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Coin Consolidates Your Cards into One – Mobile Payments are Coming!

If you are looking for a safer way to keep all of your credit cards in one place, securely, look no further than Coin. This is one of those tech gadgets that makes me just shake my head and think – WOAH, the future is here.

Coin is a device that can holds the gift cards, debit cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, and credit cards you already carry, but they are stored securely, rather than where they can be reached in your purse or pocket. Instead of carrying all of these cards, you carry Coin.

Update 1/2020 – This post was originally written in 2013. Coin has since retired.

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Coin – Mobile Payments

Coin is a mobile app that helps you add, manage and sync all of your cards. To add your cards to Coin, you simply take a picture of the card and then swipe your card into Coin through a small device that is provided to you from the company. It attaches to your phone for easy use.
The Coin’s screen will display the credit/debit card brand, last 4 digits of the card number, expiration date, and CVC. It can be used everywhere cards are accepted, even at ATMs. For U.S customers, Coin is available overseas, but it is recommended that you bring another card for a backup method.

Each Coin device and account costs $100, but those that get in on the action early can get the product for $50.

Coin can be ordered at This will be charged to you immediately, even though Coin will not be available to use until the Summer of 2014.

The dimensions of a Coin are the same size of a credit card and only come in one color, for now.  It is made of plastic, and resembles a credit card. Coin can store an unlimited number of credit cards.

Mobile Payment Features

Coin requires an Internet connection to add and sync cards, but it is not required to use Coin for purchases. When you go to make purchases, Coin has a toggle feature that allows you to select the card you want to use at that moment and it will not accidentally toggle out of position because it features and auto-lock feature.

Coin is a standalone device and you do not need to use your phone to use Coin, but if you forget your Coin somewhere, you can be alerted on your phone.

If your Coin loses contact with your phone for an extended period of time (that you specify), the device will automatically deactivate itself for your safety. Coins will last for two years under normal usage and do not need to be recharged, but once the battery dies the device will need to be replaced. This means another $100 must be spent.

This is a great device for those that want to keep all of their cards securely in one place and don’t mind the $100 fee each time they need to replace the Coin device. No more wallet clutter!!

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