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YUMMY Cucumber Sandwich Recipe & a Schlitterbahn Water Park Family Review

In a few weeks, we are packing up for another family road trip. We will be venturing down to our favorite area of Texas – the hill country. Yes, Austin – AGAIN. It never gets old and until we can move there many road trips will have to do. One of our planned adventures is Schlitterbahn Waterpark! Read more about our Schlitterbahn adventure after the recipe!

A perk at Schlitterbahn water park is that they allow you to bring in your own ice chest (and they don’t charge you a DIME!). That’s right, load up your cooler with food and drinks – and you don’t have to worry about that expense while enjoying the water park.

cucumber sandwiches

I’m not a meat eater, and finding vegetarian cuisine that works well in a cooler – AND that the whole entire family enjoys, well there’s only 1 sandwich that I’ve made that fills all those duties: My YUMMY Cucumber Sandwich. Here’s the recipe that I use that’s cooler perfect.

Delicious Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe

cucumber sandwich recipe ingredients

  • Cucumbers (1 will make about 4 sandwiches)
  • Tub of Whipped Cream Cheese (sorry this makes it not vegan – room temperature is best)
  • Packet of Ranch Dressing (I buy the Kroger brand, tastes the same as Hidden Valley to me and half the price)
  • Bread

I’ve seen this sandwich done a few ways, but here is how I do it.

cucumber sandwich recipe cream cheese

Dump the whipped cream cheese into a bowl, ideally at room temperature for easy mixing.

cucumber sandwich recipe ranch dressing mix

Mix in the packet of ranch dressing with the whipped cream cheese.

cucumber sandwich recipe

Cut up your cucumber – sliced then (wish I had pulled out the Mandolin!)

making cucumber sandwiches

Make your sandwich by spreading the cream cheese ranch mixture on both pieces of bread. Layer are many cucumbers as you like.

Cucumber Sandwich

refrigerate cucumber sandwiches

Sandwich bag your cucumber sandwiches and put them in the refrigerator. Try to keep them in there for at least an hour – but over night is fine. Then just throw in your ice chest before you leave and head out to the water park.

YUMMY! What is your favorite cooler sandwich?

yummy cucumber sandwich

Schlitterbahn Water Park

As I mentioned, we were able to go to Schlitterbahn Water Park. We have 4 kids, which I really wasn’t sure how this would work as they are all at different ages – and all ages still require a good deal of our attentions. Spoiler alert – it was awesome!

While Schlitterbahn has several locations, we visited the location in San Marcos, TX. We live in Dallas – so it was just a 4 hour drive. Bonus – my husband’s family now lives in Austin, TX – so that gave us a place to stay and was nice to visit and catch up with his family. 

On the day we visited Schlitterbahn, it was extra hot. We bought the kids swim shoes at Walmart. Swim shoes are a must-have when visiting a water park. I even bought me and the husband a pair. YES, they are ugly – but a must have along with sun screen. We are very pale people and the Texas sun just doesn’t like us. 

On the day of our visit, we loaded up our picnic, sunscreen and swim shoes and spent the day playing in the water, running after toddlers and enjoying the various slides. I was surprised at how family friendly, Schlitterbahn is. I had a mom help me when my toddler ran. People were kind and the park was clean and a ton of fun. 

If you are looking for a fun waterpark vacation idea, definitely check out Schlitterbahn Water Parks!

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Monday 7th of July 2014

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Thursday 3rd of July 2014

How fun - my daughter LOVES cucumbers and yet I never thought to do something like this! Thanks for the brilliant idea!