State of the Union 2018 Drinking Game or BINGO – Free Printables!

State of the Union 2018 Drinking Game or BINGO – Free Printables!

Let’s play some State of the Union games! The State of the Union drinking game or State of the Union BINGO – the choice is yours!

SOTU Drinking Game and BINGO Printable

Tonight’s the night. January 30, 2018 at 9 pm EST, in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives, the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump will give his State of the Union speech. Not that we expect the SOTU to be BORING or anything that comes out of our president’s mouth, but why not liven the mood up a bit with a game? We’ve created 2 fun State of the Union games for you to play while watching the speech tonight. Here are the free printables!

State of the Union 2018 Drinking Game

Here is our first of two State of the Union games, it’s a drinking game. Choose your liquid wisely. We are not responsible for overconsumption. 

Download the free SOTU Drinking Game printable

You COULD just do this with lemonade, but whatever your drink of choice is – enjoy playing our State of the Union drinking game. Either print the JPG below or click here to download the free SOTU Drinking Game printable. Again, use at your own risk!  If you do use, we would love to see photos! Post them to our wall at

State of the Union BINGO

State of the Union BINGO CARD

Download free State of the Union Bingo printable PDF

Alright BINGO lovers, this one is for you. To help keep you engaged and entertained tonight, we have created a State of the Union BINGO card just for you. As the President mentions one of the words, just mark it off!  Play whichever game of BINGO you like, good luck with blackout!  You can download the free SOTU BINGO image below or we have created a free State of the Union Bingo printable PDF.  

Be informed, stay engaged and have fun! Isn’t that what life is all about? We hope you enjoy these State of the Union games! Remember, if you use these – we would love to see photos of your game! post a photo to our wall at and make sure to like our page! 

Thanks for playing along with our SOTU games! 

How To Write Thank You Notes In Bulk – Thank You Note Hack!

How To Write Thank You Notes In Bulk – Thank You Note Hack!

Do you have a ton of thank you notes to write? Well we have a thank you note hack that has saved us several hours, and just might do the same for you!

Thank You Note Hack

We are in the season of gratitude and a great way to show your appreciation is a thank you note.  Perhaps you are writing thank you notes for wedding gifts, baby shower, a birthday party, bridal shower or maybe Christmas – whatever the reason, if you have several thank yous to write – we have a hack that you will love! 

Thank you printable hack

Thank You Letter Writing Campaign

So here is the deal. Our school has a Thank You letter-writing campaign that they put on each fall before Thanksgiving break. The idea is that parents write letters of thanks showing gratitude to any and all teachers and staff that they feel need recognition and praise. 

We have 4 kids in 3 schools. Our kids require a LOT of support, and our school district is amazing at doing just that. So, of course, we are going to participate and write letters of gratitude, but there are so many to write. Last year, I started using this thank you hack and it was a time saver – plus it looked so much better than my terrible handwriting. Here is how I write thank you notes in bulk. 

Writing Thank You Notes in Bulk

I made a YouTube video showing you exactly how I write all of these notes in a short period of time. This is a great hack to speed up the process and yet still show your gratitude and appreciation. Again, this thank you note hack works great for any situation in where you have to write a large number of thank you notes. 

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PicMonkey Tutorial

Picmonkey Tutorial Thank you notes

We use PicMonkey in the tutorial above – and for a majority of our graphics projects. It’s super easy to use, especially if you are in need of a simple but powerful graphics utility. Click here and get a 7-day free trial.

Paper for Notes

This is the paper that I use to print the thank you letters on. 

Free Thank You Note Template

Here is the free Thank You Note Template. Use this free thank you printable your notes of gratitude!

free thank you printable

To download our free thank you printable – enter your email below to receive our free thank you printable as well as subscribe to our free printables list. 

Be obsessively grateful
Be obsessively grateful this holiday season, and thru-out the year. A simple thank you note can make someones day and shows how much you appreciate their kind gestures!

Tips for Creating an Awesome Morning Routine for School Kids – Free Printable

Tips for Creating an Awesome Morning Routine for School Kids – Free Printable

Who else is in the midst of creating a morning routine for school kids? 

Creating a Morning Routine for School

It’s back. Back to school is HERE and the mornings are EARLY. We don’t know about you, but no matter how many kids you are juggling – school mornings, especially at the first of the school year is a BEAR. We’re sharing tips that have helped us create a morning routine for school that doesn’t have us crying. Hopefully one (or all) of these morning routine tips will help your household flow more smoothly as the kids head out the door. 

Creating a School Morning Routine for school kidsSchool Morning Routine Tips

Here are tips from veteran parents on how to best establish a school morning routine. 

Wake Up Before the Kids 

This may seem like a no brainer, but wake up 20 minutes before your kids wake up. Make coffee and make breakfast. Have it ready on the table. 

Keep Positive – Put on a Happy Face

This is the hardest, but essential. Kids react to their surrounding and are empathetic to attitudes. Keep it cheery, put on a happy face – they will be out of the house in no time.

positive attitude to help create a morning routine for schoolThis fake it until you make it will help their day start well and will put a positive aspect on the start of your day. 

Prepare the Night Ahead of Time

Showers are done the night before. Keep shoes, socks and backpacks near the front door (or whichever door they leave thru.) It’s amazing how a missing shoe can cause a tardy! 

Weekly Clothes Prep

organize kids clothesHave you seen how we prep clothes for the week? As a family of people who HATE LAUNDRY – this has become essential. Check out our favorite morning routine tip – organizing clothes for school. 

Weekly Lunch Prep

If your kids buy their lunch at school, just make sure there is lunch money in their account. If you pack lunches, consider doing a weekly meal lunch prep. This is something your kids can help do – more on how to do this in a future post. 

Breakfast Meal Plan

Just as you may do dinner meal planning, setup a breakfast meal plan. Don’t get too fancy, just know what you have. If you need to keep it simple, don’t worry – kids just need to eat a breakfast. While a nice healthy hot breakfast is ideal, this is real life. A box of cinnamon rolls from the store bakery works just as well. Cereal works well and if you insist on a “hot meal” – make instant oatmeal. Self care is important for parents too – and buying pre-made is just find. 

Get the Kids to Help – School Morning Checklist for Kids

Here is a free morning routine printable. This is a school morning checklist for kids. Use this to help your kids know what to do, when.  school morning check list for kids - creating a school morning routineClick below and print out several copies for your kids. Have them use each morning when they wake up so there is no excuses on not knowing what to do!

Click Here to Download

Set Alarms for Everything

With a device like a Amazon Echo or even your smart phone – you can easily set multiple alarms.

Amazon EchoDon’t only set a wake-up alarm, setup an alarm for when you need to leave or when the kids need to be out the door for the bus. These extra alarms serve as good audio reminders and cues to help keep your school morning routine going and on track. 

What tips do you have to create an AWESOME morning routine for school? Share in the comments.


First Day of School Printable Sign – 2017 – Customized Signs from Preschool to College!

First Day of School Printable Sign – 2017 – Customized Signs from Preschool to College!

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PRINTABLE SIGNS  – UPDATED FOR 2017! If you are looking for first day of school signs, here you go! We’ve done these the last few years, this year I just updated this page – all signs say 2017, plus daycare added in!

Free Printable First Day Signs!

First day of school printable signs are always a fun way to start off a new school year. We have taken first day of school photos with signs for the last few years (see 2012 and 2011 and we did them for 2014-2016, but just updated this post).  Last year we added in first day of school signs for daycare and preschool, those were a hit! 

2017 First Day of School SignsI don’t know about you, but with 4 kids – I want to see what grade they are in – so instead of just 1 first day of school sign, I created several!  I hope that these come in handy on your first day of school, as I know they will our’s.  I snapped this photo of our soon-to-be first grader this morning for the blog. In his summer haziness “Mommy, this isn’t’ the first of day of school, is it??” No kid, you have a few more weeks – mommy is just a little bit more prepared for back to school this year (SURPRISED? I am!)

So let’s get to it. I created these back to school signs for each year, preschool to college. Yes, college kids – how sweet would it be to print out a sign and send a photo to your parents on your first day of college? Good luck getting your high schoolers to cooperate. Hoping that my kids won’t be stubborn as I plan on doing this every year, it’s a requirement!

First Day of School Signs – Daycare thru College!

Enjoy! Happy first day of school. I would love to see photos of your kids with these signs! Please post them on!

Free Printable First Day of School Signs

Just click on the sign you want below – and wa-lah!

Daycare Sign

Preschool Sign

Kindergarten Sign

First Grade Sign

Second Grade Sign

Third Grade Sign

Fourth Grade Sign

Fifth Grade Sign

Sixth Grade Sign

Seventh Grade Sign

Eighth Grade Sign

Ninth Sign

Tenth Sign

Eleventh Sign

Twelfth Sign

College Sign

Happy Back to School!

Post Your First Day of School Photos

Post a photo of your kid with this sign on our Facebook page and we will link up!

Here are my kids, sporting their first day of school signs in 2016:


Here is Teresa’s daughter from Madison’s Learning Blog at her first day of college!

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Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Free Star Wars Printable

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift –  Free Printable – Have a SWEET Day!

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift – Free Printable – Have a SWEET Day!

I don’t know about you, but every year I am looking for an easy DIY teacher appreciation gift. Each year, when Teacher Appreciation Week rolls around – I am like a deer in headlights. This year, I went into it with a plan – and amazingly it worked. 

At our school, we have 4 teachers to buy teacher appreciation gifts for. Each class has a teacher, and then the class adopts a teacher that does not have a full class. We have 2 kids in elementary and each of their classes support a speech teacher. 

The room mom has asked that one day of the week our kids make a thank you card for the teacher. That’s an easy DIY teacher appreciation gift, but I like to do a little bit more. Nothing crazy, but something to show our gratitude for these teachers that give ALL YEAR LONG. On Monday, I gave the teachers a succulent with THANK YOU written on the pot. Tuesday, the boys made the cards for the teachers and we gave them those. We are skipping Wednesday because, well life. Friday, each teacher will get a Chick-Fil-A gift card, Today, Thursday – the teachers are receiving this cute cheap teacher appreciation gift to hopefully brighten their day. 

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

Our room moms passed out a Teacher’s Favorite Things list of various items, places, hobbies, etc that the teacher enjoys. One of the items was sweets – so I purchased from the Dollar Tree, the candies that the teacher likes. 

Cheap Teacher Appreciation Gift

Next, I used curly ribbon to dress-up the candy boxes and then created a cute printable (it’s a free printable below!) to add to the boxes of candy. The boys love delivering gifts to the teachers and hoping this little snack will put a smile on the teachers’ faces. 

I mentioned that this was a CHEAP teacher appreciation gift, right? It set me back a whopping $4 for 4 gifts. We have older kids and we are also gifting, so all of this can really add up. At the end, the whole gift idea is not the actual gift, but the thought and intention with the present. Remember that – this applies not just to teacher appreciation gifts, but to any type of gift you give!

Free Printable – Have a Sweet Day! (Personalize It!)

Here is the free printable, have a sweet day – bonus, I am going to show you how to personalize this. This is a great gift idea for anyone, anytime you need a thoughtful, but affordable gift idea!  Again, this is a quick, easy diy teacher appreciation gift – so don’t sweat it. Let’s personalize in PicMonkey!

How to Personalize Printable in Picmonkey

Step One: Download the Free Printable

Let’s start here. You will need to download the free have a sweet day printable. Click the button below to download. A new window will open, right click and save image as. Remember where you save the file! 

Step Two: Go to and click edit

Next, let’s look at how to personalize a printable in PicMonkey. I’ll show you what colors and fonts that I used, but feel free to personalize and make this your own. Click edit on the homepage, then computer – next select the teacher appreciation printable file. 

easy diy teacher appreciation gift

Step Two: Add text

On the left hand corner, the Tt – that is for adding text. Click this, add text and place the text tool where you want to edit to on the graphic. 
easy diy teacher appreciation gift

Step Three: Revising Fonts and Colors in Picmonkey

To change the text, select the text and then click on a font choice from a selection from the left. To edit the colorin PicMonkey – or the size, alignment, etc – there is a TEXT box on the right hand side (see red arrow.) You can click the HEX color (the 6 letter-number combo above the colors) to change the color to a specific color. 

easy diy teacher appreciation gift

Fonts and Color Combinations Used

Here is are the fonts and colors I used on this printable:

Next Rust font – for Have a Sweet Day
Luckiest Guy font – for my kids’ names
Colors – white and the yellow is #F2FF00 (update in the text box!)


Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift, COMPLETE!

And there you have it. A quick and easy DIY teacher gift that won’t take you anytime but will bring a smile to your teacher’s face. 

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts


Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

Free Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards from who other than the geek mom herself, Digital Mom. We have the geeks in your life covered for this Valentine’s Day – enough to make your nerdy heart explode with geeky delight.

Free Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards to Make Your Geek Heart Happy!

Who doesn’t love an easy project? These unique V-day cards are super easy. All you have to do is download these printable nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards, print, cut and write a message on the back! Pass these out to your favorite nerds. We printed these on cardstock, but you do you and use whatever you have.

Free Printable Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

Our free downloadable geeky V-day cards feature words perfect for the nerd in your life. By request, you can now pick and choose how you would like to download the cards. They are available on individual sheets or you can print with 1 of each variety. Just click what you want below and shazam – FREE valentines day cards for you. 

Click to Download

What will you be getting your nerd for Valentine’s Day?


free nerdy valentines day cards


MORE Free Valentine’s Day Card Printables

Check out our other free printables – brought to you by Digital Mom Blog. Need to Valentine’s Day card printables? We got them!

View our All Things Valentine’s Day page. 

Love memes? We have all types of funny Valentine’s Day memes – perfect for posting on social!

Have copy suggestions for more nerdy Valentine’s Day cards? Leave them in the comments, we would love to hear them!

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