without a mask on an wham, you mutate into the delta variant and give us even more reason to hate you!

marsha brady funny delta variant memes
marsha brady vs football IYKYK – her poor nose

Here we are in 2021, headed back to school – trying to forget 2020 worse year ever and alas the mutation is upon us trying to ruin our fall.

Funny Delta Variant Memes

There are all kinds of stats and articles but lets be honest. We are here for some comic relief and funny to share because the stress of last year and this year is enough.

2022 delta variant memes
2022 vs delta variant meme

If you are just here screaming GIVE ME THE FUNNY DELTA VARIANT MEMES, then well here you go. You are welcome.

Let’s start the funny off with this hilarious delta variant Jeopardy meme! Who thought Lamar Burton was going to be the new Jeopardy host? Boy were we wrong.

fall plans delta variant meme jeopardy
lamar burton vs mike richards jeopardy host via @constar24

Mike Richards Confirmed as ‘Jeopardy!’ Host, Mayim Bialik to Front Primetime Specials – at least we have Blossom (Mayim Bialik will always be Blossom to us 90s kids!) to host Jeopardy Primetime.

That fall leaf raking. What the delta variant is doing to those plans! Yikes.

falls plans vs delta variant leaves meme
fall leaf raking vs trees falling

Who loved the Sound of Music. The wonderful Maria Von Trapp ruining the plans of the naval officer.

sound of music meme delta variant
sounds of music

Talk about a block – the delta variant meme vs my fall plans demonstrated on so well.

the delta variant meme fall plans
my fall plans vs the delta variant

My Fall Plans vs Delta Variant Memes

Again with the 90s references. 1994 who can forget the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding story. We all just thought our fall would look like Nancy Kerrigan’s olympic ice skating gold medal performance. Along comes Tonya Harding (aka Delta variant) to ruin it all by hitting us in the knees!

nancy kerrigan tonya harding delta variant meme
nancy kerringan vs tonya harding meme about fall delta variant

If you followed the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding story, make sure ot watch the movie I, Tonya!

The beloved Pride and Prejudice is another great example fro our my fall plans vs delta variant memes

pride and predjudice meme delta variant
pride and prejudice delta meme

Denise Richards in Drop Dead Gorgeous. If you know, you know.

We really hoped when we posted these covid memes back in 2020 that these would pass. But alas, 2021 and here we are.

my plans vs deta variant
denise richards – drop dead gorgeous IYKYK

My Girl – again with the 90’s movies. I know – guilty as charged. Who didn’t fall in love with Mccauley Culkin in My Girl? Then that bee. The bee is the Delta Variant, UGH!

my girl fall plans delta variant meme
my girl vs bee – delta variant meme

Gilmore Girls – hey this was more of a 2000s thing.

gilmore girls delta variant meme
gilmore girls

And yes, who else had AOL dial-up access using a modem and your phone line? If yes, who else had someone pick up the telephone disconnecting your computer modem and America Online connection? ALL OF US 90s KIDS KNOW.

fall variant aol meme
aol dial up vs picking up the phone

Just when we thought maybe JUST maybe we are over the worse of it? Delta proves us wrong. Thank DV!

delta variants turn meme
c19 vs c19 delta variant

Jack from Titanic, coming into ruin Rose’s plans. If only Rose would have scooted over and let him on her boat – but no. IT wasn’t meant to be. Kind of like our fall plans, thanks Delta variant!

delta variant titanic meme
titanic rose vs jack meme

Here we are thinking on we are vaccinated. All is great. And yeah, breakthrough happens way too much.

delta variant vaccine meme
me and my fall plans vs delta variant and vaccine

Stay safe, y’all.

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end of covid delta meme
the delta variant

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