The Oddities of Old Homes & What We Found in Our Barn

The Oddities of Old Homes & What We Found in Our Barn

This new-to-us home is not new by any means. It’s 35 years old, built in 1980 by the original owner. We’ve always had either a brand new construction home, or our last house was only 5 years old when we purchased it. So 35 years, that’s like antique.

The house itself is charming, nothing like anything we’ve ever owned and quite a bit smaller than anything we’ve owned. That said, we really fell in love with the property, location and ambiance of this place. Where typically when we purchased a home it was for the house, this place definitely sold us by drive-up appeal alone.

gone country

I know our realtor – who just happens to be my brother-in-law, thought we were nuts when we told him we wanted this place. He had showed us the PERFECT home for us. 5 bedroom, fairly new, pool, media room, great neighborhood, close to schools, wouldn’t require a complete remodel and thousands of dollars in maintenance work… but it just wasn’t the one.

Yellow Farm House

We knew this was where we wanted and needed to be. I mean, it’s a yellow farm house. We hadn’t even looked in the stable area when we purchased the home, yes stupid because it’s full of horse crap – we just wanted this home.

So with old homes we’ve learned there are?all kinds of oddities. We have a fan that works great, but you can’t use the light when the fan is running. Our stair rail, well let’s just say it works great if you are an infant – it’s tiny like the railing is maybe 18 inches high.

We have mis-matched door knobs, wallpaper from the 80’s, stained glass on the kitchen cabinets that just doesn’t fit our style. There are fluorescent lights in the weirdest spots and we have a wood burning stove in the fireplace (we live in Texas, where it gets real cold once a year.)

The biggest issue we are having, as a family of 6 – we consume quite a bit of food. Well, there isn’t a real pantry.?Those things will figure itself out and just add to the character of the home.

We’ve been here officially a week yesterday. We’ve covered every inch of our property and I’ve covered every inch of this home with a dust rag.


I came home today from work to my older kids telling me about something they found in the barn. We have a barn that we hope to make into our office someday. It needs work, but for the most part is safe for the older kids to play in.

The kids were exploring and found the coolest thing. It’s a dollhouse, but not just any dollhouse – this dollhouse is a replica of our home.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the dollhouse is actually a pretty good size. It barely fits thru a doorway!

I can’t believe this was left here. This makes me want to scour all nooks and crannies to figure out this place more. The stories I am sure this house could tell…

Have You Ever Found Anything Left In A House You Purchased?


Moving to the Country

Moving to the Country

I’ve had this dream for the last several years to settle my gypsy tendencies (I like to move, a lot) and buy our until retirement home. I married right, this husband of mine is go with the flow. When I mentioned to him my dream of moving – he said sure.

We had originally planned on selling our house last fall. I started hiring contractors to prep everything, we had begun to downsize our crap. Then I had a freak out moment. MOVE? WHAT? THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING, WE CAN’T MOVE DURING CHRISTMAS??


Patient husband told me that’s fine, we don’t have to sell now – he said something to the effect of “you’ll want to move in the Spring when the market is hot.” And patient husband was right. Spring rolled around and the itch to move grew. We put our house on the market in May, right around the time I went back to work full-time.

The market in the area we were wanting to move to is HOT, so I decided to not look and get my hopes up on a property until we had an offer. On July 3, while in Tennessee visiting family – the call came that we had a solid offer. A few days of negotiating and I realized this was for real – we would be moving.


I finally let myself look at homes after the offer was solid. The only bad news with the offer, we had to be out in 30 days that means we had to find a home stat. You know, sometimes God just shows off and with this whole situation – we have felt that His hand has guided our every move. He has opened door after door and led us to our dream house.

The same time I officially started looking for a home, the house we ended up purchasing dropped 90k and landed in our search. I knew the house before seeing it in person, as I grew up loving this home. It has character and charm and isn’t like any of the houses we have owned in the past.

Moving to the Country

Our typical past home purchase were all new construction homes or fairly new. This home is over 30 years old. It doesn’t have the high ceilings. There is GOD awful ugly wall-paper from the 80’s that needs to go. I am constantly burning candles and spreading purification trying to rid the place of old person smell – but you know what? It just feels like home and we’ve only been here a week!


This beauty previously lived in the pasture here. Someday we will fill that pasture with goats in pajamas and chickens. Oh and hopefully 2 miniature donkeys, but give us a few years!

While our home was on the market, our family flew to Oregon to spend time with my husband’s family who live on the foothills of Mount Hood. The area is gorgeous, trees galore – fresh air and simple life. We only spent 4 days there, but both husband and I were looking for jobs, browsing houses and trying to figure out if we could make this our reality.

At the end of the day we came to the conclusion that we love Texas but needed to find a forever home with the features of Oregon we love. Somehow, we found just that. A few acres, minimal neighbors – in the country, but close to a Starbucks. The school district had to be good and it needed to be no farther than we were to both my husband and I’s offices. Check, check and check. This house is actually 6 miles closer to my job.

Did I mention God is good?

moving to a country home

So on to our next adventure, re-doing this old house. We have big plans for this place as we put our stamp on it and make it into our forever home.