Grammarly – For Those Of Use Who Type Too Fast & Don’t Proofread

Grammarly – For Those Of Use Who Type Too Fast & Don’t Proofread

I admit it. I am TOTALLY one of those people who type fast and doesn’t proofread as well as I should. I am working on it people – all thanks to a tool that I found called Grammarly. 

Grammarly for Typos and Proofreading

Do you know when you run across something REALLY cool and you feel like you just need the whole world to know about it? Yeah, I am that person who is texting my friends “GO SEE THIS.” or “BUY THIS.” or “DOWNLOAD THIS APP.” That’s actually why I started this blog so many years ago, as a way to streamline rather than email all of my friends constantly. (This blog is 8-years-old. Back then, it was email. Texting was still not massive and Facebook didn’t have messenger. Old school.)

Grammarly for Grammar CheckingThink of Grammarly as having a spell-check available to you whenever you need it. I can’t tell you how many times that I have typed something, for some reason this happens a lot on Facebook – and I go back hours later and WHAM, in the face TYPO. It’s like palm to the face when you see that you misspelled a super simple word. 

Grammar Checker for Everyday Use

As a blogger, typos are a bigger deal and I know that numerous posts have typos. If you aren’t a blogger and are wondering why so many blogs have typos – let me spill the beans. Most bloggers nowadays use WordPress. WordPress, by default, does NOT have a built-in spell check option. You can download a plugin, but let’s face it – most bloggers don’t have it installed. 

Free Grammar Check – Yes, Please.

Here is where Grammarly comes in and why it’s my new favorite add-on. Grammarly first off is free. There is a paid option if you are a hard-core writer I would suggest you get it – but for everyday use – the free version is just fine. That’s right, Grammarly offers free grammar check! 

I use the Chrome extension – so whenever I am typing – like just now when I screwed up the word TYPING – it draws a little line under the word then gives me options for revising. It’s like the Word spellcheck but you aren’t 

For the ADD: Shutup and tell me where to find it!

Grammar in the Work Place

If I was still in corporate America, I would invest in this grammar service. Grammarly Business is a plan for teams. Grammarly can fit into your team’s workflow perfectly because it is not limited to a single platform. The paid version offers browser extensions, MS Office Add-in and desktop apps for Windows and Mac. You can ensure that emails, documents, and even casual interactions will be clear, mistake-free, and highly impactful. Grammarly Business runs $10 per team member a month. This is a solid investment, considering not everyone is grammar savvy. Grammarly will help your team with everything from grammar 101 to colon grammar. Winning! 

Perfect for Students

This application is great for students. Our kids are busy with school work. This year, with a freshman and a 7th grader – we have LOTS of paper writing and homework. While I try to proofread the kids’ homework when possible, I know for a fact Grammarly would do a better job than me. 

Grammarly Review

What better way to do a Grammarly review, then to show you exactly how well this application works. For giggles, here is a screenshot of what my WordPress interface looks like as I type this.

Grammarly Review

Since finding Grammarly, I typically write my posts and then go back thru and work the revisions. Watch the video – you can see all of my flubs, misspellings, and grammar issues! No shame in my grammar game. 

Grammarly App

The only issue that I am having with Grammarly is there is no Grammarly app! I need a Grammarly app to check all the things I screw up on my phone. I do a lot of work on my desktop, so at least I have it here. But just in case you are scouring the app store like I was… nope – there currently is no Grammarly app. Boo.

So there you have it, a cool find that I wanted to share with you. You can check grammarly out, here.


Make Cinnamon Rolls in a Waffle Maker – Brilliant Breakfast Hack

Make Cinnamon Rolls in a Waffle Maker – Brilliant Breakfast Hack

Earlier this week, I showed you my kids laundry hack for organizing my kids’ clothes for an easy school morning. Today, I bring you a brilliant breakfast hack. 

This video I shot at my mother-in-law’s house with my brother-in-law. I had hungry kids, she had a waffle maker and canned cinnamon roll – so we tried it and shazam. Cinnamon roll waffles – yum and QUICK!

I was scrolling thru my old YouTube videos and realized 2 things. 

  1. This video has over 100k views. That’s crazy. 
  2. I’ve never shared it here – so it’s now your lucky day!

Make Cinnamon Rolls in a Waffle Maker

cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker

Sure, I could just stick the canned cinnamon rolls in the oven for 20 minutes – but here is the deal. I have FOUR mouths that need food in the morning and at different times. My 3 boys come down, typically first my 6-year-old, then my 11-year-old and then finally the 5-year-old. About 20 minutes later, my daughter comes down. It’s a circus.

I need a quick, easy option for breakfast. I have to pump food out and get it in their bellies asap. Our turn-around from wake-up time to get dressed, to brush teeth, to eating breakfast, to getting socks and shoes on, to making sure back-packs are ready and coats on – then OUT the door to the bus. And did I mention that we don’t wake-up early. All this crap is usually happening in 20 minutes. Insanity yes.

Just Tell Me How To Do It!

So the cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker – so super easy. Pop the cinnamon roll can. Put individual cinnamon roll in waffle maker for around 60-90 seconds depending on the waffle maker. SHAZAM, put on the icing while the cinnamon roll waffles are still hot. There you have it delicious, fast and easy! 

BONUS – all of my kids love this breakfast. Is it the most healthy, hell no. Are they fed and happy? Yes. We’re in survival mode most mornings so fed and happy – that is a total win for this family, we will take it.

We have this Spiderman waffle maker. This makes me happy.


Have you tried making cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker? 

The Best Kids Laundry Hack To Help Survive School Mornings

The Best Kids Laundry Hack To Help Survive School Mornings

Kids laundry hack, because I suck at laundry. No really. I just can’t wrap my head around folding laundry. It’s too mundane for me to do. My kids are no help. My husband is awesome at so many things, he like me – nope, can’t do laundry either. If you need a little help in the laundry area and could use some suggestions for surviving school morning – this post is for you. Here is the state of what the current CLEAN laundry pile looks like. 

kids laundry hack - suck at laundry

So with 4 kids that have to be out the door each school morning by 7:15 am – that must be dressed and fed, are you starting to see my issue? This year, our littlest kid Zeke started elementary. I knew I had to find a laundry system that would work for our kids and their school clothes. Here is the kids laundry hack that has saved my sanity on school mornings. 

School morning laundry hack organize clothesKids Laundry Hack to Save Your School Morning Routine

I purchased each child 2 of these 3 drawer storage carts. We don’t use the wheels, I want these stationary.

kids laundry hack 3 drawer storage cart

On each drawer I listed M T W TH F ! – since there are 6 drawers and only 5 school days, the ! is for the weekend or any extra out fit that is needed.

Each Sunday, I do the kids laundry. I sit and make outfits for each day and put a school outfit in each of the drawers. 

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Underwear

So 6 outfits (they typically end up wearing the sixth outfit sometime – and if not, I carry it over for the next week.)

This little laundry organization hack, as simple as it is – has been a God send. The kids wake up. Go to the drawer, put on their clothes and then come down for breakfast. Our younger kids typically require a little (okay, sometimes A LOT) of work to get up, but none the less – there clothes are laid out, in an organized fashion and it’s one less thing to think about as we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off to get them out the freaking door for school. 

Theme Days at School

I will admit it. I am so not a fan of theme days at school. It’s not that I don’t want my kids to have fun, I just feel awful because I am the mom who works, who has 4 kids, who can’t keep it together – and for sure can’t remember that on Wednesday we wear pink. Until now. I now check the school calendar on Sunday night as I am putting the kids’ clothes up to see if there are theme days and then lay the clothes out in their drawer. 

It’s so simple, and neat – it’s totally not my typical Type B self, but this kids laundry hack has been a life changer in making our school mornings sane. 

Now, about MY laundry and my husband’s laundry – that’s a whole different story for another post, over wine – lots of wine. 

Do you have a good laundry hack? What hacks help your school morning? Let me know in the comments!

Ticonderoga Pencils

What’s the deal with Ticonderoga Pencils?

Black Friday Haul 2016 – Yes, It Was Totally Worth It!

Black Friday Haul 2016 – Yes, It Was Totally Worth It!

Black Friday Shopping Haul – that’s right, I admit it. I am a Black Friday Shopper. It started many years ago, when I was curious about the discounts. Do people REALLY save money? Is it as INSANE as it looks on the news? Yes and YES. But if you are wondering if it’s worth it, YES.

Black Friday Shopping Haul - An All Night Shopping Adventure GNO Style

You can watch my Black Friday haul above. We started at 10:30 pm, like a zombie – I made it back home at 11:00 am. Slept for 4 hours, then headed back out like a boss (or idiot!) 

Black Friday Shopping Haul with Friends

The annual Black Friday shopping trip consists of my sister, Betsy, friend, Mel and myself. We then hit various stores, shop, laugh, shop more, laugh more, get extremely exhausted, power up with coffee and then people think we are drunk because of our delirious state. All while shopping for Christmas and have a fun night with the gals. 

This year, we didn’t see too much drama. In year’s past – we’ve seen a few fights break out. This time, the closest we came to a fight was when a lady was trying to cut Mel off in line. Mel’s not a fighter – but the situation was pretty funny. 

24 weeks pregnant black friday shopping This year, a few things were different. First – my sister Betsy is 24 weeks pregnant. 24 weeks pregnant and all night shopping. She is such a trooper – making it until 5:00 am. I have no idea how she drove the 20 minutes home my house (she wouldn’t let us take her home!) Thankfully, she didn’t wear these heels!

Second, we typically have a routine. This year – the malls we typically regular changed their hours. Rather than being open all night, the Dallas Galleria closed at 1:00 am and then the Allen Outlet Malls closed at 2:00 am. We found this out at 11:00 pm. We were still able to find plenty of stores open all night to satisfy our Black Friday shopping habit, but did change up our plans quite a bit. And to be honest, probably saved us a lot of money. By the time we made it back to the Allen Outlet Mall at 6:00 am, we were dragging. 

All-in-all it was a great night, tons of bargains and lots of fun. I know the topic of Black Friday is one of controversy, but it’s a tradition now and honestly – if you love a good bargain, there is not better time to shop than the day after Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Shopping Haul

Here are a few of the tech haul items mentioned in the Black Friday haul video:

Anker 24W PowerDrive USB Car Charger

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Instapot – Electric Pressure Cooker

Just Dance 2017

Do you Black Friday shop? What was in your haul this year?