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Chef Sleeve – Kitchen iPad Stand

kitchen ipad stand

If you love to cook and use an iPad in the kitchen – this post is for you.  I recently did a post on iPad stands for the kitchen over on Babble.  Chef Sleeve contacted me to tell me about their product and sent one over for me to test out.

This past January, we started eating clean in our house. All meals are prepped and cooked and OMG there is SO much time spent in the kitchen now a days that my iPad now lives in there. The thing with eating clean is that you need new recipes, constantly – or at least I do. As much as I love my black beans and brown rice with homemade salsa, I can only eat that so many times a week.

chef sleeve ipad kitchen standdPinterest has been a GOD SEND (again) in way of clean eating recipes. Now with my handy dandy iPad stand for the kitchen, the Chef Sleeve – I can now cook easily all while surfing the web for recipes. The iPad fits perfectly into the stand and is at the perfect viewing angle while cooking and baking.

The Chef Sleeve iPad stand is dishwasher safe. I’ve run it thru the dish washer at least 4 times now and still looks brand new. If you prefer, you can wash by hand – but I am ALL about the dishwasher.

We recently had a birthday party at our house and the Chef Sleeve was the star of the party. It’s simple in design and cute in decor and offers an overall great solution for using an iPad in the kitchen.

If you are afraid of getting your iPad dirty, check out Chef Sleeve’s screen protectors.

chef sleeve specs

The Chef Sleeve would make the perfect gift for the chef geeks in your life!

A special thanks to Chef Sleeve for sending over the iPad stand and iPad screen protectors!

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Saturday 30th of March 2013

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Tuesday 19th of March 2013

Now a days Kitchen iPad Stand is Booming...!!!

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