7 Laptops Under $300

Here’s one thing with technology and kids… Technology can be expensive and kids can be destructive. It’s in their nature. Kids being kids -yeah yeah, but when they spill “liquid” on a laptop that they have to use for school and they tell you their computer all of a sudden dies and you find out about said liquid when you send the laptop in because it’s so new it’s still under warranty… YEAH. ABOUT THAT.

A few days ago, I mentioned that my kids now go to school online. Online school means that they each need their own computer. As much as we travel and are on the go, the desktop isn’t a good long-term solution – so my son is using my laptop for the time being.

cheap laptops

We’ve decided that come Christmas, his main gift will be a laptop. More than I care to spend on a big gift, so there won’t be much else – but he really needs this for school. Thankfully the price of laptops have decreased over the years. I remember the first laptop we purchased – it was $1200 – and it WASNT a Mac. And then the Macbook Pro, yeah that cost us a pretty penny . So I am thankful in the lower prices, for sure.

If you are in the market for a cheap laptop for yourself or for your child, I’ve found 7 stellar notebook options that are under $300. The majority are PCs, but did throw in a few Chromebooks. My daughter works off the HP Chromebook listed below. It’s been great and she has been able to successfully do everything that she needs to with Google Docs for school.

7 Laptops Under $300

We previously had the Toshiba Satellite before said liquid incident and it worked fabulous. It originally was my husbands, which used it for Minecraft. It quickly became my son’s when my son was introduced to Minecraft. It is a bit large, so most likely we will go with the Dell, Asus or HP option for my son’s Christmas gift.

Hope these cheap laptop options help!

THE MOM IN ME SAYS: Make sure you are using an internet filtering software or have it setup on your network. Kids need a protected environment when online. *getting off soapbox*

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