Daily Inspire – You Can Do It

Daily Inspire - You Can Do It!Daily Inspire

Daily Inspire – You Can Do It! – Rob Schneider

Do you ever feel like you need a cheerleader? How great would it be if someone little dude followed you around and yelled YOU CAN DO IT! Every time things are tough.

That’s one of our roles as moms. We are our kids cheerleaders. While their decisions may not be the best at times, we need to help pick them up and lead them in the right direction with encouragement.

  • Make mistakes a teaching lesson.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself for your kids’ actions.
  • Remember that they are just kids.

These are things my husband has to remind me of daily, but mentally file because it’s true. Our job is to set our children up for a successful and happy life.

A Cheerleader for Mom

How great would it be to have that cheerleader in your life? Hopefully you have a supportive partner, but you know there are times that friends and husbands and partners just don’t get it – or miss the signs. Just know that YOU CAN DO IT! and Rob Schneider is here to tell you so. Let him be your mental cheerleader for mom whenever you need it.



Daily Inspire is an inspirational quote a day to inspire digital moms to be the best for themselves and for their children.

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