Daily Inspire: Knowledge Speaks – Wisdom Listens

Daily Inspire: knowledge speaks but wisdom listens
Daily Inspire: knowledge speaks but wisdom listens

Daily Inspire

Knowledge Speaks but Wisdom Listens

This is one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix quotes. How often do you stop to listen?

With 4 kids – I don’t stop. I speak… a LOT. Mostly to my kids and it’s all my knowledge of how I KNOW that they need to do this homework assignment or clean up that.

Something that I want to learn to do more is listen. While their little minds don’t hold the wisdom that someone of an elder, there is a childlike wisdom that is priceless and that no one can share like a child.

Today while LISTENING to my oldest, I saw glances of myself. She may not look like me, but LORD that girl is a mini version of me. (yes, this means future trouble if I don’t relate to her and stay relating to her NOW).

What Happens When You Stop to Listen to Your Kids?

This post is a part of the Daily Inspire series.


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