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Travel – Come away with me as I wrestle 4 kids around the United States. As a family of 6, we love to travel. Follow along on our family vacations, road trips and adventures.

In this addition of my Digital Mom travel blog, I’m talking about traveling to New York City with teenagers, a surprise birthday trip and what 2 days in New York City looks like! You guys, I love New York City and the last time I was there – my daughter was 3-years-old. I knew for …

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Have you ever wanted to say you’ve been to all 48 lower states? You won’t be in every state for very long but if you are bound and determined to road trip to the lower 48 states, here is how you can do it – in just 124 hours.  Road Trip Lower 48 States Check out …

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Looking to make your road trip more entertaining? Discover a variety of engaging road trip games in our blog post! From classic car games to creative twists, these games will keep everyone entertained on your journey. Get ready for endless laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories on your next road adventure!

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Scarborough Faire is a renassiance festival in Waxahachie, TX. It runs from April through May, weekends and Memorial Day Monday – 10 AM to 7 PM. Our family was offered tickets, so that we could share this experience with you. The Waxahachie renaissance festival, Scarborough Faire is something I had visited several times as a child so …

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