30% of Teens Sexting and Sending Naked Photos

30% of Teens Sexting and Sending Naked Photos

Oh teens, apparently you won’t learn that sexting and sending naked photos is a no-no until those pictures are shown to the world.

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Researchers at Texas Medical Branch found that more than half of teens have been asked to send a nude photo of themselves to someone. If you think that’s bad – 31 percent of teens had requested a naked picture to be sent to them.

Sexting and Sending Naked Photos is it Generational?

Surprised? These stats make me feel old. While I am a early digital native, the idea of posting naked photos URKS me. Maybe because I know the what exactly could easily happen to those photos – they live on forever!

sexting and sending naked photos

Do these teens just think that after a photo is taken and sent that it’s viewed by 1 single person and then vanishes into the digital universe like yesterday’s trash? Not quite. There are countless stories of how teens innocently shared photos and the pictures end up shared with anyone and everyone. And for the love of all good in this universe, I hope they don’t look up to Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian.

sexting terrible twos

How Will You Talk To Your Kids About Sexting?

While I don’t have teenagers yet, I do think it’s so important to keep an open line of communication with your kids about topics such as this.  Include the topic of sexting in conversations with your kids – make sure to explain what a digital footprint is and what can happen to those naked photos.

What Are Your Thoughts? 

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Teaching Kids Early – SEXTING is a NO-NO.

Teaching Kids Early – SEXTING is a NO-NO.

SEXTING makes me feel OLD.

I’m 32, but the thought of sending a naked or partially naked picture via text just sounds like trouble – which HELLO has shown time and time again to be.

sexting is bad

That being said, from what you hear… it seems “all the kids are doing it.” So what’s there to do – where scenarios arise which lessons can be taught – you teach!

Finding Opportunity to Talk & Teach

We had a somewhat innocent incident happen that turned into a teaching opportunity. One of my kids was shaking their booties on their iPod Touch and mailing it to the other. The butt was clothed, no nudity – but still REALLY!?! We sat both kids down and asked what they would think if we mailed that to all of their friends and family. Both were very “NO MOMMY, DON’T DO IT.” Well there you go, don’t shake your booty on camera, or that photo WILL get out.

After being grounded for a week, we’re hoping the lesson sunk in. It’s better to find these opportunities now – rather than in 5 years when it’s too late and a picture that was taken innocently is spread.

How do you talk to your kids about situations like sexting? And what age did you start talking to them about digital safety?