Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

Free Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards from who other than the geek mom herself, Digital Mom. We have the geeks in your life covered for this Valentine’s Day – enough to make your nerdy heart explode with geeky delight.

Free Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards to Make Your Geek Heart Happy!

Who doesn’t love an easy project? These unique V-day cards are super easy. All you have to do is download these printable nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards, print, cut and write a message on the back! Pass these out to your favorite nerds. We printed these on cardstock, but you do you and use whatever you have.

Free Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

Our free downloadable geeky V-day cards feature words perfect for the nerd in your life. By request, you can now pick and choose how you would like to download the cards. They are available on individual sheets or you can print with 1 of each variety. Just click what you want below and shazam – FREE valentines day cards for you. 

Click to Download

What will you be getting your nerd for Valentine’s Day?


free nerdy valentines day cards


MORE Free Valentine’s Day Card Printables

Check out our other free printables – brought to you by Digital Mom Blog. Need to Valentine’s Day card printables? We got them!

View our All Things Valentine’s Day page. 

Love memes? We have all types of funny Valentine’s Day memes – perfect for posting on social!

Have copy suggestions for more nerdy Valentine’s Day cards? Leave them in the comments, we would love to hear them!

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Free Minecraft Valentines Day Cards – Print at Home – Your Kids Will Love Them!

Free Minecraft Valentines Day Cards – Print at Home – Your Kids Will Love Them!

We’ve created 4 free Minecraft Valentines Printables – perfect for your little Minecrafter!  I’ve mentioned this before and it still holds true – my kids are obsessed with Minecraft.

As I type this – my son is on the PC playing, another on the iPad and then another on the Xbox upstairs. Oh, and my husband — he is playing in his office. This is a nightly ritual so when I saw that Valentine’s Day was approaching, I knew I needed to create these because I am pretty sure that I am NOT alone when it comes to a Minecrafting house!

Free Minecraft Valentines Day Cards

Free Printable Minecraft Valentines Day Cards

Here are 4 free printable designs featuring some Minecraft favorites.

  • You make my heart explode
  • I dig you
  • Be Mine Craft
  • Valentine, let’s build a world together

Perfect for that Valentine’s Day card exchange in the classroom.

Free Minecraft Valentine's Day Cards Printables

These Minecraft Valentine’s Day card printables are FREE, easy to make (no crafting!) and your kids will love these – or at least I hope! Just click the download PDF button above, print out the valentine’s cards, cut and have your child write a message on the back of each card. Easy, peasy – right? How many easy things do us moms get, NONE – well maybe with this we can count it as one!

From our Minecrafting family to your’s…. Happy Valentine’s Day Minecrafters!!!

Minecraft Valentines for Kids

All Things Minecraft

Are your kids or family into Minecraft? Yep – so are we! The whole fam (minus the mom) are huge Minecrafters. Check out All Things Minecraft – here are a few of our favorite posts:

If you do end up using these, we would love to know! Give this post a share on Facebook and Pinterest! We appreciate it!

This post was originally posted in 2015. 

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Golden Girls Fans

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Golden Girls Fans

Who wouldn’t love receiving a Golden Girls Valentine’s Day card? If you grew up in the era or Rose, Blache, Bea and Sophia – here are your must-have Valentine Day cards!

golden girls valentines day cards

Free Golden Girls Valentine’s Day Cards

Check out these printable Golden Girls Valentine’s Day Cards!

  • Bea: Bea Mine (Bea Arthur played the roll of Dorothy)
  • Blache: I Blanche at the thought of losing you
  • Rose: A single rose on Valentine’s day
  • Sophia: I haven’t had sex in fifteen years and it’s starting to get on my nerves! (seriously, though: maybe tonight? At least consider it.)

How priceless are these?

Golden Girls FYI

And to anyone who doesn’t know the Golden Girls are (bless) – here’s a little introduction:

The Golden Girls was a TV show that ran for 7 seasons, 180 episodes starting in September of 1985 – May 1992. It was the perfect combo of funny humor mixed with these old women. This award winning show starred Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty, as four older women who share a home in Miami, Florida. Yes, THE Betty White. Enough said, go buy the whole Golden Girls Collection on Amazon.


golden girls

complete series is available on Amazon

Golden Girls Quotes

A few of my favorite Golden Girls quotes – this will give you a taste of the GG GREATNESS. 

“People waste their time pondering whether a glass is half empty or half full. Me, I just drink whatever’s in the glass.” -Sophia

“Honey, you don’t do too well under pressure. Remember the coffee shop when you didn’t have enough money, so you tried to climb out the ladies’ room skylight?” – Blanche

“That doesn’t happen anymore since I switched to decaf.” – Rose

Rose: You know what I think?
Blanche: No, do you?

Rose: You can buy sperm.
Blanche: Buy? Sperm used to be free. It was everywhere!

Blanche: He wants to be a pacemaker in me.
Sophia: Everyone has a different name for it.

“Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping.” -Blanche

Mastermind behind these fabs: Joey Devilla

These were first posted in 2012 and have continued to be a hit through-out the years!

Were You (or Are You) a Golden Girls Fan?

Romantic Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for the Tech Lover

Romantic Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for the Tech Lover

Are you shopping for a last minute Valentine’s gift for the geek girl in your life? Well, low and behold we have a great list of last minute ideas for you.  Here is a thoughtful Valentine’s gifts that he or she doesn’t have to know were last minute. We can keep that between you and me. This idea is something that won’t die after 5 days and it won’t set you back the $75 like that floral bouquet. Let’s make a modern mix tape. Remember the 80’s and 90’s when you would load up a cassette or a CD full of love songs for your beloved? No one owns a cassette player and who needs a CD. I’ll show you how to put this together and another little something to make this a nice gift.

How to Make a Modern Mix Tape for Valentine's Day

How to Make a Modern Mix Tape

Let’s modernize the mix tape with a USB drive full of romantic songs. In addition to the usb mix tape – pair this gift with bluetooth headphones. A geek gift that he or she will be sure to love. Personal and thoughtful and not too expensive (and it will last!)

I know what you are thinking, BUT I don’t know what songs to put on the mix tape… fear not – I’ve come up with a list of 10 to get you started. And the bluetooth headphones, yep – they are only $30 – order them with Amazon Prime to get them in time for Valentine’s day.


Don’t worry – they come in other colors than pink (Cool Blue, Arctic White, Ruby Red, Posh Pink), but aren’t they cute? AND they are BLUETOOTH, LOOK MOM! NO WIRES!

Kinivo: Colorful Wireless Bluetooth Headphone (BTH240)

Limited edition range of affordable stereo-sound Bluetooth headphones for the holidays – gifts $30 and under

  • Streams music and more directly from your mobile device
  • Limited holiday availability makes them the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday hostess gift
  • Features lightweight, foldable and slender design to deliver pristine, hands-free audio
  • Connects to any Bluetooth enabled device to stream wirelessly
  • Comes with built-in noise cancelling microphone to automatically pause music when users receive an incoming call
  • Features an integrated rechargeable battery that provides 10 hours of continuous active audio, or 200 hours when in standby mode
  • Removes the need to be bound to your device by a wire

Available at:

Price: $30


Thumb Drive

Thumb Drive Mix Tape

I love this thumb drive because it’s also a keyring! And it’s super cheap. You’ll want to just dump those mix tape love songs onto the drive.

Available at Amazon

Price: $6.99

USB Drive Mix Tape Love Songs

And the Valentine’s Day love song list I promised. Here are 10 songs

  1. Love Song – The Cure
  2. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  3. Good Kisser – Usher
  4. Crazy For You – Adele
  5. You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse
  6. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  7. All of Me – John Legend
  8. I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder
  9. Stay With Me – Sam Smith
  10. Can’t Help Falling in Love With You – UB40

There you have it. I knew you could do it! This is a gift that your lover is sure to love.

12+ Adorable DIY Valentines Day Cards for Kids

12+ Adorable DIY Valentines Day Cards for Kids

DIY Vday CardsWhile it is still feeling like Christmas around our house, the calendar is screaming VALENTINE’S DAY!!  Yes, folks, before we know it, V-day will be here and if you are a mom with kids (this year ALL FOUR will have Valentine parties!) – chances are you will need Valentine’s Day Cards.

If you are looking to make something cute for your kids to pass out, you are are in luck. We’ve scoured the interwebs and found a collection of DIY adorable Valentines Day Cards for kids.  Don’t worry busy moms, we thought about you too.

DIY Valentines Day Cards for Kids

There are some years, we didn’t get our cards put together until February 13th – actually most years…. so there are several v-day cards you print!

Do It Yourself Valentines day cards for kids


Photo Valentine’s Day Card

FUN Photo Valentine's Day Card for Kids

Aren’t these kids ADORABLE? I think so 🙂 BUT then again, I am SLIGHTLY biased. Here is a cute photo card DIY.

Download DIY Photo Valentines Day Card

Minecraft Valentines Printables

Free Minecraft Valentine's Day Cards

Your Minecrafter will adore these Valentines!

Download Minecraft Valentines

Printable Frog Valentines Day Card

frog valentine card

This adorable v-day card features a jumpy frog party favor from Walmart (available 32 for $1.97).

Download card from Hi! It’s Jilly

Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

download nerdy valentines day cardsGet your geek on with these fabulous (if I do say so myself) GEEK valentine’s day cards!

Download Geek Valentine’s Day Cards

Printable Pencil Valentine’s Day Cardpencil valentines day card

Print, cut, slide a pencil in this v-day card and you are done!

Download card from Hi! It’s Jilly

DIY Plantable Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY Plantable cardTalk about brilliant! This tutorial shows you how to make a plantable Valentine’s day card!  That’s right – these cute little animals, you pop into some soil and they will sprout a plant or flower.  Pretty neat, huh? We think so!

Download at Garden Therapy

Popcorn Valentine

popcorn valentine card

Popping over with Valentine love. It seems good Valentine’s day cards are punny.

Available at Laura Kelly Designs

Tootsie Pop V-day Card

tootsie pop valentines day card

Perfect for your superhero loving kid!

Download at One Creative Mommy

Robot Valentine’s Day Cards

robot valentine cards

My boys are totally into robots – so I know they would adore these robot Valentines!

Download at Crafts by Amanda

Cereal Box Hug Card

valentine hug cereal card

This is an oldie but a goodie. Give a hug card, made from a cereal box!

Download at Kix Cereal

Mosaic Photo Card

Mosaic Photo Card

This is a cute twist to the standard photo card.

Download at Crafts by Amanda

Hand Print Valentine’s Day Card

valentine handprint card

I love hand print cards! I just adore seeing how much my kids grow each year, based on the print of their hand.

Download at Stockpiling Moms

Valentine’s Day Heart Envelope

Valentines Day Heart Envelope

How cute is this! It’s a DIY envelope that unfolds to a heart!

Learn more at How to This and That

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5 Ways to Show Your Love Online for Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Show Your Love Online for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is Valentine’s Day (hello, just in case you forgot – friendly reminder).If you are like me *hi! waving* you haven’t even started to think about the holiday.

I have blogs to write, diapers to change, kids to raise and hearts and love is the last thing on my mind. Sad, yes but it’s my chapter in life right now. Come Wednesday night I’ll be sweating on crap – what should I do for my husband. The husband who puts up with me, gives me anything I could ever want and has 4 kids with me. I mean, any man who stays with me – and has 4 kids that is LOVE people.

valentines day loves

Valentine’s Day is when you let your cheese come out. That’s right get cheesy. Show your love and for us last minute people who love them some social media – here are some creative ideas to make the day special for your loved one.

Read More5 Ways to Show Your Love Online for Valentine’s Day