10+ Free Halloween Apps That Your Kids Will Love

10+ Free Halloween Apps That Your Kids Will Love

Free Halloween kids apps – because we have kids and are always on the look out for good apps, why not download seasonal apps for something new. We searched high and low to find both apps for kids that are free and apps for both iOS and Android.

First up are free iOS Halloween kids apps, keep scrolling to view our list of Free Halloween kids apps for Android.

Free Halloween Kids Apps for iOS

Halloween Kids Puzzles: Pirate, Vampire and Mummy Games for Toddlers, Boys and Girls

free Halloween kids apps

If your kids love pumpkins, black cats, candy and costumes, then they will love Halloween Kids Puzzles – a fun animated puzzle game for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids from ages 1 to 6.

Download Halloween Kids Puzzles for iOS

Wonster Words 

free Halloween kids appsWhile this app isn’t TOTALLY Halloween, it does carry the monster – err – WONSTER theme which is very Halloweenish. Plus it’s educational so tell your kids it’s for Halloween!

In Wonster Words, kids and toddlers play with silly letters and hilarious monsters. Kids first put together words through interactive spelling puzzles, ABC hide-and-seek, and other engaging letter based mini-games. Once the words are completed, children will enjoy cute, defining animations head-lined by the lovable Wonsters. These animations further reinforce the meaning of the words that he/she had just learnt. Before you know it, your child will be spelling and sounding out words like a pro!

Wonster Words comes with 15+ FREE words, along with a FREE, daily “Word of the Day”! More words are available through parent-gated in-app-purchase.

Download Wonster Words for iOS

The Very Hungry Pumpkin 

free Halloween kids apps

Enjoy every sweet tooth’s favorite holiday any time of the year! Ghoulishly fun game for kids of all ages. Touch the screen to guide the Pumpkin to the candy, while avoiding the other trick-or-treaters.

Download the Very Hungry Pumpkin for iOS

Spooky Cookie Free 

free Halloween kids apps

MIX the Cookie Dough, watch the Cookies BAKE before your very eyes… then DECORATE your cookie with tons of Scary Frosting, Silly Candy, Spooky Accessories and backgrounds! My kids love playing cooking and baking games. If your kids do too, this is the game for you!

Download Spooky Cookie App for iOS

Halloween Pumpkin Stacker 

free Halloween kids apps

Stack halloween pumpkins high into the dark skies! The higher you go, the more challenging it gets! There is also Time Attack mode where you stack pumpkins as high as you can, as fast as you can!

Download Halloween Pumpkin Stacker for iOS

Free Halloween Kids Apps for Android

Here’s more Halloween kids app, this time for Android. These are all listed in the Amazon app store.

Halloween Preschool Games for Kids and Toddlers

free Halloween kids apps

Fun Halloween educational learning games for toddlers and preschool kids! This is an exciting free app for your children to experience halloween with, they will also be learning while they play! Great for 2,3,4 and 5 year olds.

Download Halloween Preschool Games App for Android

Halloween Games: Kids Puzzle 2 

free Halloween kids apps

12 cute and funny puzzles come to life when completed and have an animated Halloween party for kids with the Halloween Games – Kids Puzzle 2 app for Android.

Download Halloween Games: Kids Puzzle 2 for Android

Hidden Object – Hallows Eve Free Android Halloween Apps for Kids

There are many hidden picture games but there are only a few that can offer exciting and varied gameplay with endless hours of fun. With 200 levels in Campaign mode, Free Play mode, Mini Games, and Daily Rewards, you won’t find other hidden pictures games that offer so much excitement.

Download Hidden Object – Hallows Eve for Android

Halloween: Trick or Treat – Hidden Object Adventure 

halloween kids apps

Collect lots of Treats to score valuable points and even get Tricked from time to time, jeepers creepers! Bump into Friendly Ghosts, Wicked Witches, Scary Skulls & Flapping Bats along the way. Explore the Haunted House owned by a nutty professor who lives on your street. Get lost in the Town Sewer and find your way out. Become trapped in … then escape from a Real Witch’s House in the Pumpkin Forest. Take the short-cut home past the church, through the ‘half alive’ Graveyard and its Creepy Crypt. When you get home, empty your treat sack and work out if this has been the best year ever.

Download Halloween: Trick or Treat for Android

Halloween Cake Maker

halloween kids apps

Make, bake, decorate and eat homemade Halloween Cakes! If you like cupcakes and cake pops, you will love this Sweet game! This is a great Android app if you have a little chef or baker in your family that loves to make sweet treats.

Download Cake Maker for Android

Halloween Coloring Book PRO

halloween kids apps

Paint by numbers – an interactive coloring book for children. This mathematical game teaches children to recognize numbers and solve simple mathematical examples. In addition, this program develops memory, attention, imagination, and logical abilities.
Boys and girls of all ages love to color. The simple coloring mode is suitable for the smallest of children, including those of kindergarten and preschool age. These include simple and recognizable images that are easy to color. If the child selects the wrong shape, then they will be prompted with the correct number.

This app is FREE with Amazon Underground.

Download Halloween Color Book Pro for Android

Did we miss any?? Which one of the free Halloween kids apps is your favorite?

Free halloween kids apps

Kick Your Halloween Up a Notch with a Digital Costume!

Kick Your Halloween Up a Notch with a Digital Costume!

With morphsuits, you can make a digital halloween costume that will take your getup to a whole new level! Let’s check out how you can use an app to make a digital Halloween costume that is extra gory!

Morphsuits – Take Halloween To A Whole New Level!

Are your kids into gory Halloween costumes? Our little kids are still into innocent Halloween costumes, but our tweens are wanting to be something a little more gruesome than Taylor Swift or a football player. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box costume, you will definitely want to check these costumes out.

Morphsuits Digital Halloween Costumes

By combining a costume (or shirt) with a smart phone, you can take your Halloween costumes to the next level by adding an animated component, thanks to Morphsuits! These morphsuits digital costumes use the free app, Digital Dudz (see below for links to download) – to help you create an unforgettable digital Halloween costume! Don’t want to go all out or need a costume for school or work but don’t want to go all out? Check out the shirts! You just download the app, slip your phone into the shirt pocket.

Create a Digital Halloween Costume

From flesh wounds to pounding hearts to magic eightballs, Morphsuits have your halloween costumes covered! Check out this assortment of digital costumes. 

 Morphsuits Digital Dudz Beating Heart Flesh Wound, Flesh/Red, One Size Skinsuit Morphsuits Digital Dudz Beating Heart Zipper Wound, Flesh/Red/Silver, One Size Skinsuit Men’s Digital Dudz Cyborg Shirt Halloween, Black, Medium Morphsuits Digital Dudz Frantic Zombie Eyeballs Shirt, Black/Multi Print, X-Large Beating Heart Zombie Fancy Dress Costume – size Medium – 5 Morphsuits Men’s Morphcostume Co Mystic Fate Ball Digital Costume, Black/White, One Size Men’s Morphcostume Co Beating Heart Prisoner Digital Male Costume, Orange, Medium Digital Dudz Beating Heart Zombie Shirt, Black/Multi Print, Large Morphsuits Digital Dudz Frantically Moving Eyeball Shirt, Black/Multi Print, Large Morphsuits Men’s Morphcostume Co Mystic Fate Ball Digital Costume, Black/White, One Size  Moving Eye Peeking Zipper T-Shirt, X-Large (Age 12 – 13), One Color Costume – Star Wars – Darth Vader Digital Morphsuit – ADULT XL Digital Dudz Adult Unisex Moving Eye Demon Clown Digital T-Shirt | S | Black s Digital Dudz Beating Heart Zombie Shirt, Black/Multi Print, X-Large Morphsuits Digital Dudz Beating Heart Zombie Shirt, Black/Multi Print, Small Beating Heart Muscle Morphsuit Fancy Dress Costume – size Large – 5 Costume – Star Wars – Darth Vader Digital Morphsuit – ADULT Large Digital Dudz Adult Unisex Moving Eye Peaking Zipper Digital T-Shirt | S | Black Women’s Morphcostume Co Beating Heart Zombie Digital Female Costume, Black/White, Small Digital Dudz Amazing T Shirts Awesome Wearable Technology (XXL, Commence Awesomeness) Morphsuits Women’s Morphcostume Co Beating Heart Pirate Digital Female Costume, Brown/White, Medium Men’s Morphcostume Co Beating Heart Indian Male Digital Costume, Tan, Large


Digital Dudz App

More about Morphsuits, Digital Dudz and their digital halloween costumes.

Morph DigitalDudz is the brainchild of ex NASA scientist Mark Rober who gained Worldwide acclaim and YouTube Legend Status for creating the first iPad Halloween Costume back in 2011. Since then Mark has left behind rocket science and has focused on developing the costume concept and now Morph DigitalDudz is the home of innovative costumes that are totally unique, totally gory and totally awesome. These outfits are guaranteed to make you the centre of attention at the party…

All you’ll need is one of our wide range of awesome costumes and a mobile device. Head to Google Play or the iTunes store and download the FREE Morph DigitalDudz app and watch as your cool costumes come to life and takes the party by storm.

Free Kids Halloween Apps

Halloween Nerd Costumes – Ideas for Girls and Boys

Halloween Nerd Costumes – Ideas for Girls and Boys

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Looking for a Halloween Nerd Costumes – well you’ve come to the right place.  The infamous nerd costume is easy to do, can be done on the cheap – and who doesn’t love a geek? 

In this post, we are going to show you how to make an easy and cheap DIY nerd costume (or geek costume, if that’s your preferred terminology!) Let’s get to it!
Make Nerd CostumesHalloween Nerd Costumes

Several years ago, my then 8-year old insisted on going as a nerd for Halloween. To put together her Halloween nerd costume, we hit up the local thrift store and scored this ensemble. Lovely, right? It was easy to do, cost minimal money and still to this day she recalls the time she went trick or treating as a nerd. 

Halloween Nerd Costume

  • Geek glasses (taped, OF COURSE)
  • Oversized khaki pants – thrift store find
  • Tweety bird vest – thrift store find (and she won’t throw it away ARGH!)
  • Girl scout shirt – thrift store find
  • Hair in various pony tails
  • Mismatched sock

This DIY nerd costume worked out fabulous. She loved it and received rave reviews from her friends.

If you are putting together a geek costume, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Mis-Matched Nerd

Easy, DIY with a few things from the closet:
nerd costume 1
image source: kaboose

Nerds Candy Costume

Go and be a literal nerd. Decorate a box like a Wonka Nerds candy:

nerds costume 2
Talk about nerdy!
  • Rolled up pants
  • Poster board featuring Nerds candy
  • Carrying a calculator
  • Reading a book
  • Geek glasses (taped, OF COURSE)
  • Those SOCKS with those shoes!

image source: She Knows

Pocket Protector Nerd

nerd costume 3

This nerd costume kind of looks like a bad Mormon missionary outfit

image source: Trend Hunter

Easy Geek Costumes to Buy

Not into DIY costumes? No problem! Check out these solutions to make your Halloween easy!

Nerd Costume Kit

nerd costume kit

Not in the mood to DIY your nerd costume? No problem! Amazon sells a Nerd Costume Kit for just $7.99 featuring all the basics of a nerd (glasses, pocket protector)

Geek Hipster Costume

hipster costume

Aren’t all hipsters a bit geeky? Another great Amazon costume bundle – Geek Hipster Costume.

Nerds Candy Costume


Or you could be a real nerd, as in Nerds candy! Check out this Nerds Candy Costume

Easy Nerd Shirt Costume

This is the perfect costume to wear to work – an easy nerd shirt

Geek Costumes Galore!

Looking for more ideas? Here are the nerd costumes / geek costumes that Amazon has to offer:

 Instant Nerd Kit (Includes: Taped Eyeglasses, Pocket Protector & Nerd Squad Button) Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pk Unisex Rainbow Mustache Suspenders/bow Tie Set – Adjustable 4 x Geek Science Nerd Pins Buttons (Size 1inch Diameter) Forum Novelties Men’s Fabulous 50’s Class Nerd Costume, Multi, Standard Bow tie and Suspender, Bowties & Suspenders Set, Classic Accessory for Children, Teens, and Adults (Red) Adult Size Baseball Style Multi-Color Propeller Hat FunWorld Women’s I Love Nerds Costume, White/Blue, Small/Medium Leg Avenue Men’s 4 Piece Nerdy Ned Costume, Brown, Small RETRO NERD Geek Oversized BLACK Framed Spring Temple Clear Lens Eye Glasses Nerd Costume Tee (slim fit) T-Shirt Size M NERD SPEC GLASSES Forum Novelties Class Nerd Child Costume, Large Disguise 88680J Hello Kitty Nerd Tween Costume, X-Large (14-16) Enimay Unisex Halloween Nerd Geek Costume Adjustable Suspender Bowtie Glasses Nerd | Red | Clear One Size Vintage InCharacter Baby Boy’s Nursery Nerd Costume, White/Blue, Medium Forum Novelties Female Nerd Kit FunWorld 50’s Nerd, Red/White, One Size Costume FancyG® Cute Nerd Glass Frame with Bow Tie Knot Cat Eyes for Girls Leopard NO LENS FunWorld Women’s I Love Nerds Costume, White/Blue, Small/Medium Rasta Imposta Nerds Box, Pink/Purple, One Size


Have more ideas for Halloween Nerd Costumes? Hit us up on the comments!

More Halloween Posts:


25+ Star Wars Costumes For Everyone In Your Family – Including The Dog

25+ Star Wars Costumes For Everyone In Your Family – Including The Dog

Star Wars costumes are still the rage – even though Star Wars VIII does not come out for another year. If you have Star Wars fans in your house and are looking for the perfect costume look no further. And Star Wars costumes aren’t just for kids.

Star Wars Costumes

A few years ago, our kids dressed up as various Star Wars characters for Halloween. The costumes were fabulous, the kids had a great time – we decided to keep the costumes around because our kids love to play dress-up. We have TOTALLY gotten our money out of these costumes! Not only did we use them for Halloween, the kids have attended Star Wars birthday parties and various Star Wars movies while wearing them.

If you are in the market for Jedi or maybe a Darth Vadar costume – here’s your resource for the best Star Wars Costumes for kids, adults and pets too. Don’t forget the dog!

star wars costumes

Star Wars Costumes For Kids

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child’s Super Deluxe Stormtrooper Costume, Medium Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child’s Rey Costume, Medium Star Wars Child’s Darth Vader Costume, Small Star Wars Classic Luke Skywalker Child Costume Size: Medium (US sizes 8-10, For 5-7 years) Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child’s Deluxe Kylo Ren Costume, Small Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Child’s Captain Rex Costume, Medium Star Wars Child’s Yoda Costume, Medium Star Wars Child’s X-Wing Pilot Costume, Small Star Wars Child’s Boba Fett Costume, Medium Star Wars Child’s Deluxe Princess Leia Costume, Medium Star Wars The Clone Wars, Child’s Costume And Mask, Arf Trooper Costume, Medium (Ages 5 to 7) Star Wars Queen Amidala Child’s Costume, Large Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Complete Yoda, Multi, 12-24 Months Costume Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child’s Kylo Ren Costume, Medium Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Princess Leia Romper, White, 1-2 years Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Deluxe BB-8 Inflatable Costume Star Wars Romper And Headpiece Ewok, Toddler Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Child’s Commander Cody Costume, Medium Star Wars General Grievous Costume – One Color – Small Rubies Star Wars Deluxe Hooded Jedi Robe, Small Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Classic Boba Fett Child Costume, Medium Star Wars, Darth Maul Complete Costume Dress Up Set Star Wars Romper Obi-Wan Kenobi, 1-2 Years Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Dress, Medium Star Wars Episode VII Party Masks, 8ct Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child’s Captain Phasma Costume, Medium Star Wars Deluxe Padme Amidala Costume, Medium


Star Wars Outfits For Adults

 Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Adult, Black, Standard Costume Star Wars Bantha Costume for Pets Star Wars The Force Awakens Adult Costume, Multi, Medium Star Wars Jabba The Hut Deluxe Inflatable Adult Costume, Brown, One Size (Fits Up To 44 Jacket Size) Women’s Star Wars Classic Deluxe Princess Leia Costume, White, Small Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Adult Kylo Ren Costume,Multi,Standard Star Wars Deluxe Hans Solo Costume, Black/Blue, Standard Star Wars Jedi Robe Adult Costume Brwon with White Version,Men-Large Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Deluxe Stormtrooper, White, One Size Costume Dlx Queen Amidala Costume Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Adult Hooded Jedi Robe, Brown, X-Large Costume Secret Wishes Women’s Sexy Princess Leia Costume, White, S (4/6) Rubie’s Costume Men’s Star Wars Adult Luke Skywalker, Multicolor, Standard Star Wars Adult Stormtrooper Costume Kit, White, Large Star Wars A New Hope Deluxe Princess Leia Costume, White, One Size Rubie’s Women’s Star Wars Boba Fett Deluxe Costume Jumpsuit, Multi, Medium Rubie’s Costume Star Wars A New Hope X-Wing Pilot, Orange, Medium Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Adult Captain Phasma Costume Star Wars Boba Fett Deluxe Adult Costume X-Large Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Adult Finn Costume Star Wars Adult Deluxe General Grievous Costume, Multi, Standard Rubie’s Costume Women’s Plus-Size Star Wars Adult Jedi Knight, Multicolor, Plus Rubie’s Women’s Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Deluxe BB-8 Costume, Multi, Medium


Star Wars Pet Costumes

 Star Wars Bantha Costume for Pets Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume, Medium, Darth Vader Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume, Yoda with Plush Arms, X-Large Star Wars R2-D2 Pet Costume Star Wars AtAt Imperial Walker Pet Costume Large Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume, Princess Leia, Medium Star Wars Dewback Costume for Pets Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume, X-Large Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Classic Leia Cat Buns Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume, Medium, Ewok STAR WARS Chewbacca Dog Hoodie, 3X-Large, Brown Star Wars Darth Vader Big Dog Boutique, XX-Large Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume, Medium Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Classic Wampa Pet Costume, X-Large


star wars costumes ideas

Halloween is DONE!

Halloween is DONE!

Getting 4 kids ready for Halloween was insane. Especially since Molly the planner put together the costumes the day before. But that’s how I roll and I think they turned out just peachy.

4 Kids in Halloween Costumes is WORK!

If you have kids that can voice an opinion – say 3 and up – you know how THEY want to choose what they want to be for Halloween. This is the first year, I officially caved in to the 2 older kids and let them choose their get-ups.

Z wanted to be a NERD

Halloween Nerd Costume

For Z’s nerd costume we went to the Salvation Army and found her some tacky boy’s suit pants, a girl scout shirt and a Tweetie bird homemade vest. She wore striped socks and her 3-d glasses with the lenses punched out – and taped of course. I think overall she looks pretty nerdy to me!

E wanted to be a SKELETON

Halloween Skeleton Costume

The skeleton costume, well – if you look closely you may see BABY GAP on E’s pant because he wore pajamas – and my 6 year old is super skinny. We threw on a mask, bought some skeleton gloves off of Amazon and spiked his hair and filled it with baby powder. The baby powder in his hair gave it a ghostly look.

Just a note, getting baby powder out of hair takes several rounds of shampoo. We washed his hair at least 4 times and today, he smelled so nice and sweet and was STILL powdery!

Another note – those skeleton gloves remind me of Barry Weiss off of Storage Wars!

Thankfully the advantage to having babies is you get to choose their costumes!

Izaiah was a LUMBERJACK

Husband says he looks like a swamp logger

Halloween Lumberjack Costume

We found him this rugged flannel at the Salvation army. He wore overalls, some boot shoes, a beanie and carried around an axe we found at the Dollar Tree. His beard made the outfit.

How to Make a Fake Beard without Make-up

We took hair gum (hair gel would work as well) and placed over where we wanted the beard and moustache. Next we took a tea bag, opened it up and used the tea on Izaiah’s face where we wanted the beard. This worked fabulous!

Zeke was Steve Jobs

Halloween Baby Steve Jobs Costume

Our Baby Steve Jobs costume was a hit. So simple, but represented a man we admire.  We found a black mock turtle neck at a resale shop. We pulled Zeke’s jeans up near his waist. The white tennis shoes (sorry, Mommy isn’t paying for New Balance tennis shoes just for a costume) were also a resale store find. The glasses were Harry Potter glasses from Amazon.

Trick or Treating

We had a great time trick or treating. The whole neighborhood seemed to be out with the majority of the lights on.

It was Izaiah’s first experience knocking on doors asking for candy. He was puzzled by it all. By the end of the night, he got the hang of it but was handing candy to our neighbors when they answered the door.


The highlight was finding when E found Easter candy in the mix. Brilliant! We have so been there, just made us laugh.

How Was Your Halloween? 

Baby Steve Jobs

Baby Steve Jobs

A few weeks back, after the passing of Steve Jobs – I knew little Zeke would have to be a baby Steve Jobs for Halloween. Steve Jobs was a brilliant innovator who left this Earth way too soon.

So yes, I dressed my infant son up in a Steve Jobs costume – except he is not just regular Steve Jobs, he is

Baby Steve Jobs

Baby Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Costume

If you are looking for a geek costume for baby or perhaps a super simple DIY costume, why not dress your baby up as the ultimate Apple genius.

So how do you put together a Steve Jobs Costume? It’s super easy and very affordable. Well, affordable – minus the Apple products, of course.

  • Round glasses (these are Harry Potty glasses)
  • An Apple
  • Blue Jeans
  • Black Turtle Neck Shirt
  • White Running Shoes (purchase at a resale store)
  • iPad, iPhone and Macbook Pro


Today, my dear friend Mary Graham posted a link to Steve Jobs eulogy – written by his sister, Mona Simpson. When you have a few minutes, give it a good read. The piece is so touching and gives an inside look to the Steve Jobs no one knew.

So in addition to being a brilliant genius and head honcho at Apple – Steve Jobs was a good man, wonderful father, a devoted husband and a loving brother. All of which I hope my little Zeke (and other boys!) will grow up to be.

 “If you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much. You have to be willing to take whatever you’ve done and whoever you were and throw them away.”  Steve Jobs, Playboy, 1985

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