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7 Ways We Are Celebrating the Christmas Season

We are getting merry and bright – here is how we are celebrating Christmas this year.

I have always been a huge Christmas fan. Christmas encompasses everything that I am about: faith, fun, friends and family – so don’t judge me if I celebrate it 25% of the year!

Celebrating Christmas

This year has been the perfect Christmas season because of many things, mainly the lack of stress. My hubs and I both agree that we need to focus more on presence not presents.

Yes, the kids will get gifts – but it won’t be our focus and we won’t be spending as much as in year’s past. With our older kids home schooled this year, our schedule is flexible and we’ve been able to check off many things on our Christmas season bucket list.

7 Ways We Are Celebrating Christmas
celebrating christmas

Rather than worrying about gifts and stressing over the little things, enjoy the now. Here are 7 ways to celebrate the Christmas season – you know, in addition to sharing Christmas memes.

#1 Christmas Books

The boys are obsessed with reading at bedtime. We have our huge teddy bear named Ted, that they love to snuggle up with him and a book. One of our favorite new Christmas books is Once Upon a Northpole Christmas by Noel Manning.

Once Upon a Northpole Christmas

Fill in their name and now when they choose an EXTRA long book before bed, you will have a place holder.

free christmas bookmarks

#3 Making Snow

We used Hallmark’s Snow Now! to make instant snow. We are in Texas, and while last year we had several snow days – this year, nada.

snow now instant snow

Our boys loved making this simple project and loved sticking their hands all in the snow. You can find this at Walmart as well.

#4 North Park Trains

We love the Trains at North Park at North Park Center. There are tons of trains, decorated with a Christmas theme. The money raised goes to help the Ronald McDonald House.

The hot air balloons dance up and down and a train themed like "The Christmas Story" runs through the train exhibit
The hot air balloons dance up and down and a train themed like “The Christmas Story” runs through the train exhibit

The North Park Trains are a great cause and fun Christmas family thing to check out during the holidays!

#5 Christmas Cookies

Another way we are celebrating Christmas is by decorating cookies. This tradition is one that I hope we do for years to come – no matter how old the kids get!

making christmas cookies

Nothing like a lot of sugar and sprinkles to make a massive mess.

My boys Christmas cookies may not win any awards for decoration, but it’s a fun memory we like to make each year.

#6 Visiting Santa

This year was our first year to not have a Santa panic attack. We visited Santa when we went to Sparkle at the Anatole.

visit santa

He had the reddest cheeks and sweetest spirit, and did I mention we got a somewhat decent family photo?

#7 The Manger Scene

In keeping Christ in Christmas, one thing we do is hide baby Jesus. Baby Jesus wasn’t born until Christmas, so our manger scene doesn’t feature him until Christmas morning. I love seeing the kids run downstairs and check the manger to see if Jesus has arrived.

So our manger scene had a new visitor. Apparently with baby Jesus gone, the boys felt he needed a stand-in. Bread.

How are you planning on celebrating the holidays? Whatever you do, enjoy this time and don’t stress!

Merry Christmas!

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