Tweet & Facebook For Military Families!

Tweet & Facebook For Military Families!

blue star families

I love working with Lifetime.  Today I received an email announcing a new campaign running this weekend benefiting Military families thru Blue Star Families.

Who is Blue Star Families?

Blue Star Families is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, created by real military families.  They are committed to supporting one another through the unique challenges of military service and asking the larger civilian population to help as well, connecting military families regardless of rank, branch of service or physical location, and empowering military family members to create the best personal and family life possible for themselves.  (Learn more at

Lifetime has partnered with and is donating $1 for each tweet or facebook post about the upcoming season about Army Wives. Give a tweet and help Blue Star Families!  Lifetime is donating up to $50,000!

Help By Giving a Tweet or Facebook Post!

Visit and give a tweet and Facebook post – Lifetime donates a $1 for each to Blue Star Families!

Army Wives

Army Wives’ fifth season will premiere this Sunday, March 6, at 9:00 PM ET/PT. The most successful series in Lifetime’s 27-year history, Army Wives follows the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of women – and one man – living with their spouses and families on an active army post. The series stars Kim Delaney, Sally Pressman, Brigid Brannagh, Brian McNamara, Sterling K. Brown, Wendy Davis, Drew Fuller, Terry Serpico and Catherine Bell.

Check out Army Wive season 5 premiere THIS Sunday at 10:00 pm ET on Lifetime.


Immediately following Army Wives at 10:00 pm ET/PT, Lifetime will premiere its all-new reality series Coming Home, featuring U.S. armed forces service members’ surprise family reunions after serving long tours of duty on behalf of the country. In paying tribute to American armed forces personnel and their families, Coming Home will follow the unforgettable and inspiring surprise reunions of members of all five branches of the military with their spouses, children, parents and other loved ones as they return home from active duty throughout the world. Coming Home is hosted by former American Idol finalist Matt Rogers.

Full disclosure: I am a Lifetime Moms affiliate, while I do not personally benefit from posting this – I do receive compensation from Lifetime via advertisements posted on this site.

A Paper Tweet

A Paper Tweet

A few months ago I turned 32. A co-worker of mine stopped by my office and asked if I had checked my physical inbox lately. Uhm, nope (confession, I forget that I have a mailbox at work).

I strolled to the mailroom and found the simplest birthday greeting that couldn’t of been more perfect. Except this birthday greeting was a tweet on paper.

paper tweet

Twitter + Paper = Paper Tweet = BRILLIANT!

A Paper Tweet

It’s a tweet, but put on paper. Customized to me. BRILLIANT.

The Perfect Gift for the Twitter Obsessed

Need a gift for a friend who is slightly Twitter obsessed? Look no further – these Paper Tweets come in Notepads.

Paper Tweet Notepads are available from Knock Knock. This description from Amazon is priceless:

Ever wish you could tell someone how you feel, but the words don’t come? With Knock Knock’s portable, communicatory Nifty Notes, you can pass judgment, spit wit, and even apologize. With hilarious and non-passive-aggressive interpretations of etiquette and conversation, our Nifty Notes will help you get your point across – one sheet at a time. Get on the social networking bandwagon with a cutting-edge note pad! The wireless miracle of pen and paper will have you expressing your mundane, or even pressing, thoughts anytime, anywhere! Did you lose your cell, did your battery run out of juice? Don’t worry, we have your social networking fall back. Knock Knock’s Paper Tweet note pad is just what one needs in these desperate times. Pad even works out of cell tower range. Note pad is 4 x 5.25-inches with 50 sheets with an adhesive binding.

You can find the Paper Tweet Notepads and start giving your own Paper Tweets at

Thank You Hanna!

Thank you @HannaB! I keep this in my desk and smile at it each time I open my drawer.

Top 10 Signs You Spend TOO Much Time on Twitter

Top 10 Signs You Spend TOO Much Time on Twitter

I admit, there are days I spend TOO much time on Twitter. The constant tweets filling my feed with no pause button, it’s addicting. 

David Letterman Top 10 Signs You Spend Too Much Time on Twitter 

Ever since jumping on the hottest social media bandwagon, Twitter – my time has been, well let’s just say I am sure there are far better things that I could be doing with my time. 

David Letterman Top 10 Signs You Spend Too Much Time on Twitter

Leave it to the hilarious David Letterman to create a top 10 signs you spend TOO much time on Twitter. Enjoy, these are hilarious and a sure sign of the times that Twitter is the hot new thing.  Make sure to watch the video below!

10. You miss son’s soccer game waiting for Lady Gaga to post what she had for lunch

Spending Too much time on twitter

9. You answer the phone: “Twello?”

8. You’ve spent millions developing iPhone waterproofing technology so you can tweet in the shower.

7. You haven’t touched your CB radio in months.

6. You ask yourself, “What would Jesus tweet?”

5. You sleep-tweet.

4. No number 4 — Writer on Twitter.

3. You stopped paying attention to this list after the first 140 characters.

2. Even Ashton Kutcher thinks you Tweet too much.

1. Walking in on the Landscaper “retweeting” your wife.

Do You Spend Way Too Much Time on Twitter?

I am trying to spend less time on this new social network, but since my job requires it – my efforts are pointless. What about you? Do you spend too much time on Twitter? 

With the David Letterman top 10-ing Twitter, this means one thing for sure. Twitter has made it. I can’t wait to see where this 140-character platform goes on to do next. 

PS: In Twitter news – Twitter acquired the iPhone app Tweetie (I HEART TWEETIE!). Tweetie will be renamed to Twitter for iPhone and the price will be dropped from $2.99 to FREE!

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Fundraising With Social Media

Fundraising With Social Media

Are you Fundraising with Social Media? Tweets, blogs and Facebook are to be applauded for the success of the Red Cross’ successful fundraising campaign for Haiti.

Fundraising With Social Media

The most recent number I could find is that the Red Cross has raised over $22,000,000 by having donors donate $10 by texting HAITI to 90999. The simplicity of spreading the word and of actually donating is triggering thousands to react and give.

Here is a list of other non-profits jumping in on the mobile giving campaign for Haiti:

  • American Red Cross: Text the word “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10
  • Yéle Foundation (founded by Wyclef Jean): Text the word “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5; Text the word “Yele10” or “YeleTen” to 501501 to donate $10.
  • Clinton Bush Haiti Fund: Text the word “QUAKE” to 20222 to donate $10.
  • Clinton Foundation Haiti Relief Fund: Text the word “Haiti” to 20222 to donate $10.
  • Salvation Army: Text the word “Haiti” to 52000 to donate $10.
  • UNICEF: Text the word “Hope10” or “UNICEF” to 20222 to donate $10.
  • National Religious Broadcasters (NRB): Text the word “Haiti” to 40579 to donate $10.
  • Save the Children Federation: Text the word “Save” or “Safe” to 20222 to donate $10.
  • World Vision: Text the word “Give” or “World” to 20222 to donate $10.
  • International Medical Corps: Text the word “Haiti” to 85944 to donate $10.
  • International Rescue Committee: Text the word “Haiti” to 25383 to donate $5.
  • Oxfam America: Text the word “Oxfam” to 25383 to donate $10.
  • Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere: Text the word “PP” to 25383 to donate $10.
  • Americares: Text the word “Americares” to 25383 to donate $10.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Text the word “Habitat” to 25383 to donate $10.
  • MTV telethon: Text the word “Give” to 25383 to donate $10.
  • American Jewish World Service: Text the word “AJWS” to 25383 to donate $10.

Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Last year I was involved in a fund raiser for Hoops of Hope. The team at the office spent a day utilizing our online profiles tweeting and posting to Facebook to raise money to help build an Africa school. In the 24 hours we were tweeting, over $4,000 was raised. We only had a handful of us tweeting (5 or so), but it worked – and we exceeded our goal of $1,000.

If you are involved with a non-profit and are not harnessing the power of social media – get in the game. It’s not too late. Social media for fundraising will be the new norm. There is money to raise and the best, cheapest way to go viral is by utilizing the power of social media.