Pley Disney Princess Subscription Box Unboxing and Review

Pley Disney Princess Subscription Box Unboxing and Review

Our friends at Pley recently sent us the latest Pley Disney Princess subscription box. If you have a Disney Princess fan in your house, this would make an awesome gift. 

Disney Princess Subscription Box Delivered To Your Door!

I found this photo of my daughter and teared up. It seems like just yesterday she was our Princess Z who ruled our home. She still rules the house but has dropped the princess title. She will always be our princess. For years we would buy all things, Disney Princess. Everything from her dinner plate to her pajamas featured the various princesses that she loved so much. 

My Daughter the Princess

Pley sent us their Disney Princess Subscription box and woah. This is one of those things that I just wish were around when our daughter was little! Watch the video above, I had my now grown princess do the unboxing. 

Pley Disney Princess Box Review

Here is what you need to know about the Pley Disney Princess box: Disney Princess Subscription Box by Pley

  1. The Disney Princess Subscription Box is targeted for ages 4-9 years old. 
  2. It arrives every 2 months. 
  3. It is $29.99 shipped – if you buy more than 1 box, the price goes down!
  4. Your child will receive between 4-6 Disney Princess items.
  5. Each month is themed after a different princess. 

Here is what we received in our Disney Princess Subscription Box:

  • Princess Merida Shirt
  • Brave Action Figure Playset
  • Activity Book
  • Make-up Box
  • Pencil Bag
  • Bonus – the box is an activity – see below!

The subscription box costs $29.99 shipped. The products that were included definitely felt valued at way more than the cost of the box! The playset is at least $20 and the Brave Merida shirt is around $18 at the Disney store. 

Pley Unboxing and Review

I had my 14-year-old do the Pley unboxing video! Watch it here (and make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel for more unboxings and reviews!)

Activity Box

Here is what the actual subscription box itself turns into – a bow and arrow!

Great Gift Idea

If you are searching for a gift for a loved one who loves Disney Princesses, definitely check out the Pley Disney Princess Subscription Box. You don’t have to subscribe for a long period of time. The value is definitely worth it. And of course, what kid would light up when they receive a special box just for them featuring their favorite toys? subscribe to disney princess box

Fingerlings – The 2017 Hot Christmas Toy

Fingerlings – The 2017 Hot Christmas Toy

Fingerlings – what in the world is a FINGERLING? Let us introduce you. Our friends at WowWee emailed us a few weeks back saying they had the hot new toy for 2017 and wanted to send us one to see what we thought of it. So, here is what we thought – more importantly we are given you the thoughts of kids because they are the ones who will be playing with these things. 

Hot new toy for 2017 christmas fingerlingsWhat are Fingerlings?

So a Fingerling is a little robotic baby monkey. Think interactive pet. They come with a battery already installed, so all you have to do after unboxing is turn them on. There are 6 varieties of monkeys – you can order in white, black, pink, purple, blue and turquoise. Each monkey comes with a name. 

fingerling monkeyWhat does a Monkey Fingerling do?

Here is what the Fingerlings do.  These interactive pets love to hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails, and talk in monkey babble

Clap your hands twice and your Fingerlings will sing together. Fingerlings respond to sound, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, head turns, and silly monkey babble. Blow them kisses and they will kiss you back! Hang them upside-down by the tail and watch them monkey around! Pet them to sleep or make a loud noise and watch them get excited! They are VERY gassy. 

What do Kids Think of Fingerlings?

The kids loved the Fingerlings. I would say they are good for ages 4-10, though our 12-year-old did fight over getting his turn to play with the monkey. The kids have had the monkey for the last 5 days and each day it’s a fight on who gets to play with the monkey when. They make great car toys as they are small, while they make noises – it isn’t obnoxiously loud and it’s nice that the kids aren’t on screens actually playing with a toy.

fingerling toy - Fingerlings - The 2017 Hot Christmas Toy

Paint Coming Off Fingerling Monkey

One thing to note, the paint did start to chip off of the Fingerling after the first day. I’m sure this is due to our kids scraping, playing or possibly chewing on the toys – but something to note. 

Unicorn Fingerlings Review

Just announced, the Unicorn Fingerlings!

What is the Finger Monkey Price? 

Fingerlings retail for $14.99. They are currently available on Amazon. If you are wanting to order a Fingerling, I would suggest you do so soon. Remember the craziness last holiday season and outrageous prices to get a Hatchimals?

Hot Christmas Toy

The 2016 hot toy was the Hatchimal – I predict that the 2017 hot toy is the Fingerlings.  I’m not the only one predicting this. They are slated to be one of the 2017 hot Christmas toys by many industry toy giants, so order now

Ultimate Lightning McQueen Car

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Review

10+ Free Halloween Apps That Your Kids Will Love

10+ Free Halloween Apps That Your Kids Will Love

Free Halloween kids apps – because we have kids and are always on the look out for good apps, why not download seasonal apps for something new. We searched high and low to find both apps for kids that are free and apps for both iOS and Android.

First up are free iOS Halloween kids apps, keep scrolling to view our list of Free Halloween kids apps for Android.

Free Halloween Kids Apps for iOS

Halloween Kids Puzzles: Pirate, Vampire and Mummy Games for Toddlers, Boys and Girls

free Halloween kids apps

If your kids love pumpkins, black cats, candy and costumes, then they will love Halloween Kids Puzzles – a fun animated puzzle game for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids from ages 1 to 6.

Download Halloween Kids Puzzles for iOS

Wonster Words 

free Halloween kids appsWhile this app isn’t TOTALLY Halloween, it does carry the monster – err – WONSTER theme which is very Halloweenish. Plus it’s educational so tell your kids it’s for Halloween!

In Wonster Words, kids and toddlers play with silly letters and hilarious monsters. Kids first put together words through interactive spelling puzzles, ABC hide-and-seek, and other engaging letter based mini-games. Once the words are completed, children will enjoy cute, defining animations head-lined by the lovable Wonsters. These animations further reinforce the meaning of the words that he/she had just learnt. Before you know it, your child will be spelling and sounding out words like a pro!

Wonster Words comes with 15+ FREE words, along with a FREE, daily “Word of the Day”! More words are available through parent-gated in-app-purchase.

Download Wonster Words for iOS

The Very Hungry Pumpkin 

free Halloween kids apps

Enjoy every sweet tooth’s favorite holiday any time of the year! Ghoulishly fun game for kids of all ages. Touch the screen to guide the Pumpkin to the candy, while avoiding the other trick-or-treaters.

Download the Very Hungry Pumpkin for iOS

Spooky Cookie Free 

free Halloween kids apps

MIX the Cookie Dough, watch the Cookies BAKE before your very eyes… then DECORATE your cookie with tons of Scary Frosting, Silly Candy, Spooky Accessories and backgrounds! My kids love playing cooking and baking games. If your kids do too, this is the game for you!

Download Spooky Cookie App for iOS

Halloween Pumpkin Stacker 

free Halloween kids apps

Stack halloween pumpkins high into the dark skies! The higher you go, the more challenging it gets! There is also Time Attack mode where you stack pumpkins as high as you can, as fast as you can!

Download Halloween Pumpkin Stacker for iOS

Free Halloween Kids Apps for Android

Here’s more Halloween kids app, this time for Android. These are all listed in the Amazon app store.

Halloween Preschool Games for Kids and Toddlers

free Halloween kids apps

Fun Halloween educational learning games for toddlers and preschool kids! This is an exciting free app for your children to experience halloween with, they will also be learning while they play! Great for 2,3,4 and 5 year olds.

Download Halloween Preschool Games App for Android

Halloween Games: Kids Puzzle 2 

free Halloween kids apps

12 cute and funny puzzles come to life when completed and have an animated Halloween party for kids with the Halloween Games – Kids Puzzle 2 app for Android.

Download Halloween Games: Kids Puzzle 2 for Android

Hidden Object – Hallows Eve Free Android Halloween Apps for Kids

There are many hidden picture games but there are only a few that can offer exciting and varied gameplay with endless hours of fun. With 200 levels in Campaign mode, Free Play mode, Mini Games, and Daily Rewards, you won’t find other hidden pictures games that offer so much excitement.

Download Hidden Object – Hallows Eve for Android

Halloween: Trick or Treat – Hidden Object Adventure 

halloween kids apps

Collect lots of Treats to score valuable points and even get Tricked from time to time, jeepers creepers! Bump into Friendly Ghosts, Wicked Witches, Scary Skulls & Flapping Bats along the way. Explore the Haunted House owned by a nutty professor who lives on your street. Get lost in the Town Sewer and find your way out. Become trapped in … then escape from a Real Witch’s House in the Pumpkin Forest. Take the short-cut home past the church, through the ‘half alive’ Graveyard and its Creepy Crypt. When you get home, empty your treat sack and work out if this has been the best year ever.

Download Halloween: Trick or Treat for Android

Halloween Cake Maker

halloween kids apps

Make, bake, decorate and eat homemade Halloween Cakes! If you like cupcakes and cake pops, you will love this Sweet game! This is a great Android app if you have a little chef or baker in your family that loves to make sweet treats.

Download Cake Maker for Android

Halloween Coloring Book PRO

halloween kids apps

Paint by numbers – an interactive coloring book for children. This mathematical game teaches children to recognize numbers and solve simple mathematical examples. In addition, this program develops memory, attention, imagination, and logical abilities.
Boys and girls of all ages love to color. The simple coloring mode is suitable for the smallest of children, including those of kindergarten and preschool age. These include simple and recognizable images that are easy to color. If the child selects the wrong shape, then they will be prompted with the correct number.

This app is FREE with Amazon Underground.

Download Halloween Color Book Pro for Android

Did we miss any?? Which one of the free Halloween kids apps is your favorite?

Free halloween kids apps

5 Most Addicting Puzzle Apps

5 Most Addicting Puzzle Apps

I love puzzle apps! There is something about beating my last score, beating my sister if it’s an interactive game and well just frankly my addictive personality just loves playing games that challenge me. Looking for a way to KILL your weekend? I have the answer! THESE PUZZLE APPS!

addicting puzzle apps

So what are the most addicting puzzle apps that I am playing? Let me share and reel you into my app addiction.


This is my new favorite app and my sister cursed me for ruining her weekend last week since all she did was play this. There are multiple play options, my favorite it Puzzle mode (go figure).

This app is $1.99 and totally worth it!

Cut the Rope

cut the rope app

My kids love Cut the Rope! This app has been downloaded over 500 million times and get this, we were in Dave and Busters sure enough there is a life-size arcade game of this app!  The focus of this app is to cut the rope to feed candy to little monster Om Nom. Definitely something the kids will love – and I love to play it on the iPad.

Cross Fingers

cross fingers puzzle app

How fast are your fingers? This puzzle app will challenge you to put together a shape in a fast time. Beat your best time, move up levels and get mad at your screen for not moving the blocks fast enough!

Flow Free

cross fingers puzzle app

I got totally wrapped up in playing this app – when I should just be writing this review. Whoops. So anyways, about Flow Free – you are given a puzzle with a grid – you are trying to connect the colors but space is limited.

Word Search Puzzle

flow free puzzle app

If you are a fan of word searches – you will love this app! Word Search Puzzle app brought me back to stealing my parents’ newspaper on Sundays so that I could do the word searches. Grandma and Grandpa will love this app – not to single out our older folks, because I love this too – but just thinking if you have bought the grandparents and iPad, this would be a great app to get them started using the tablet!

There you have it! 5 puzzle apps – great for brain training and wasting precious moments of life. You are welcome.

What is your favorite puzzle app?


5 Apps to Encourage Your Kids to Learn During Summer Break

5 Apps to Encourage Your Kids to Learn During Summer Break

5 Apps to Encourage Learning During the Summer - #Kid_AppsWhile our kids love the summer downtime, the US Educational Department says this comes at a cost. Keep your kids encouraged with continual learning during the summer break.

Our friends over at Shiny Things, an educational app development startup has developed a line of children’s apps in line with the Common Core curriculum. The Common Core test has now been adopted in 44 states.

These app are designed to be interactive, engaging and inspiring.

With a strong policy to respect their users privacy, Shiny Things apps collect no data from users and have a strict no in-app purchases so parents don’t have to worry about their kids accidentally racking up huge bills.

Shiny Picnic

shiny picnic children's learning appFor ages 2-4, toddlers join Charlie the Monkey and his jungle friends catching flying fruits, packing the picnic basket, and feeding their animal friends across three fun and educational games that teach essential pre-number skills, such as matching and sorting. Shiny Picnic is also a storybook with highlighted text as the story is ready aloud.

Download Shiny Picnic

shiny circus  children's learning appShiny Circus

For ages 4-6, this app introduces mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging way. Kids will begin to identify measurement qualities and their relationships and lets kids experiment with weight and distance. It’s also an interactive read-along storybook.

Download Shiny Circus

shiny bakery  children's learning appShiny Bakery

For ages 2-5, Shiny Bakery introduces early number sense through counting, measuring, dividing, and sequencing activities as kids help Alice the Zebra help mix, measure, decorate, then serve cakes and cookies to customers. Watch the trailer here.

Download Shiny Bakery

quick math children's learning appQuick Math

For ages 6-12, Quick Math improves math proficiency and promotes development of mental strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed operations. The in-built unique handwriting tool improves the child’s handwriting skills and strengthens muscle memory.

Download Quick Math

quick math plusQuick Math+

A challenging step up for ages 8+, Quick Math+ builds on Quick Math, introducing indices, negative numbers, and order of operations questions. It includes new game modes to test memory, logic, estimation ability, and pattern recognition. Watch the trailer here.

Download Quick Math+

MarcoPolo Ocean App for Toddlers

MarcoPolo Ocean App for Toddlers

MarcoPolo Ocean App for Toddlers – I only do a handful of app reviews now a days but my boys loved this so had to share.

MarcoPolo Ocean App

I just want to share this toddler app with you that was a surprise find. Like all things here, if I don’t like it – you won’t see it here. We only review things we love and I recently found an app that falls into the LOVE category.

marco polo ocean app review


Life happens. Our baby gets sick. I download the app – haven’t had a chance to look at it. As I was laying on the bed next to him working, our toddler loads up the app and starts playing with the Ocean app.

He is 2 and while he loves the iPad, he totally has app ADD. There isn’t one app that he can stay interested in, that was until MarcoPolo Ocean app. He loves this app and after watching him play, I totally get it.

With a fun theme, OCEAN – the app offers delightful beachy music, great graphics and an array of options for kids.

build your own ocean


The app offers a puzzle element, where kids can find various sea animals in different ocean settings (think reef, in a submarine, on a boat).

There is also a play feature where your kids can put various fish into the ocean and feed them.

A few things I love about this app is how well it’s done. The graphics are crisp and you can tell attention to detail was key in building the app. Also, there are multiple layers. On the second screen you see an ocean. Well scroll down and you can dive deep into the sea. As you go down, there are various sea life and the music changes.

toddler app review

From an educational stand point, this app teaches your child about the various fish and sea creatures inhabiting the ocean. With each introduction of a new creature or thing, a voice explains what it is and how it works.

I loved hearing our 2-year-old repeat different fish parts out loud. As soon as I heard him say “gills” and “dorsal fin” – I knew this ocean app was golden.

From the app developer:

Ocean and all our apps in the future will have a simple goal- to spark curiosity and to encourage questioning about important topics of the natural world.  Our “digital sandbox” allows for self-directed exploration, discovery and learning by doing.  There philosophy is that a child learns best when they are involved and by the way, we make that involvement a heck of a lot of fun.