Work Remotely – Celebrating Work From Home Week

Work Remotely – Celebrating Work From Home Week

Do you work remotely? We are celebrating work from home week with a variety of topics centered around the remote worker. Bonus: we’ve partnered with Logitech to offer an amazing work from home giveaway, stay tuned.

How Many People Work From Home?

Why a series on working from home? I personally have been a remote worker for the last 15+ years.

When I became a mom, I wanted to work but be able to spend time with my family. I made it happen, but if I wasn’t a remote worker our family life would look a lot different. 

work from home life tips for employees and employers

work remotely

work remotely

So… how many people work from home? 

43 percent of employed Americans say they spent at least some time working remotely. That stat is from early 2017, so I can only imagine it’s increased since. 

Moms Working From Home

As mentioned, I started to work remotely when I became a mom. I know from my circle of moms, working from home is a critical benefit that they are looking for when they are looking for a job. If not working from home – flexibility is a must for working moms. 

Best Work From Home Components

Here are 3 best work from home components for establishing a successful work from home relationship for both the employee – employer.

Creating Trust

As someone who managed several remote workers, I can say that one critical factor is being able to trust your employees. Trusting that you employees are doing their jobs, regardless if they are a mom, dad or whatever – is the most important quality in the manager – employee relationship.

work from home tips trust and communication employee and employer when work remotely

Gaining Trust

Gaining trust of your employer is a must to have a successful work from home job. To gain that trust, it means that if your kid is sick and you haven’t finished a project, you are working at night or early in the morning to get it done.

Giving Trust

As much as an employee needs to gain trust, a manager or supervisor (or executive) MUST give trust. I totally understand the reluctancy of having remote workers. That said, you have to give trust until it’s broken and then immediately address the situation. 


In addition to the giving trust and gaining trust aspect of working from home – communication is key for remote workers. Find a communication style that works best for your team and hold everyone accountable to communicating well. 

Work from Home Week

This week, Digital Mom Blog along with Logitech and several other companies are celebrating work from home week. There are so many benefits for both companies and remote workers, we are taking this week to look at various aspects of that work from home life. 

Here are the topics we are covering on Digital Mom Blog: 

  • Work from Home Memes
  • Work From Home Tips for Parents
  • Tech for Your Home Office 
  • Dreamy Home Office Ideas

Why Companies Should Consider Work from Home Employees

These stats and infographic from Logitech features several great reasons why every employer / companies should consider work from home employees.  This is a definite share if your employer is dragging their feet with allowing remote workers. 

WFM = work from home

logitech work from home stats infographic

WFH Benefits to Employees

  • Two-thirds of people want to work from home.
  • 80% of employees consider telework a job perk.
  • 36% would choose working from home over a pay raise.
  • Almost half of employees feel their commute is getting worse.
  • Over two-thirds of employers report increased productivity among their telecommuters.

WFH Benefits to Employers

  • 97% of employers say telework has a high impact on employee retention. 
  • Average real estate savings with full-time teleworkers is $10,000 per employee per year.
  • Expand the talent pool, more than 40% of employers are feeling the labor pinch.

Benefits to Our People and Planet

  • By eliminating their daily commute, employees saved an average of 90 minutes per day.
  • Creating an emissions savings of 60,389 kg CO2
  • That’s the carbon savings equivalent of driving 150,000 miles or 6+ times the circumference of the Earth.

Work From Home Necessities

  • High speed internet
  • Collaboration software
  • External webcam and headset for video calls
  • Laptop, external monitor, keyboard and mouse 

Check out these tips for successfully working from home. 

Work from Home Week Giveaway

We are excited to partner with Logitech in giving away this amazing Work from Home week package of tech goodies. Check out these amazing giveaways that Logitech will be giving to a Digital Mom Blog reader. 

logitech technology giveaway

Do You Work Remotely? 

Tell us, do you work remotely? 


10 Productivity Tips to Help Launch a Successful 2018!

10 Productivity Tips to Help Launch a Successful 2018!

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own.

Productivity at work is one of my strengths. I enjoy finding ways to get things done more quickly and effectively. With the new year upon us, what better way to start the year than to find ways to be productive. 

Productivity Tips for a Successful 2018!

While I love my job and the work that I do, I want to get it done in the most effective way possible so that I can move on to other priorities in life. As a working mom to 4 kids, being productive at work is a must. I have a job to do, and I have my role as a mother. Both require a lot and the best way for me to be the best at both is to be as productive as possible. 

2018 productivity tips

Today I am sharing 10 productivity tips that have helped me be successful at work. These tips help me get all the things done and hopefully will help you start 2018 off on the right foot at work!

Say No to Slow Computers – Buy a Faster Computer

This productivity tip is the most important one I have to share with you. Why? We are all digital people now. The majority of our work takes place on computers. Do yourself a favor and buy a faster computer.

There is nothing more frustrating during a work day than wanting to accomplish a task and not having the tools to do so, rendering yourself completely unproductive!  We’ve all been there, you know – trying to get something done, on deadline, but your computer just creeps along slowly. It’s painful and totally unnecessary. You must have the right tools to do your job, and if you are suffering due to a slow computer, it’s time to change that! 2018 is your year for productivity.

Save Time – Buy a Faster Computer!

With Intel® Optane™ memory, everything you do on your computer faster. Intel® Optane™ memory is a new class of memory that delivers accelerated performance without sacrificing storage capacity.

Intel Optane Memory - Productivity Tips

It’s a smarter memory that over time learns your computing habits. The files and programs you use the most get prioritized, giving you almost instant access to everything you often need. It makes everything you do feel fast, so you don’t have to slow down when you are viewing large videos and photos, or streaming movies.

Work Smarter – Not Harder

Work smarter, not harder with a new computer. You need a device that works as fast as you do – and with Intel® Optane™ memory, you can have it. 

Work Smarter Not Harder - Productivity Tips Fast Computer

Intel® Optane™ memory is available on select PCs at Office Depot and will help you be more productive saving you time for doing the things you love.

Check out these limited-time offers at Office Depot:

HP Pavillion Desktop PC featuring Intel® Optane™

  • Available online & in-store
  • Regular Price: $649.99
  • Sale Price: $549.99

HP Pavillion All-in-One featuring Intel® Optane™

  • Available online
  • Regular Price: $1049.99

Learn to Say No

No is not a bad word. No is an empowering word. Being in a place where you can say yes to the things that you want and no to everything opens you up to living the life that you want. This isn’t easy – it is definitely easier said than done, but when you learn the power of NO – your life can be changed! Funnel your energy and productivity to the YESes and away from the NOs. 

Wake Up Early

The 30-year-old me would have laughed at this productivity tip. Now in my late 30’s as a mom of 4 kids, this tip is gold. My kids wake up at 6:45 am. From the time they wake-up, until the time they walk out the door for school, approximately an hour later they need my assistance.

As much as I hate waking up early, it has become a game changer in regards to productivity. I have 3 days a week that require me to be productive. On these days,  I wake up at 5:15 am. I also set an alarm for 6:30 am. This gives me an hour and 15 minutes to get as much done as possible before the kids need me. It never fails, anytime I miss my early wake-up, my day feels way less productive. That extra 75 minutes will help set the pace for getting things done. 

I am always surprised how well my brain actually functions on these days. I thought that since I am typically a night-owl, that waking up early – my brain just wouldn’t be functioning at the capacity needed to make it worth it. I was wrong. My brain works just as well, if not better than late at night. I have been lying to myself so that I can sleep in!

Hardest Task First

This may sound counter-intuitive, but this really works! Look at your to-do list. There is always that one task that you really just DO NOT want to do. Do it first. Finishing the hardest task first will get you over that dreaded hump and bump up your day’s productivity. 

Set a Schedule

If your job is like mine, where my schedule is flexible – do yourself a favor and set a schedule. I know what you are thinking – doesn’t that take away from having a flexible job? It may feel like that initially, but believe me – by setting boundaries on your hours and creating a schedule, you are implementing a work-life balance.  Your work schedule can be as structured or unstructured as you like, but start somewhere and create a partition in your life so that you can define which part of your life belongs to your job.

Write Down Ideas as They Come

Use your note app on your phone and anytime you have a spark of genius – or idea – write it down! As a blogger, I am always looking for good content ideas. By collecting my ideas in a centralized location,  when it comes time to create, I have a handy list that acts as a resource on my phone. This saves me time and makes my creative sessions way more productive!

Deal with Distractions

Distractions come in many forms. Sometimes it’s a kid who is calling from school who forgot his lunch, other times it’s Facebook. Find ways to deal with distractions that allows you to still be productive. For example, our kids typically take their lunch but have money in an account for uh-oh days when they forget it. This saves a call home asking mom to stop what she is working on to bring them lunch. Facebook can be a major timesuck. Like I have a schedule for my workday, I also have a schedule for when I let myself on Facebook. Find ways to deal with your distractions. No matter how hard you try, there will ALWAYS be distractions so be proactive in solving as many as possible ahead of time. 

Get More Sleep

This is another productivity tip that I would have rolled my eyes at a few years back, but now I know the importance of getting a good nights rest. Sure, in an ideal world we would all get 8 hours of good solid sleep. I aim for 6.5 hours. Something I have learned is that every person requires a different amount of sleep to run at their full capacity. My husband can get 6 hours of sleep and crush his day, but me – if I don’t get the extra half hour more than him, I feel myself dragging. 

Find how much sleep your body needs and give it the rest it deserves. You are your productive best when you get your optimal amount of sleep. 

Organize Your Desk

My desk is chaos. During the holiday lull, I took time to go thru everything. Pens and markers were organized into a jar. All of the random school papers and kid artwork was organized into a storage filing cabinet. Mounds of random post-it notes and papers were thrown away. As I sat down to start planning for 2018, I was refreshed and motivated by having a clean desk that allows me to know where everything is!

Wear Headphones

Wear headphones? That seems like an odd productivity tip doesn’t it? Listen, here is the deal. If you work in an office, chances are chatty Patty wants to tell you the latest gossip or unnecessary news at random times during the day. This KILLS productivity. While this is not fool-proof, but people are less likely to approach you when they see you as plugged in. I can speak from real life experience on this! 

Also in regards to wearing headphones, find music or noise that helps make you productive. Might as well have sound going to your ears when wearing headphone to distract people! I find that Moby really gets me in the “zone” for working. Find what works for you!

Productivity Gives You Freedom

Get your work done so that you have the freedom to do what you want. For me, that freedom is spending time with my kids, streaming Netflix for hours on end (which coincidentally if you have a faster computer will work much better) and finding random ways to be creative.  Whatever your why is for being more productive, I hope that these productivity tips help you make 2018 your most productive year yet!

Thanks to Mirum for sponsoring this post. #IntelODHolidaySavings


Working Mom WOAHS: Working With a Sick Kid

Working Mom WOAHS: Working With a Sick Kid

WORKING WITH A SICK KID ISN’T FOR THE WEAK. I don’t want to poo-poo the life of a working mom, because believe me – there are MANY advantages. Just like staying at home – there are your good days and there are your bad days. There are the perks and then there are the downfalls. I am going to try to being non-bias and cover both the good and the bad on this blog, hoping to help another working mom in the same situation.

Today is Monday. I was up all night working on a big launch for work today. Up at 7:30, logged on until 8:15 – got the kids fed, dressed and the husband had the kids out the door by 8:45 am. Good start to a great morning, right? Well – it’s MONDAY and we all know how MONDAY like to be the bully – the key is just not letting the day win,

Headache after headache, an inbox full of emails and I am trying to stay on top of it all – when the phone rings. It’s the dreaded call from the kids’ school.

sick kid thermometer


“Your son is here in the office with 101.2 degree fever, we checked both ears and both read the same temperature.”

Thankfully today I was working remote. The kids’ school is 7 minutes away. I told the teacher I would be there within 15 minutes, hung up, put my shoes on and ran out the door.

I arrive at the daycare to find Zeke, our youngest – laying in the office floor on a mat. He sees me and starts crying. I pick him up, kiss his head and proceed to talk to the teacher about what’s going on.

All of a sudden, what you don’t want to happen, happens. Standing at the entrance to the daycare– my son starts puking . I am holding him so my hair and shirt catch it. The teacher runs to get a trash can, I turn him around and he pukes all over the entrance, splashing the poor teacher. I DIE.

3 of my kids attend this school. Thankfully, we pay them well – but no one is ever paid enough to catch a child’s vomit.

The teacher hands me wipes. At this point, I have vomit everywhere – even between my toes *barf*. Another teacher runs to my rescue and hands me a small bag in case he vomits, and a clean shirt for my son to put on. This school is good people. VOMIT everywhere, and the teacher is helping me? crazy.

I got him home, gave him Tylenol, jumped in the shower and had him play in the bath within a few minutes of my arrival. I sat on the bathroom floor working on my laptop as he sat in the bath tub playing with his boat. It’s amazing how kids can go from puking their brains out with a fever to playing with a boat, asking for bubbles in 30 minutes.

Having a sick kid is something that puts a major kink being a working mom. He is sick. I don’t want him infecting his class, but I have to work. Tomorrow is my in-office day. I have a weekly leadership meeting that I have to attend, preferably in person – not on camera (I can just see the video bomb of my kid throwing up.) I have one-on-ones with my team. We have so much going on and it’s so hard to know that I have to half my heart.

Thankfully my husband is an all-hands-on-deck kind of guy. He is staying at home with Zeke the first half of the day. I’ll do the morning run-the-non-sick-kids to school routine, then head to work for a half day. Run home at lunch, do the tag team hand-off the sick kid relay so that he can go in the office.

Working Mom and Sick Kids

After I got him out of the bath, I broke a self imposed work-from-home rule, I worked from bed. Zeke was cuddled up next to me sucking his thumb, napping. These days are hard. Zeke needs his mom and dad. His mom and dad need him, but also to pay the bills. The struggle is real, the choices are tough. Just thankful that while today was all HELL, we all survived. (Monday, you will not defeat me!)

How Working Moms Can Juggle With a Sick Kid

I know that I am blessed to now have a flexible work schedule. That said, that hasn’’t always been the case. If you are a working mom with a sick kid, here are 3 simple tips for dealing with work and a sick kid:

1. Talk to Your Boss

Make your work aware of the situation. How will you make up your hours, or will you take off of work? Giving specific detail on how you are handling the situation is the best way, in my experience to approach a sick kid situation. As someone who leads a team, I find it easier to deal with a situation when the employee knows how they want to solve the situation.

2. Game Plan

Pick up the kid, then what? What’s the plan for tomorrow? Will you take him to the doctor or an after hour’s urgent care center? Figure out what your plan is and execute it. Who can help? Gather your tribe, it takes a village to raise a kid!

3. Triage

Setup an area where you can be near your child and work (if applicable). Screen time limits go out the window when my kid is sick. If my son wants to watch 5 hours of Peewee’s Playhouse, so be it.

Be there to love on your child and give him the attention he or she may need. The good thing is, typically a sick child just needs to sleep!


Wine. This lovely Dancing Bee Honey Wine (mead) reminded me of a smooth, semi-sweet whiskey. It’s just what the doctor ordered for the day I had. CHEERS. Love me some TEXAS wine1

Working Mom Sick Kid Wine


Being a working mom with a sick kid is tough, but this too shall pass.

This was originally published on July 20, 2015 on Digital Mom Blog.

10 Things I’ve Learned Since Going Back to Work Full-Time

10 Things I’ve Learned Since Going Back to Work Full-Time

Going back to work full-time? Let’s chat.

I had just had our fourth child, 4 years ago. I had been at the company for over 10 years and I was just DONE. I needed a break, not to have to travel and a chance to reconnect with my family. 6 weeks maternity leave and 6 weeks working part-time – that was not enough to manage 2 kids under 2 and then a 6 and 8-year-old.  So, I quit my job – and worked for myself the last several years.

back to work

10 Things I’ve Learned Since Going Back to Work Full-Time

Last year, a call came from a previous boss who I admired. After 4 years of self-employment I went back to work full-time. Here are 10 things i’ve learned since.

10 Things I’ve Learned Since Going Back to Work Full-Time

1. Schedules are a Good and Bad Thing


I miss sleeping in and doing whatever whenever. That said, my body appreciates a schedule.

2. I Actually Feel Like I Get ME Time


Being at home with kids can totally deprive yourself (or at least for me) of ME time. Sure, every other week I had a GNO. There were playdates and my husband helps whenever – but there was always adjustments that had to be made and until I went back to work, I didn’t realize how little ME time I actually was getting.

3. Doing Your Hair and Getting Dress is a Good Thing


I felt like I was in such a slump when I stayed at home. There was no time to do my hair and really, I didn’t have a need to. Going into the office a few days a week, I enjoy putting make-up on, getting dressed and feeling human again.

4. Introverts and Working in an Office


I am a total introvert about 90% of the time. I love a good chat and laugh – BUT that being said, I totally had to put on a blanket of grace going into an office atmosphere. How easily I forget about people just wanting to chat or popping in to ask rather than email when I am in work mode.  It’s just the office and how most offices (especially those with mostly women) are run, but it was definitely one of those flashback points and a good reminder how introverted I can be.

5. Having Kids Can Make You a Target


I once heard someone mention that they should have a child so they would have an excuse to get out of work. WTH. This made me chuckle. It’s 2015. Working and life go hand-in-hand. While it isn’t always ideal – I am typically pumping out emails while my kid plays with the train in the doctor’s office while we wait for the nurse to call us back.  I’ve learned to ignore the haters and give it my all. At the end of the day, my boss is happy, work is done and some people just don’t get it. More thoughts on working and juggling 4 kids to come… 

6. There is No Such Thing as a 40-Hour Work Week

40 hours

Thankfully I love to work. That 40-hour work week thing, totally a myth at least in my line of work.

7. When It Rains It Pours


Murphy’s law totally applies to working full-time and having children. When my kids all piled back into school full-time this August, the inevitable happened. Every single one got sick, and the sicknesses lasted for weeks on end. My husband and I did this crazy juggling act (while doing everything we could to not catch whatever the kids had) to make it work. We survived. You will survive, but like woah.

8. Defining Your Priorities is a MUST


Something I did before accepting this job was layout what my priorities were. My family is always a priority but what was it if I went back to work that I would need to keep focused on.

For us, we decided on these 2.

  1. The older kids would not come home to an empty house every day. There may be some days but not everyday.
  2. We would have technology-free family dinner at least 4 times a week.  Good conversation, laughter, catching up and communicating around the table – this has been so good for our family unit – even though truth be told, most of the time it’s done at the table with takeout.

9. Delegation Rules


Since my full-time job isn’t my only job, there is no way to keep all the balls in the air without delegation. I  have an assistant who helps maintain my other businesses so those are something I don’t have to think about until night and the weekend.

10. There is No Right Answer


I have a friend who asked me what I thought about going to work full-time. It wasn’t a mean spirited question, it was one of those deep conversation starters. I thought and prayed long and hard before making the decision to go back to work. Like everything else, there are good days and bad days and everything in-between. I know the decision in regards to going back to work full-time for ME was the right one. I was able to watch our younger 2 kids for the first several years of their life. Those times are something I wouldn’t ever want to replace. That said, this is my current chapter. I’m writing it the best I can, and enjoying this season to the fullest.

Are you contemplating going back to work full-time? Have you gone back to work recently? Sound off!

Going Back to Work Full Time

Kitchen Fire, Pneumonia, Feeling Helpless & Finding My Zen

Kitchen Fire, Pneumonia, Feeling Helpless & Finding My Zen

MOM MONDAY: Kitchen Fire, Pneumonia, Feeling Helpless & Finding My Zen

Y’all being a mom isn’t for the weak.

Just when I think I’ve got it ALL under control, the world slaps me back into reality. Last week was a joke y’all. It’s one of those weeks where you just want to curl up and hide and be woken up when it’s all better. Where shall I begin.. okay let’s start on Sunday.

The Kitchen Fire

At 8 am, last Sunday I woke up looked at my iPhone and it was 8:00 am on the dot. BOO, I was suppose to be able to sleep in, but I heard a few kids up playing. Suddenly, there was a smell in the air. I jumped out of bed – ran to the kitchen and it was full of smoke.

First, I yelled “FIRE!” and just as planned my daughter helped get the kids downstairs and out front. I am trying to find out what in the world is up – and it’s a oven mitt on the stove top. The stove top had been pushed on. I should say there were BROWNIES from the previous night when Grandma came over to baby sit.

Here’s the deal. My kid (not naming names) woke up, snuck downstairs and decided brownies sounded good for breakfast. He (or she) grabbed a brownie knocking the stove on to the ON position while doing so. Oven mitt was on stove, the rest is history.

The GOOD news: We had fire extinguishers and were able to extinguish the fire with minimal damage to the house. Emotional damage is a different story. Our youngest spent the week yapping HOUSE ON FIRE to just about everyone he conversed with.

kitchen fire - fire extinguisher

The BAD news: Because of the crud the fire extinguisher uses to extinguish the fire went all over the stove, the brownies were ruined and guilty-not-naming-names child was incredibly sad. Sorry kid, can’t have it all – thankfully we still have a HOUSE.

kitchen fire brownies

PNEUMONIA and Ear Infection

Our youngest, Zeke has had this cough for a month. A few weeks back I took him into see the doctor not thinking much of it. Our oldest had strep so she had an appointment, might as well make it a family trip. Well low and behold, Zeke had strep AND a mild case of pneumonia. We were prescribed 3 drugs for 10 days and breathing treatments.

pneumonia breathing treatments

Fast forward 2 weeks, Zeke wakes up screaming with ear pain. He proceeds to stay up ALL NIGHT LONG. Nothing was killing the pain. I pinterested every recipe imaginable and nothing would stop his ear pain from an ear infection.

Tuesday, we took him back into the doctor. He officially had pneumonia which the previous round of antibiotics didn’t knock out because it was the wrong strain (no idea) – AND an ear infection. YAY.

Lysol Everywhere Meme

More prescriptions and breathing treatments. We make it home and before I can even process everything, my husband calls – he is ill.

pneumonia toddler

Yes, both son and dad had pneumonia. It was a week from hell, which continued as Zeke’s other ear started hurting. Double ear infections with pneumonia. *CRY!*

Feeling Helpless and Finding My Zen

Breathing treatments, medications, a sick baby, my husband was spending each hour sweating off a fever, or with chills due to a fever. On top of that, I have 3 other kids and a full-time job. Feeling helpless as a mom was an understatement.

I put out apologies and worked late to make sure all boxes were checked.  Talk about hell.

In the midst of it all last week, something magical did happen. OCTOBER. I love Octobers for many reason. It’s my birthday month. It’s boot season. The weather in Texas is amazing. FALL Y’ALL. It’s just the greatest month to me.

Perfect October Morning

I have a 6:15 wake up time to get kids up and out the door to the bus. Between the first bus and second, I have a 45 minute window of time that I have found to be MY TIME. I don’t get much ME time now a days, but for the last several days – using this gap of time to just walk has been the best therapy to finding my zen. We’ve been out in the country for almost 2 months now and you guys, we have trees! Walking amongst the trees with my dogs on a country road with neighbors that wave and temperatures in the 70’s – it’s the perfect that I need in my crazy life.

Women of Faith

This past weekend I attended the Women of Faith LOVED Dallas event. I have worked with this company for over 12 years (over the last 18 years of my life.) It’s their farewell tour. I had the opportunity to watch the event in Oklahoma City.  This weekend, we had a little mini-reunion of former Women of Faith employees. There were at least 30 of us. There were faces from the past that I will never forget, that I was afraid I would never see. It was so surreal, special and tear worthy.

women of faith loved farewell tour

My mentor for many years, Mary Graham spoke such sweet words over us – reminding us of the impact we have by being apart of this 20 year old movement.

women of faith mary graham

Some days my full-time job is hard. It’s stressful, demanding and some days it requires me to work around the clock. But this weekend I was reminded why I went back. There really is something special about working for a bigger purpose.

*Bonus fact* We were trending on Twitter with #WOFLovedTour – I know, I’m a nerd but that made this geek’s heart happy. 

trending on twitter

Being a Mom is Hard

Them Kids

Being a mom is hard. Accepting that you can’t do it all is a must. Find your zen amongst the chaos. Believe me, you will appreciate it.

Tweet: Being a mom is hard. Accepting that you can't do it all is a must. Find your zen amongst the chaos. @digitalmomblog

5 Tips for the Working Mom Who Travels

5 Tips for the Working Mom Who Travels

It’s been a while since I have had to travel for work. My last full-time job, I had to travel often. It was hell. I had 3 kids at the time, 1 was a newborn. I am so glad I don’t have to relive those days.

While I don’t for see myself having to travel too often (praise Jesus,) I will be traveling some. Last week I headed to San Francisco for Forward with Ford, in a few weeks I’m taking my team to Oklahoma City for one of our conferences. 

Tips for the Working Mom Who Travels

If you are a working mom who will be traveling, here are a few tips that I hope will help.

1. Plan Ahead

With 4 kids, I know whenever I leave to go out of town he is going to be taking on extra stress. I try to minimize that as much as possible. I layout clothes for the entire week, putting them in labeled baggies for each day. The kids have to wear different outfits since they are in camp so this helps. I make sure that there are easy to cook meals readily available. I also pre-make any kid lunches to simplify the week.

2. Double Check Your Kids’ Schedules

I totally goofed last week. I forgot the boys had an extra swim day and didn’t pack a swim suit. Thankfully my husband was working from home and only 5 minutes from school. It was a good reminder to double check school calendars and schedules before leaving.

3. Set an Alarm to Call the Kids

Another goof on my part last week… I was in California, totally different time zone. The first night we had an event that went late. I tried calling the kids to say good night at 9pm, well it was 11pm there time and asleep.

I made sure to set an alarm to remember to call them each night. We do try to Skype bedtime routines when possible. It makes the time away a little less painful.

working mom set phone alarm

4. Try to Enjoy Yourself

I admit, I have this problem of not wanting to leave my kids. I love them, and DO enjoy time away from them but as I mentioned, 4 kids is a lot. I know when I leave it is someone else who has to take on the stress and responsibility that I typically do.

If you are going to travel, taking time to enjoy the “me time” is critical. Worrying about your kids every minute isn’t healthy or productive. Use the trip to do something for yourself that you typically can’t do. Make the best of it!

traveling working mom

5. Bring Home a Souvenir

Maybe it was a bad habit to start, but it’s worth the effort because I know that it’s hard for the kids to adjust when I’m away. Every time I head home from a trip, I bring them a little something (and I always buy a Starbucks mug from each city I’m in.)

This doesn’t have to be much, i’ve brought home candy bars before. It’s just a simple reminder for them to know that I am thinking about them while I am gone.

Kids and Separation Disorder

I will mention this since I’ve gone thru this with multiple kids. When I return from trips, I’ve had kids upset with me and in their sadness have stopped talking to me or clung to their dad – refusing to show me affection. It was AWFUL, and has happened several times.

This feeling the kids were going thru did go away. It took a few days with giving that child extra attention. This is definitely the most sucky part of being a traveling working mom.

You Can Do This Mom!

I know traveling and working is hard and I’m so thankful my trips are few in comparison to some.?You can do this, mom. Plan, enjoy and remember the kids a little something and all will be fine.