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Co-Parenting – Not Me. Not He. But We.

First, I am going to preface this post with this… I am not claiming to be an expert! This is what works for OUR family. My hope is that this post will give you a take-away, what works for each, works for each…

work life balance family photo

I work full-time. My husband works full-time. We have 3, going on 4 kids. Life is BUSY, but we have found a secret sauce that works for us. In for our work life balance to jive – this is what we’ve learned to do.


Not me. Not he. But WE. A lot that I’ve read on co-parenting involves divorced parents and making that situation work. Our situation isn’t that. We’re happily married!

We both are 50/50 in regards to parenting. There are no defined roles in our relationship with our kids, other than I’m MOM and he’s DAD. While sure, I am more the nurturer (i’m a woman! but for a man, my husband is very endearing)- discipline, teaching and respect is something we both equally partake in.In order to make this machine run (yes, our home and family is a machine) – it’s all about my husband and my relationship, our ability to relax and know our priorities, help whenever needed and LAUGHTER – lots of it.


We’ve been married 13 years. Have they been perfect? No! But with love, work and patience – we get each other. I know him – he knows me. We can always work on this area, but keeping our relationship in working order is a priority for both of us.

Relax & Know Your Priorities

Many moons ago, my husband gave me the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. That’s been our motto.

Our house may not always be clean. Our laundry may pile. Our kids may not be perfect. But it’s all good.

It’s all good because we know our priorities. We have a responsibility to be good parents, solid employees and faithful to our God.

Help Whenever Needed

Sure, in the standard sense – I do laundry (ha, 1x a week) and the husband does the finances. I cook, he cleans the kitchen. But it’s not all black and white. If the hubs needs a night off, he takes it. If I am passed out on the couch from exhaustion (hello pregnancy!) – the hubs makes dinner happen. There is no question of who steps in, we just get it done. We have each other’s back. It’s a beautiful thing.


Sometimes you just have to laugh. And with the life we live and balls we juggle – we have PLENTY of opportunity to laugh.

Here is our Izaiah. COVERED in milk. He loves to make milk art and finally figured out how to get more milk out to make a bigger splash.

When life gives you spilled milk - laugh.

When life gives you spilled milk – laugh.

When life gives you spilled milk. LAUGH.

Do You and Your Husband Co-Parent? What is Your Secret Sauce?