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December 7 Meme of the Day: YAY! Only 2 Monday Til Christmas

It’s the December 7 Meme of the Day.

An ode to the one who makes all the Christmas magic happen. That’s what we are doing with a little humor and sarcasm.

December 7 Meme

Our December 7 meme of the day is well, the truth. Mom (and hey shout out to any dads out there are doing their part!) is the maker of Christmas magic.

why isn't there an elf on the shelf that every night cleans the house and does the laundry? Oh wait, there is one her name is mom.
december 7 meme

Whether it be moving around the silly Elf on the Shelf, buying all the Christmas presents, decorating the Christmas tree – she is the elf on the shelf but chances are she doesn’t get to do much sitting.

naughty elf on the shelf meme

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Send a Meme Instead of a Christmas Card

We have a huge collection of Merry Christmas memes for you to share.

hey girl have a very merry christmas
merry christmas girl meme

This year, we know that money might be tight. Sending Christmas cards will cost you a pretty penny on top of the stress of it all.

merry christmas from cousin eddie
merry christmas cousin eddie meme

As these inflation memes state, 2022 is a mood when it comes to finances.

It’s Wednesday

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wednesday we are half way there
wednesday december meme

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18 Days Until Christmas!

There are only 18 days until Christmas. Countdown until Santa comes is on.

18 days until christmas meme
18 days until christmas meme

But thankfully, Christmas is on a Sunday this year. Take that Monday, December 26th off!

zero, zip, zilch, nada - that's how much it costs you to be kind this holiday season
holiday kindness meme

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i love christmas memes
i love christmas memes

Ready to get the Christmas season started?

December 7 Birthday Meme

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its my birthday today meme
its my birthday today meme

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