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Dallas Comic Show – 2016

My gal Kerry attended the Dallas Comic Show and hooked us up with this great review. 

So a raise of hands people … who all has attended (or by now heard of) Dallas Comic Con or any number of very similar conferences? A number of you out there? Awesome! For the rest of you, hold tight ’cause I’ll get to the point soon.

Dallas Comic Show

This past Saturday, I attended Day 1 of the 2nd event of the inaugural year of the Dallas Comic Show (their first show of the year was back in April). For the already-initiated, think of it as Dallas Comic Con, but as it was in its very, very early days. It was small; it was cozy; it was, in short, a mini-nerd-heaven. And I can’t wait to do it again next year.

There was a much lower turn-out than I expected. I came to the conclusion that this was just not well marketed as I met multiple people who commented that they (like me) found out about the event very shortly before it happened. Such a shame, actually, considering the massive potential!

The entire convention took up a single hallway and a couple of large rooms. You could walk the entire floor in less than five minutes if you didn’t stop to look at anything. Big if. Otherwise the trip can easily take you at least an hour or more. And I know this because I stopped. A lot.

The central focus was the comic book artists hailing from DC, Marvel, and other franchises. A few noteworthies showing off their (absolutely ah-mazing) artwork were John Romita Jr. (Spiderman, All-Star Batman), Doug Mahnke (Superman:Rebirth, Green Lantern) and Scott Lobdell (Superman, X-Men).

There were also the celebrity guests, including Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Last Ship, Chuck, Full Metal Jacket), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars), and Judge Reinhold (Fast Times, Beverly Hills Cop, Santa Clause) to name a few!

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the vendors and professional cos-players and lotsa geeky toys and tables and tables and tables and MORE tables of comics and artwork and signed celebrity photos (oh my!). And how could I forget the FREEBIES table (Bruce and I managed to snag a Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster!) There were opportunities to have pictures taken with your fave celebrity guests. A few held Q&A sessions for fans to ask those burning questions. Unfortunately I arrived relatively late in the day, and a few of the celebrities had already packed up (that’ll teach me, for sure!). But I still managed to get some video and make some new friends. Check it out up top!

As you can see from the video, this is a very family-friendly event. There were cos-players young and young-at-heart. The volunteers were extremely friendly. The celebrity guests were awesome. And I made some wonderful new friends!

Some things to note about the Dallas Comic Show: this convention is for a wide variety of fandoms. There is some sci-fi and, yes, a little bit of horror. One guest’s sign proudly announced that he was a character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I saw a few pictures, comics, and products that were a bit more violent than what I like or featured scantily-clad women. That said, your child could walk the whole convention and not notice anything to be concerned about.

But I do recommend lightly monitoring what your child is around and/or inspecting. Fortunately the overall atmosphere is very upbeat and positive and family-minded, so in this venue you don’t have to be vigilant … just be aware.

My husband and I paid $15 each to get in Saturday. Sunday’s fee was $10. The weekend pass was $20, and VIP was $45. Kids 6-12 were $5, and 5 and under were free. Tickets were available online until the day before the convention.

On the convention days, wristbands (your entry “ticket”) were available only at the door, and you had to pay in cash. Thankfully, an atm was conveniently located directly behind anyone who found this out too late. As this convention grows, I’m sure the rates will grow with it. However, this is a far cry more affordable than the larger conventions.

Many people I spoke with loved how laid back this convention was. Everyone I spoke with had a great time overall and, like me, expect to come back again next year! Who knows? Maybe next time you’ll see me behind a table wearing a blue shirt and a big smile on my face! Until then, toodles!

For more information about the Dallas Comic Show, be sure to check out their website at:

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