No App For That: Coffee

No App For That: Coffee

We live in an app crazed world. There is an app for just about everything. Unfortunately, there are somethings that apps just can’t solve. Each week we’ll give a satirical look at the realities of life and what apps can’t solve in the weekly feature – No App For That.

no app for that - coffee

Oh, of all the apps that I need now a days, coffee would be near the top. How great would it be if we could get our energy from an app? What if you could just pull up your Juice Me Up With Coffee app and BAM – tada – ENERGY!

That would be way too easy.


So there is no app for coffee, well the kind that energizes you but… there are apps for finding coffee and ordering coffee.

Coffee Apps


There is No APP for coffee, unfortunately.

Starbucks App

The official iPhone application from Starbucks! Now you can use Mobile Pay for your Starbucks purchases. It’s the fastest way to pay at Starbucks – just scan and go!

But that’s not all! With Starbucks for iPhone, you can manage your Starbucks Card balance, reload your card, track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program and send an eGift to a friend. And there’s more!

Our easy-to-navigate store locator points you to the closest store and lets you search by amenities. You can also explore our whole bean coffees, find nutrition information and build your own perfect drink. And if you feel like being social, you can share your location or favorite drinks through Facebook and Twitter integrations

Find the nearest Starbucks. Load your Starbucks card onto your phone and then pay with your phone, no card needed – and no worrying about losing your Starbucks card!

Get the Starbucks App for Free

eXpresso Pro! App

Synopsis: Your Ordering Assistant for Starbucks(R) Coffee with graphical beverage creator, favorites recall, order lists, easier ordering w/Barista speak, featured suggestions, store locator, Starbucks(R) account access, card balance checker, beverage and nutritional information links, Starbucks(R) Twitter and Facebook access, and instant drink eMail. All in one App.

The eXpresso app is your ordering assistant for Starbucks coffee. Order your Starbucks drink like a pro with the help of this app. Another feature is the ability to  pick and choose your drink and shoot off an order to someone. So let’s say you want your sister in law (let’s call her Steph) to get you a Starbucks. Choose the drink you want from the app and then from the app you can send Steph an email with the order! BTW Steph – you know the routine…. Venti, non-fat, iced WHITE mocha. 🙂

Get the eXpresso Pro App for 99 cents

Oh coffee – how I wish there was an app for you. I could use it right about now.


No App For That: Late Night Feedings

No App For That: Late Night Feedings

no app for that - late night feedingsWe live in an app crazed world. There is an app for just about everything. Unfortunately, there are somethings that apps just can’t solve. Each week we’ll give a satirical look at the realities of life and what apps can’t solve in the weekly feature – No App For That.

In this week’s edition of No App For That – I find myself looking for an app that will take care of late night feedings. In this app driven world there are many things – but somethings apps just can’t do,

late night feedings

No App For That  – Late Night Feedings

Our little dude Zeke, while he is very cute – doesn’t seem to get this sleeping through the night bit. He’s up to sleeping 6 hours straight – but those hours of sleep have yet to be during normal nightime hours. 4:00 am his internal alarm goes off.
And yes, we’ve tried “turning his hours around” – it’s just not THAT simple people!

So while there is NO app for feeding a baby, specifically thinking late night feedings – I did find these amusing apps.

The Baby Wheel of Responsibility

the baby wheel of responsibilityHow is this for BRILLIANT. It’s an app that helps you determine who is responsible for baby.

So take those late night feedings and The Baby Wheel of Responsibility app – and figure out who gets late night duty feeding the baby!

There is even a counter to show who the wheel is landing on most – mom or dad!

Download the Baby Wheel of Responsibility App – for 99 cents from the Apple App Store

late night book appThe Late Night Book App

The late night book app is a book created for babies and the parents who stay up late with them.

The app’s author, Jim O’Loughlin wrote the story for those late nights when he was rocking his children to sleep.

The app contains many features:

–       Soothing music to calm the restless child.

–       High-contrast images to stimulate your infant’s eye development.

–       Rhyming pattern to the text for your child to follow along.

–       Pinch, swipe, tap, and rotate to discover fun surprises in the captivating, interactive illustrations.

The Late Night Book App can be purchased for $2.99 from the Apple App Store

What Do You Wish There Was an App For?


No App For That: Laundry

No App For That: Laundry

There seems to be an app for everything, right?. Well folks, there is not. Introducing No App For That. No App For That is a weekly satirical look at life’s issues that can’t be fixed by an app.


no app for that - laundry


There seems to be an app for everything now a days! Well, kind of.

While technology seems to be taking over our lives, there are somethings that there is no app for. This is the first post of many in a series of… No App For That!

This week we’re talking LAUNDRY

no app for that laundry

Dear Laundry, I Hate You

How many of you are laundry haters? *raising hand*

Me and laundry just do NOT get along, but now that we have 4 kids laundry piles up in no time. It’s really disturbing how just when I think the 10 loads of wash I just completed wrapped up laundry, there is a huge pile in a corner of 1 of the kids’ rooms (or in last nights case, in 3 of their rooms – boo).

Laundry Help

While I sure am not one to be able to give any type of advice on taming the laundry beast – here are some resourceful hints that hopefully I can digest and help our home’s little issue (if you saw my bedroom floor right now, you would think it’s more than a little issue).

Organizing Tips to Help You Conquer the Laundry Monster

Babble’s Cleaning and Laundry Guide

If you ONLY had the perfect laundry room of your dreams you could get laundry done, right? I don’t think that’s going to work on my husband but check out these 12 dream laundry rooms.

We don’t have enough room in this house, but if we are ever to build again, this is something I would love to put in – a family closet. Read about Raising Olives’ family closet solution and how it helps with laundry.

Laundry Help Appsiphone parenting apps

While there is not an app for doing my laundry, there are a few apps to help with it.

Dryer Bro App

You place this app on your dryer, setup notifications of who you want it to contact when the cycle is complete and it does so. It can call your phone (a home phone), send you a text or email.

I haven’t attempted this yet, but may setup for my daughter – she is going to LOVE this (not).

Download Free Dryer Bro iPhone App

Purex Laundry Help App

Purex’s Laundry Help app provides a stain guide, fabric care information and label decoder to help you understand the care of symbols on your clothes.

Download Free Purex Laundry Help iPhone App

Laundry Pal App

Laundry Pal are hints and tips on getting the best results from your laundry, as well as detailed instructions on doing laundry for the beginner.

Download 99 cent Laundry Pal App

Laundry: Love it or Hate it? Talk Back!