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Christmas Memes 2022 – Best Images About the Holiday!

Our annual BEST Christmas memes for 2022 collection is here!

We are sharing the best, most hilarious memes about Christmas and all of the shenanigans around this sacred holiday.

Christmas Memes 2022

Here we go again. Hobby Lobby has had it’s Christmas aisles done for months so I don’t want to be hearing anything from you people about posting these 2022 Christmas memes in November.

funny christmas memes for 2022
funny christmas memes 2022

If you are like me and love you some x-mas early, don’t miss our early Christmas memes for those of us who don’t abide by silly holiday rules.

grinch christmas memes 2022
The 2022 Christmas Memes are coming – grinches beware.

Each year, we post new funny Christmas memes and this year’s collection does not disappoint.

i love christmas memes
i love christmas memes

From holiday family feuds to Santa knowing what you are doing things you aren’t supposed to, these xmas memes do not disappoint.

have a dope christmas
snoop dog christmas meme

Let’s start this 2022 holiday season off with a cackle and LOL, bring on the best Christmas memes to share!

i find your lack of holiday spirit disturbing
star wars christmas meme

If you are wanting Thanksgiving, fret not – we have funny Thanksgiving memes too.

Funny Christmas Money Memes

We couldn’t start our funny Christmas 2022 memes off without a reality check for this year’s financial state.

all i want for christmas is money
money christmas meme

Let’s face it, we are all getting hit left and right in regards to our finances, which makes these funny Christmas money memes all the more hilarious.

me after doing my christmas shopping. help me i'm poor
poor christmas meme

When you are BROKE on Christmas, time to ask Santa (and mom) for Christmas money.

2021 christmas meme broke
Christmas money meme

This funny broke Christmas meme will be popular in 2022. Times are tough and nothing is cheap. Add our free Christmas memes to your text message gift as an added bonus.

based on my checking account balance, it looks like
everyone is getting a text message for christmas
funny broke christmas meme

If you are shopping for me, you will just need to make one stop. Swing on by the ATM, like this Christmas money meme says, that’s all I want for Christmas.

here is what i want for christmas
funny christmas money meme

When you are trying to not go into credit card debt when buying Christmas gifts.

trying to afford
christmas gifts without going into credit card debt may the odds be in your favor
christmas credit card debt meme

Something to remember, before you drop $10 on a gift card or candle – giving the Christmas gift of cash is not tacky and could really help someone out.

if you are shopping for me this year,
i don't need another candle but could use the $10 for rent
practical christmas gift meme rent

Send this practical Christmas gift meme to your parents who really do mean well but may not quite understand that even a cash little can mean a lot to your budget

Jingle All the Way Meme

Make sure you aren’t a half jingler, do what this jingle all the way meme says. ALWAYS Jingle all the way.

always jingle all the way no one likes a half jingler
jingle all the way meme

Just a heads up and full disclose – some of the links included in this post our affiliate links. These don’t cost you anything, but Digital Mom will receive a small percentage of any purchase you make.

its christmas
elf christmas meme

Chocolate Advent Calendar Memes

Anyone else make the mistake of buying one of those chocolate advent calendars and then proceeding to eat all of the chocolate rather than waiting for each day of advent to arrive? Not me, never.

Open the door, shut the door – whoops. When according to your advent calendar, Christmas is here.

according to my advent calendar its christmas already whoops
according to my advent calendar meme

This wine advent calendar meme gives you yet another reason to love Costco.

another reason to love costco wine advent calendar
wine advent calendar meme

Share this chocolate advent calendar meme if you agree that we should normalize eating the entire thing in one sitting. Don’t roll your eyes like you or your child has never done such a funny thing before.

lets normalize eating the entire chocolate advent calendar in one day
advent calendar meme

According to my chocolate advent calendar meme confesses that there are only 2 days left until Christmas because someone (no idea who) ate all of the chocolate candy!

christmas calendar meme According to my chocolate advent calendar, there are only 2 days left until Christmas!
christmas advent calendar meme

Christmas Calendar Meme 2022

This Christmas Calendar Meme 2022 describes the holiday month of December so well. From pretending to work to not even pretending.

christmas calendar meme
christmas calendar meme 2022

This is a hilarious snapshot of what life is like in the 12th month of the year.

Christmas Shopping Memes

Let’s hear it for the Christmas shopping memes. Whether you are a year-round shopper or last minute, we have a Christmas gift meme that you can relate to.

am i done christmas shopping? that implies that i've already started
christmas shopping meme

Who else has a husband who has the ability to buy all the gifts he needs with a single round of Christmas eve shopping? Shout out to Walgreens for staying open late.

when its christmas eve and your husband decides to do his christmas shopping in one day
last minute christmas shopping meme

As our inflation memes jokingly laugh at, y’all these prices in 2022 be crazy.

christmas shopping ain't nobody got money for that
christmas shopping meme

Who else does last minute Christmas shopping at the liquor store? Those minis make awesome stocking stuffers.

i did all of my christmas shopping at the liquor store
christmas shopping meme liquor store

Gone are the days where we have to leave the house to do our Christmas shopping. Now all of our shopping can be done thru Amazon. Of if you

By the looks of this year, it’s going to be another very Amazon Christmas. You are welcome, Jeff Bezos!

here comes amazon right down my driveway
with a box filled with gifts so mama doesn't have to deal with the mall and parking lot rifts
amazon christmas meme

Now, if only we could get Amazon’s Alexa to do the tedious tasks for Christmas such as. Alexa, put up the Christmas tree meme. Read about the Amazon Echo Dot.

alexa put up the christmas tree meme
Alexa put up the Christmas tree meme

Or, Alexa wrap the Christmas presents. Come on Amazon – you can do better! Don’t miss our Alexa memes for more things we wish we could command this A.I. to do.

alexa christmas meme 2022 - alexa wrap the christmas presents
Alexa, wrap the Christmas presents meme

We have an entire post dedicated to Amazon memes – don’t miss it!

Christmas Parenting Meme

Because Christmas and parenting are just 2 things that are both the best and the worse! Here is my favorite Christmas parenting meme and advice.

Wrap empty boxes
as presents and place under the Christmas tree.

When your child misbehaves grab a
present and throw in into the fire.
christmas parenting meme

Wrap empty boxes as presents and place under the Christmas tree. When a kid acts up, throw a gift into the fireplace (fire blazing of course.) Follow me for the best parenting advice.

accurate representation of how all parents feel at Christmas
christmas parents meme

These funny Christmas memes about parenting will be all too relatable to moms and dads who are trying to make this Christmas memorable for their kiddos.

f you haven't threatened
to call santa 10x this week, are you even a real parent?
christmas parenting meme

If you want to refrain from having to find a second or third job, maybe just not ask your kids in 2022 for that Christmas wish list.

me after adding up the cost of my kids christmas wish list
kids christmas list meme

This is Christmas parenting gold. Dress up as an elf and sit on the mantle. Also, share these funny Elf on the Shelf memes!

man elf on the shelf meme funny

For the parents that Elf on the Shelf – time for a change, especially if you love Star Wars. Get yourself a Storm Trooper figurine and do Trooper on the Pooper instead.

trooper on the pooper meme - forget elf on the shelf and do trooper on the pooper
trooper on the pooper meme – forget elf on a shelf

If you are bound and determined to daily elf, here are last minute Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Christmas Mom Memes

Let’s hear it for the moms who are buying the presents that she swore she wasn’t going to get you.

Every mom on Christmas while you open up that Christmas gift she swore she wasn't going to buy you.
christmas mom meme

Mom’s face when she hears the kids wanting to wake up at 5 am on Christmas morning to open gifts. Read how we hide Christmas gifts on Christmas morning to prevent sneaky children from unwrapping gifts.

my mom's face when she hears me awake ready to open gifts at 5 am on christmas morning
kids christmas meme

This mom Christmas meme is for all of those moms up late on Christmas eve while everyone else is warm in their beds, dreaming of Santa.

twas the night before christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except a mom

She is frantically trying to finish wrapping all the gifts and making everything happens so everyone can have a perfect christmas.
mom christmas meme

This Christmas magic mom meme is all of us moms who have pulled an all-nighter just ready for this show to be over.

moms on december 24th be like
christmas magic mom meme

All I want for Christmas is a break from these kids!

all i want for christmas meme kids
all i want for christmas meme kids

Don’t miss these funny mom memes.

Christmas Lights Memes

Light er’ up! Oh what fun it is to pretend to be Clark Griswold. Enjoy these funny Christmas Lights memes.

Who else has an electric bill that goes thru the roof, not because heater but those Christmas lights – even the LEDs do add up.

Christmas Wine Memes

For those who enjoy a little red or white during the holidays, these funny Christmas wine memes nail it.

christmas wine favorite things meme
And these are a few of my favorite things – christmas wine meme

A Christmas miracle would be you saying no to wine. YIKES, maybe make sure whoever you share this Christmas wine meme knows they have a problem!

christmas wine meme
christmas wine meme

When the holiday family drama be crazy and the kids on Christmas break be wild and the Christmas list filled with unrealistic gift ideas gets to long and out of hand just know this. As long as we have wine everything will be fine. Cheers.

christmas wine meme - as long as we have wine everything will be fine
family drama christmas wine meme

Family Christmas Memes

Speaking about Family, after Christmas 2020 – the family X-mas is BACK! Don’t worry so is the holiday family drama.

deck the halls christmas meme
Deck the Halls Meme – Family Christmas Funny

So let’s do some Family Christmas memes! Jerry, we are that family. Yes, this matching Christmas pajama meme may be offensive to some, but y’all we do it and it is hilarious when you think of it.

what is up with
those families who
wear matching pajamas on christmas?
matching christmas pajama meme

Christmas is gathering your dysfunctional family under one roof and hoping the cops don’t get called. Thankful that my family is somewhat functional, at least we are when we are together. Fist bump to Dallas Socials!

dysfunctional family christmas meme
dysfunctional family christmas meme

And while we all laugh at our dysfunctional families, no one compares to to the Griswolds. From Cousin Eddie to Clark, you gotta set that crazy bar somewhere – even if its with a non-fictional family.

happiest christmas meme clark griswold
Happiest Christmas Ever Meme – Clark Griswold

Don’t miss our Christmas Vacation memes!

Naughty Christmas Memes

If you have been naughty this year, these naughty Christmas memes are for you.

dear santa define naughty
naughty christmas meme

Add this flirty Christmas meme to your Tinder profile.

want to help me get on santa's naughty list
flirty christmas meme

This is my kind of dirty Christmas meme. All the fun and dirt.

dirty merry christmas meme
dirty merry christmas meme

This could be considered a naughty Christmas meme, it all depends on the eye of the beholder. Or should I say who posted what on social media.

santa photos meme christmas funny - Santa saw those photos you untagged yourself in.
Santa Christmas Meme

Christmas Gift Memes

These Christmas memes wouldn’t be complete without some LOLs about presents. These Christmas gift memes will hopefully crack a smile on your face.

the family christmas gift exchange where instead of gifts we exchange gift cards
gift cards for christmas meme

This funny Christmas presents meme is what some of us would love to gift certain people in our lives. The blessed gift of our opinion. I mean, I guess we could just type it, print on a pretty paper then wrap like a Christmas present. Surely that wouldn’t be too extra.

Instead of Christmas presents, this year I'm gifting my opinion.
funny christmas presents meme

The answer is Ramen. This cheap Christmas gift meme will help you resolve any worries about the budget.

best cheap christmas gift ramen
cheap christmas gift meme

This Christmas present meme had me rollin. Let me guess, it’s a television.

i'm really hoping its the tv that i asked for
funny christmas present meme

My theory behind gift card giving when you get them to weird places you never visit is that they are regifted. Not that it’s bad, but omg – I really don’t need a gift card to a random restaurant 50 miles from my house.

when all you get for christmas is gift cards
christmas gift cards meme funny

Make sure your family knows what a gift you are. The best way to do this is by wrapping yourself up as a Christmas gift and sleeping under the tree on December 24th.

on december 24th i'm sleeping under the christmas tree with a bow on, just to remind my family that i'm a gift
im a christmas gift meme

Lord knows that them kids do NOT appreciate all that you do for them. SO, this year – take charge and instead of Christmas gifts, show them who the real gift is by wrapping yourself in a bow and putting yourself under the Christmas tree.

Coal For Christmas Memes

Are you apart of the Coal for Christmas club? If you have been bad this year and the only Christmas gift that Santa will be bringing you this year is coal, good news!

christmas coal meme
christmas coal meme

You aren’t the only one who is getting a naughty Christmas gift. Take that gift of coal the have a BBQ with others in the coal for Christmas club!

coal for christmas meme
Coal For Christmas Meme – bbq!

Merry Christmas Naughty Meme

You better watch out, I’m telling you why. Santa knows.

merry christmas you naughty boy
merry christmas naughty meme

Dear Santa, before I explain – could you tell me what you exactly know? It’s best that you use this tactic before assuming and spilling the tea on what you actually did. Don’t confess until you know how much Santa Claus actually knows! Santa memes, anybody?

dear santa christmas meme
bad santa meme

You might not be naughty, but you are mentally disturbed.

naughty santa christmas meme
funny christmas meme 2022 – bad santa

If you want to keep it clean, not dirty Christmas memes, we hear you. We have an entire collection of clean Christmas memes for those who will be receiving actual gifts this year and not coal.

More Christmas 2022 Memes

Continuing on with the funny Christmas memes 2022 edition, more humor.

first time vs 50th time i heardall i want for christmas mariah carey meme 1
all i want for christmas mariah carey meme

Don’t miss all of our funny Christmas Mariah Carey memes.

Christmas Party Meme

Watch out for those spiked egg nogs. As a light weight drinker, this Christmas party meme could easily be myself on stage singing karaoke.

me after one drink at the office christmas party
christmas party meme

The office Christmas party is the annual event where you want to make sure you try to stay sober and take plenty of videos and photos for use through out the year.

office christmas party time
office christmas party meme

Christmas Cookies Meme

If you make them, please remember this Christmas cookies meme and do the Salt Bae re-enactment with the sprinkles.

spinkle christmas cookies meme
christmas cookies meme – salt bae be like sprinkling his cookies with sprinkles

Have you checked out our list of best Family Christmas traditions? On it, we include making Christmas cookies.

War on Christmas Meme

Christ back in Christmas? As the war on Christmas meme states, let’s put Christ back in Christianity.

lets put christ back in christianity
war on christmas meme

Politically Correct Christmas Meme

When you aren’t sure whether to wish someone a happy holiday, Merry Christmas, Mazel tov or Happy Kwanzaa (and let’s not forget the Happy Birthday Jesus!) – here is the politically correct meme for the holidays.

happy everything meme
politically correct meme for the holidays 2022

Christmas Birthday Meme

When someone share’s a birthday with Jesus but you want to keep your priorities straight – send them this Christmas birthday meme.

happy birthday jesus and to you too sorry gotta put god first
christmas birthday meme

Christmas birthdays have to just be so much fun. Just think, your mom got to spend Christmas day in the hospital recovering from your birth. Then, every year while everyone else celebrates the biggest holiday of the year, you get to celebrate your birthday.

merry christmas i mean happy birthday
christmas birthday meme funny

See our happy birthday memes for more bday fun to share.

happy birthday jesus sorry your party is so lame
the office christmas meme

Christmas Introvert

No one will ever know, well they will but only if you tell them. Use this time of year to your advantage. Power up because you will be forced to do a lot of peopling this holiday season!

christmas is the best time of year You can shout 
"Don't come in here!" 
And people just assume you are wrapping gifts rather than you wanting
to be alone.
wrapping gifts meme

Do this, lock yourself in a room – and use the excuse that you are wrapping Christmas presents. And if you need more introvert funny, check out our introvert memes.

Coworker Christmas Meme

Share this coworker Christmas meme with your favorite co-workers who get it. (And then share these funny work memes.)

Co-workers are like Christmas lights. They hang together.  Half don't work and the other aren't so bright.
coworker christmas meme funny

Ikea Christmas Tree Meme

The DIY Ikea Christmas tree is just never a good idea. Yes, we have Christmas tree memes, too!

buying a christmas tree from ikea be like
ikea christmas tree meme

Dear Santa Meme

When all you want for Christmas is Santa to bring you a metabolism. If only, Santa.

dear santa meme
dear santa meme

And if this doesn’t win your heart for it’s total adorableness – I don’t know what will. Finishing out our 2022 Christmas memes with this cuteness. Check out that face on the dog when he see Santa Claus. via @jjmontaldo

santa christmas memes funny
dog christmas meme

Cat Christmas Memes

These Christmas cat memes are just purrfect.

what did you get for christmas fat i got fat
cat christmas meme

Yeah, cats are great for a lot of things but to them that pretty tree you just decorated is a giant cat toy.

look a new toy
cat christmas tree meme

Yellowstone Christmas Meme

Santa baby, if you want to slip a Rip Wheeler under the tree – go right ahead. Love you some Duttons? Don’t miss our Yellowstone memes.

santa baby slip a rip under the tree for me
yellowstone christmas meme

Christmas Card Meme

Money is tight and times are hard, here is a funny Christmas card meme. Or send one of our numerous Merry Christmas memes!

money is tight and times are hard consider this your christmas card
christmas card meme

Gotta love when you’ve mailed out all of your holiday cards and then realize you got cards from people that you didn’t send cards to. People pleasing tendencies are real when it comes to reciprocating the card exchange!

that awkward moment when you get a christmas card in the mail and now feel obligated to send one back
christmas card meme funny

Popular Xmas Memes

Here are some of our favorite Christmas memes from over the years.

Share the 2022 Christmas Memes

We love us some Christmas and hope you enjoyed these 2022 Christmas memes. Feel free to share the memes as these are meant for sharing.

christmas memes 2022 funny
christmas memes 2022 funny

Have a wonderful holiday, Christmas, passover, Kwanzaa, Jesus Birthday and whatever else you maybe celebrating.

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