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Death of No Car Payment.

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Do You Know How Great Life Is With No Car Payment?

It’s what I call.. FABULOUS. But then a day like today rolls around and I am reminded that maybe that car payment is another thing we’ll just have to chuck up and do.

Check engine light on and a car that feels like it’s dancing to the radio as you cruise at a speed of 30 isn’t all that its cracked up to be. Plus with a screaming baby in the back (okay, screaming more like GOOing) – the last thing I want is to be stranded on the side of the road.

3 Kids + Bucket Seats = No Good

Life with 3 kids now poses a slight vehicular issue in our family.

| Death of No Car Payment.

The Husband’s Car – Maxi *This is not his car, but since he doesn’t read this – we’ll just pretend it is. 🙂

Sean’s car we named Maxi. Sean said it always gripes and maxi is like maxi-pad, don’t ask – apparently that’s some funny haha poke at women being moody – boy humor, whatever. ANYWHO. Sean’s a to b car – seats 4 – and the 2 in the back must be very small people. With 5 and 1 requiring an ultra bulky car seat – his car is our runner car. Run here – run there – just don’t expect to run anywhere with the family.

The Beast

My beast seats 8. It’s a huge gas guzzling (12 MPG on a good day BABY!) Expedition.  I’ve loved this car too much. And so have the kids.  The DVD player finally gave out a few months ago and that right there started my mind turning to buying another car. Do you know HOW quiet DVD players keep children on long trips? Just saying.

ford expedition no car payment
Death to no car payment

The Expedition has been great to us. It’s just time for something different.

Must haves:

So here we are. What to buy is the next question. Here are the must haves for our next family vehicle.

The Vehicle Must Seat 6-7 People

| Death of No Car Payment.

Yes, we only have 5 in our family. NO, I am not pregnant and yes, we may reproduce once again because this Earth just doesn’t have enough people.

No Mini-Vans

| Death of No Car Payment.

I KNOW, I am a Mom – why not get a mini-van the stinkin’ car was made for people like me.  I just can’t do it. Crossovers –  yes.  Mini-vans – no.

Better Gas Mileage

I don’t think this one will be TOO hard finding.  Anything has got to be better than the sometimes 12 MPG we get now!


I’m a freak when it comes to safety in the car.  I blame the police officer talking to me when I was 5 years old telling me I must ALWAYS wear my seat belt. Yes sir.

Road Trip Friendly

My ultimate BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL in life is to find a way to make a living for a year and road trip.

See the world. Or well, see what you can drive to. While I don’t see that happening (and I didn’t buy my quick picks for tonight, so there goes my chance at a lotto win) – we travel quite a bit, and when it’s family – it’s almost always road trips. We heart road trips!

When I Grow Up…

I always thought that when I grew up and had kids I’d have a Volkswagen Bus. Unfortunately they stopped production of these and replaced it with the Vanagon – which is must better than the Routon but they stopped making the Vanagons as well in the states.

SO, when I grow up and have enough money to afford a recreational vehicle – I’m so buying a Volkswagen Bus. I’ll be pimping that baby OUT.  Vegetable oil. DVD players. Card table. Pleather. Fringe. Navigation. We’re talking TACKY PREP.

Volkswagon Bus

Volkswagen – I am quite sad that you didn’t run with the concept car of a Microbus. I remember finding out about this concept back in 2001 and begging Sean if they released this to buy it.  BOO, they trashed the idea. Something about more affordable, yadda yadda blah blah.

And It Begins.

So let the car buying journey begin. Hoping to avoid all sleazy sales tactics.  And what I would REALLY love is to have at least another month before mourning the death of no car payment!

Update, we ended up buying a Buick Enclave SUV. While I love it, I really wish we had purchased the Chevrolet Suburban because now we have 4 kids!

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