How to Help Houston After Hurricane Harvey


As we all process what is going on in Houston, TX with Hurricane Harvey – here is a list of the best ways to help.  Also, if you pray, continue to do so. Harvey has destroyed and caused so much damage – to make matters worse, he has not even left the building yet. 

Give Money 

There are numerous organizations that are doing amazing things to help those hurt and impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The best way to help is to give money.  EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS. If your bank account only allows you to give $5, that is $5 that these organizations didn’t have. If you have more and can, give. If everyone gave just a little, it would be a whole lot. Every penny counts.

While our donations are going to Red Cross, there are several organizations doing good and helping those Harvey has hurt. Here’s a great article from Texas Monthly with several ways to give.

How to Raise Money on Facebook – Use Social for Good!

Here is a simple tutorial on how to raise money on Facebook. Facebook is generating a ton of money in donations by the simple power of social sharing. Jump in on the action and use social for good! This feature costs you nothing but can create a huge ripple effect in giving!! 

How to Raise Money on FacebookSupport Businesses That Give

There are so many businesses that are reaching out and doing good thru either donation or service. It so important to help these businesses know that they are doing the right thing and that you will support them in the efforts. 

Here are a few businesses that we would like to give kudos to. If you own a business, consider how your business can help. Please feel free to leave any other businesses that you know are helping Hurricane Harvey survivors in the comments below. 

Furniture Gallery

Have you seen the story on Mattress Mack? He is a local Houston commercial celebrity and owns a chain of Furniture Gallery stores. When the hurricane hit, he opened his doors to his furniture warehouse (reportedly costing him $30,000 a day.) This story brought us to tears. Service over self is something many of us need to learn to do. This man gets it. Watch this story, and if you are in the market for furniture, please consider buying from Furniture Gallery. 

Ford Motor Company

FordFord Fund is contributing $100,000 to disaster relief efforts in Texas, following historic flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. In addition, Ford Fund will match up to $50,000 in employee and dealership contributions to the Red Cross, raising potential assistance from Ford to $200,000. THANK YOU, FORD!

Learn more about how Ford is helping

Magnolia Market


All proceeds from the TEXAS FOREVER shirt will go to Hurricane Harvey relief thru the end of September.

Click here to purchase

Skylight Salon

Skylight Salon TexasSkylight Salon in downtown Allen, TX and McKinney, TX is matching donations this week. You can add your donation to the Red Cross to your ticket and they will match the donation. 

Learn more about Skylight Salon


If you aren’t familiar with Buc-ees, you may not be from Texas. Imagine the gas station of ALL gas stations. Well, that is Buc-ees. It’s more than a gas station, it’s a destination. Anyways, if you are in Texas – you must visit one.  

image credit: facebook

And how great is this company? They are housing first responders and allowing them to eat and drink whatever they want! (Which anyone who has been to buc-ees knows what a buffet that would be!)

Learn more about Buc-ees

Video Game Museum

Video Game Museum Dallas TX

The National Videogame Museum (NVM) will donate half of all admission sales this Saturday (Sept. 2) to the United Way of Greater Houston. The museum will guarantee a minimum donation of $2,500.


Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017
10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


National Videogame Museum –  8004 Dallas Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034


Admission: $12
$10 for children 10 and under, as well as for military, educators, seniors
(Valid ID required upon purchase of military, educators and seniors tickets.)

About the National Videogame Museum

The National Videogame Museum is the only museum in America dedicated to the history of the videogame industry. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that brings together the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) values within videogames. These values are presented both as an entertainment medium and a career path as a highly interactive, entertaining and educational experience. The NVM archive is unparalleled in size and comprised of dozens of one-of-a-kind artifacts, in addition to more than 100,000 pieces of rotating videogame hardware, software, documentation and memorabilia. The museum also offers yearly scholarships to high school seniors who are interested in pursuing videogame or technology careers. The center is available for corporate events, birthday parties, field trips and research studies and is open to the public six days a week. For more information, visit

Hours: Monday (closed); Tuesday – Thursday (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.); Friday – Saturday (10 a.m. to 8 p.m.); Sunday (noon – 5 p.m.)

Perot Museum

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science near downtown Dallas is offering free admission to the families displaced by Hurricane Harvey. From now through Sept. 30, 2017, families who reside in the effected multi-county region can receive complimentary general admission for up to seven family members. A proof of residency and photo ID are required. Find a list of qualifying counties and other details at


This is just a drop in the bucket to people chipping in and helping. We are TEXAS STRONG and TEXAS FOREVER. Thank you to everyone who is making a difference and helping this tragic situation that Hurricane Harvey is leaving Houston with. 

If you know of an organization giving back, please let it in the comments below. #TexasStrong

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos in Under a Minute!


Have you ever needed to download Instagram photos or videos? Last year, my youngest son needed to do a poster board for school of his life. Sorry kid, you were born in 2011 therefore the majority of your life has been placed on Instagram and I the photo back-ups are on some hard drive in the attic.  Thankfully I found a solution, so super easy too!

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos in Less Than a Minute!

Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Are you ready for this simplicity? For real, so simple. To download Instagram photos or videos – first thing you will need is the URL of the Instagram photos or videos. Let’s use this Instagram pic. I actually need it for a blog post, so perfect!


The URL is Copy the Instagram photo or video URL. 

Now here is where the magic happens.


The DownloadGram website has ONE purpose. It’s purpose is to download to you the Instagram photo or video that you want. 

Go to and paste the Instagram url here: 

download instagram videos

Click the Download button. 

Then a Download Image button appears. Click that. 

That’s it! Your Instagram photo or video will download and you forever have a copy of YOUR photo. 

download instagram photos and videos

Come on Instagram, Give Us a Download Option!

So this is a major annoyance of Instagram. I love me some Instagram. I quit Snapchat because Insta-stories. I’ve accepted that Facebook now owns them. But one thing I just don’t get is why there isn’t an easier option for us Insta users to download our photos. 

As much as some things on Facebook annoy me, they will let you have your data. Same thing with Google. They aren’t locking it up in some crazy code like Instagram does. Seriously, have you ever tried downloading your image off of Instagram? You would think you could just go to your profile, right-click and save. NOPE. 

There is a way to dig into the code and find the image (not obvious!) but come on! Thankful for simple tools that just do the job like DownloadGram.

I found my first post on the Instagram app, get this on November 10, 2010 – it had just launched publicly a few weeks before. Back before the Facebook purchase, hell wasn’t even on Android yet! Time changes everything, but still obsessed with this app. 

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