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Chevrolet Traverse – Fabulous & Fun Mini-Van Alternative

Meet the 2013 Chevrolet Traverse. This family SUV is like a mini van but not a mini van!

The week of Thanksgiving, Chevrolet kindly lended my sister, Dallas Socials and myself vehicles to help with our #ChevyHaul of Black Friday goodies. My sister sported the Chevy Equinox and I drove the 2013 Chevy Traverse LTZ.

2013 chevrolet traverse review
2013 Chevrolet Traverse Review

I was familiar with the Traverse as I have several friends that drive them, but I had never actually been behind the wheel – nor seen or experienced the 2013 model. 

2013 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ Review

When it was first delivered, the first objective as a mom to 4 kids was to install car seats.  The model of Traverse I drove had 2 captain chairs and a bench seat in the back, seating a total of 7 passengers. The install went quick and easy. We loaded the kids up and off we went.

Rear Entertainment System

chevy traverse kids quiet

We made it a few miles down the street. The kids kept mentioning how clear the windows were.

Kids, that is what windows that haven’t been touched by children look like.

Then the kids spotted the rear entertainment system. We drove to our destination with the constant buzz of “LET’S WATCH A DVD”. We had a rear-entertainment system at one time. The kids loved it, but then we only had 2 kids. On our next trip out, I popped in Lion King and something magical happened.


That was until, I stopped the car – started unloading and then the screams came. “THAT TRIP WAS TOO SHORT, WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A MOVIE!”

The rest of the week, the kids watched an array of movies. I spent the week enjoying the quiet car rides.



On Black Friday, my sister – Betsy (Dallas Socials), our friend Mel and myself started our shopping adventures. 2 SUVs to load up. Between all of us, we were shopping for over 10 kids. Before you judge Black Friday shoppers – know this. It’s an experience and for us a tradition.

We look forward to this all-night GNO all year long and thank you Chevy, this year was wonderful to have a new car with On-star and a great on board GPS to get us where we wanted.

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We laid down the rear bench seats for our shopping load. The Traverse handled the haul no problem.

Favorite Chevrolet Traverse Features & Technology

Here are my favorite features and technology aspects of the Chevrolet Traverse LTZ:

Chevrolet MyLink Radio

The Chevrolet MyLink Radio is amazing. You can connect your smart phone via bluetooth to listen to your favorite tunes. You can use voice commands so no poking around while you are driving.

The GPS is VERY easy to use and super helpful (for driver’s like myself!). I spent my 7 days with the Traverse listening to the XM radio and PANDORA. Yes folks, Pandora in the car – it was amazing.

Lighted Vanity Mirror

Sure a lot of vehicles feature this now a days – but it’s a must have in any vehicle for this mom.

In-Dash USB Port

Inside a little compartment that will fit your phone perfectly sits a USB port. It’s the perfect space for charging your smart phone on the go!

Rear Electric Plug and Video Inputs

While we didn’t get to take the Chevrolet Traverse on a road trip (maybe next time!) – the rear plug and video inputs are ideal for kids. Video game consoles can easily be setup to work with the rear entertainment system. Plus, imagine easy charging of electronic devices while on the road! Oh how this would make a road trip wonderful.

OnStar Navigation

My sister who is a frequent OnStar user told me I had to give it a try. We pushed the button, asked the lady how to get to a location and then she told me she would send me the directions. I

was confused. Within 2 minutes, the directions were sent to our Traverse’s GPS and we were off. TOO COOL. How did I not know about this? I have it in my car and for the first year that service was included – I only used it once to report a drunk driver that nearly hit us. I missed out!

The Rear Entertainment System

Sure, I already mentioned this – but OMG this is a must have in our next vehicle.

Perfect SUV Alternative to a Mini-Van

I am a mini-van hater. Sorry moms who drive them, nothing against you – it’s just not for me. While I KNOW i would love one I just cannot get myself, even with 4 kids to drive one. My husband is in the same boat.

I drive a similar vehicle to the Chevrolet Traverse (Buick Enclave) and will say this vehicle is the perfect alternative to driving a mini-van.

The family friendly features are present, and though this doesn’t have doors that open with a push of a button (oh wait, the rear gate does!!) —- the Chevrolet Traverse is roomy and made for a family on the go.

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Thanks Chevrolet for lending us the vehicle for the week. We enjoyed the ride!

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