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Complete Guide to Selling Your Stuff Online

We are in the process of moving (yes, again – and no, I don’t know where and YES, I am a gypsy.) There’s the packing and painting and staging as we prep the house for sell. Since we have no idea where we will be landing next, we thought it would be a good time to PURGE.

Sell Your Stuff Online

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and have 4 kids. We have accumulated a LOT of STUFF. So this move, I decided to move and store the minimum. We took chalk and made our drive way into a HUGE grid with the following labels:


All of the stuff we are selling, I thought – I’d just sell online. We live in a HOA that doesn’t allow garage sales unless it’s a designated date. Trying to sell my stuff online, I’ve learned a few things that I hope can help you as you purge.

How to Sell Your Stuff Online

There are a few avenues to sell your stuff. Below I’ve listed the best places that I’ve had experience selling particular items:

Selling Used Smart Phones and Tablets

iphone 5 – Gazelle provides an easy way to sell your smart phones and tablets.  You will get a guesstimate, depending on your devices condition.  After you fill in your information, you can select how you want to send them your device. I just have them send me a box and a pre-paid mail label. Place your device in the box, mail back and payment will be sent to you. I love they will just Paypal you the money so you get it right away. There is also an option to now accept payment as an Amazon gift card.

Selling Cameras, Books, DVD’s, Video Games 

Sell your dslr – I have all kinds of random that I’ve had success selling on Amazon. In the last few months, I’ve made over $1,000 just selling random stuff we had stored in my husband’s office closet. We had a ton of old books that amazingly fetched several dollars. If you have an old camera, we had 2 old DSLRs – we were able to gain a fair amount of money for those as well. The downside, on the big items Amazon does hold your money for (I want to say) 30 days. They do this as a guarantee for the customer.

Selling Furniture, Appliances & Household Goods

sell old furniture

I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist and Facebook sell groups. People are flakey. Selling your stuff becomes a job. But all that said, these are your 2 best online avenues for selling your furniture and appliances.


  • Search for local garage sell groups or online buy/sell/trade groups in your area. I am apart of 5 or so groups and have found many items and sold many items in these groups.
  • Take good pictures and give accurate descriptions of your product, price and your location. Include the age, condition and if the item is heavy and if they will need manpower, dolly, truck, etc.
  • Prepare for hagglers. It never fails, you list something for $150, someone tries to haggle you at $50. If $150 is your firm price, right $150 firm.
  • People are flakey. I mentioned this, but I just want to make sure you are prepared for people not showing up or haggling you when they arrive to pick-up at item.
  • Consider meeting in public or porch pick-ups. I always make sure my husband is home when anyone picks up from the house. There have been a few occasions when an item is small and not worth much, that I just leave on the porch and ask the buyer to leave money under the rug.

DONATE ONLINE: When you are ready to surrender and just donate your stuff, Salvation Army has an easy scheduler that let’s you schedule a pick-up! We donated a couch, shelves and some other random items and was able to schedule 2 days out. It was super simple and QUICK!

Selling Clothes

Cleaning out your closet? With 4 kids, I feel like we do this on a weekly basis.  Selling clothes online can be a headache, but here’s a few tips to get the most money.

  • Kids items: Sell on local garage sell sites.
  • Boutique Kids Clothing: Sell on eBay
  • Bulk Clothes: I sold all of my kids’ baby stuff in bulk on eBay, it was so much easier and sold quick!
  • Women’s Clothing: Check out the Poshmark app

Selling Kid’s Toys

activity table

I am apart of several local mom Facebook groups. Post your kid’s toys on your Facebook profile, or on local mom Facebook groups – I’ve found this the best targeted avenue to sell toys.

Selling a Car

We sold our last car in a matter of days using Craigslist and Take good photos and if you are firm on your price mention it. Make sure to include your vehicle type, maker, model, mileage, condition and if it’s ever been in a major collision. (People want to know!)

I hope that this guide will help you are you sell your stuff online. It can be frustrating, and like I said can feel like a job. BUT – you CAN make some money (and I feel like it’s definitely more than garage sale money!) buy finding the right place to list your goods for sale.

Happy Selling!

Do you have a tip for selling online? Leave it in the comments!