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Dating – Yes, There’s an App for That

It’s been a while since I’ve done the dating thing. Sean and I have been married for 16 years and the word dating hasn’t been a thought for the last 18 years. And if you are trying to do the math, I’l do it for you – I’m 35, married at 19 – we started dating when I was 17.

Fast forward to 2014 – while the word of the year maybe SELFIE – I think it should of been APP. There’s an app for just about everything. Hell, even at CES – we learned about all of the various apps for our electronics and appliances – who would of thunk! So with the various apps that we have to service our every need, there is now an app for dating.

dating app

Hot or Not Dating App

The Hot or Not dating app has since retired. Stick to Tinder.

When Hot or Not reached out to me about promoting their app, I remembered the old site and all of the spin offs that it’s created. I remember there being a Hot or Not puppy version, and kitty version. I just knew it as that. You would vote – HOT or NOT.

Now they have taken that concept and extended itself into an online dating service called, MeetMe.  Similar to how Hot or Not would work – you rate a photo, yes or no.  If you select “YES” to a photo and that person selects “YES” to you – and are a match – you’ll be notified. It’s LOVE CONNECTION via an app. This reminds me a lot of speed dating – where you are looking for a match.

This make sense to me. As much as I love the idea of being matched by personality or what have you – regardless of what any of those sites say – looks still matter and if you both don’t get an instant “YES! I’d date him” when you see a photo, chances are you are going to move along to the next person who you do have that instant attraction to. The Hot or Not app gives you more opportunity and the chance to find someone who thinks the same as you.

I’ve never dated online – but from talking to my many friends that have – they complain about setting up profiles. This is easy, just submit 3 photos and go.

You can add more details in, showing your interest and profile. Totally simple and all done through the app.

Start by just going through photos and seeing who you could see yourself dating. If it’s a no, just click the X. If it’s a yes, click heart. And since this isn’t my husband  – “X” sorry Manuel.

Not into the app thing, no worries – you can still access these features through their website.