Monday Must-Haves = New Fingerlings, Logitech Mount, Fabulous Ikea Curtains and More

Monday Must-Haves = New Fingerlings, Logitech Mount, Fabulous Ikea Curtains and More

It’s Monday and today I am sharing my MONDAY must-haves. These are things that I’ve bought or have been sent to us that we are absolutely loving. 

Monday Must Haves

What a weekend. I don’t know about you, but man Monday comes quick and hits me HARD. (If you need a pick-me-upper, don’t miss our Monday Memes.) 

Must Have Monday

Rather than something stressful, let’s go with something a little more light-hearted today. Here are several products that you need to know about! These are for you, your kid and something your husband will appreciate. 

Before I go into the Monday must-haves, I MUST tell you about a new giveaway! We are hosting an End of School Giveaway! Enter for your chance to win 1 of 3 awesome prizes. 

New Fingerling 


UNTAMED or TAMED how to play with fingerlings

My kids absolutely LOVE Fingerlings and the new Dinosaur has been fought over since we received it last week. 

Read more about the new UNTAMED Raptor Fingerlings

Logitech Circle 2 Camera Magnetic Mount

Your husband will love this. Why? No complicated installation! Place your Logitech Circle 2 camera anywhere with this new magnetic mount. 

logitech circle 2 magnetic mount

Read more about the new Logitech Magnetic Mount

New Instant Pot – Duo Plus 

I am geeking out at this new Instant Pot. I feel a purchase coming on. Have you seen the new Instant Pot Duo Plus? It comes in 3 different sizes: 3 quart, 6 quart and 8 quart. 

New Instant Pot Duo Plus LCD Screen

Instant Pot DUO Plus 60, 6 Qt 9-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Egg Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, Warmer, and Sterilizer – and it features and LCD screen, similar to the Instant Pot Ultra. 

Click here to learn more

Don’t miss out on our Instant Pot Recipes – we have quite the collection!


I have to share these amazing ODDVEIG curtains I found at IKEA. I am in the midst of redesigning our office.

Best Curtains for the Office

I wanted something bright, bold with a touch of feminine. These IKEA curtains check all of those boxes!  Stay tuned for more pics of our office redesign. 

Side note: If you are in the market for curtains, especially LONG curtains – IKEA is your answer for affordable stylish curtains. These ODDVEIG curtains are 57 inches wide by 98 inches long. 

If you can’t get to an IKEA – these are available for purchase on Amazon

Affordable Stylish Desk

So as mentioned, we are re-doing our office. How great is THIS desk from Wayfair? 

Stylish Affordable Desk

My husband is needing a new desk, and I think this may just be IT! What do you think? It features plenty of storage. Unfortunately, he thinks he is going to set up a battle station. A battle station, if you aren’t familiar is well – a nerd gaming setup. I am thinking pretty office and thinking this affordable stylish desk is just what his “battle station” needs. 

Happy Monday!

Punch Monday

There you have it. Our Monday Must-Haves!  What are you digging? What new find have you found that we must know about? Leave a comment in the comments – we want to know! 

NEW UNTAMED Dinosaur Fingerlings Just Launched!

NEW UNTAMED Dinosaur Fingerlings Just Launched!

DINOSAUR FINGERLINGS! YES! The latest edition of the popular Fingerlings toy by WowWee just released and if your kids love dinosaurs, they will adore these.  We also are giving one away, along with a few other prizes! Keep reading to learn more!

New DINOSAUR Fingerlings

Our friends at WowWee just left a present on our door and our boys are obsessed. Meet the newest edition to the WowWee Fingerling line, the UNTAMED raptors! 

The new Fingerling Raptors just launched today, May 18!

New Fingerling Toys - UNTAMED Dinosaur

There are four different dinosaurs to collect. Each new Fingerling has it’s own unique name and personality.

We received STEALTH

Untamed Dinosaur Fingerlings

Here are which UNTAMED toys are in this collection: Stealth, Blaze, Fury and Razor.

Untamed Raptors

Each comes complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws. These fierce and friendly interactive pets react to touch and sound. They come equipped with over 40 different sounds and animations! 

Where to Purchase Untamed Raptors

The UNTAMED Raptor Fingerlings can be purchased at any major retailer – or of course Amazon


How to Play with the New Untamed Fingerling

Here is how you play with the new dinosaur toys. There are several ways to play and interact with your new pet. You can play in tamed mode where the Fingerling is your friendly companion – OR untamed where your toy becomes a BEAST! 

UNTAMED or TAMED how to play with fingerlings

How to Get into Tamed Mode

Want your Fingerling to be your friend? Stroke it’s head, starting at the nose and ending at the back of its head. Alternatively, stroke starting from the back of the head to the nose. He likes that and will become friendly. 

How to Get into Untamed Mode

In Untamed mode, the beast is unleashed! Your dino Fingerlings will become ferocious. Here is how to enter Untamed mode:

Poke it’s face 3x

Hang it upside down

Shake it

Other Ways to Play with Your Fingerling

New Fingerling

Pet your Untamed Fingerlings

Tap its nose: once, twice or three times for a surprise sound and reaction. 

Tap back of its head: once, twice or three times for surprise sounds and reactions. 

PRess and hold sensors on the nose and the back of the head for a funny surprise. 

Press and hold the back of its head: ROAR ATTACK!

Clap once or twice: for fun reactions…. he may even sing you a song!

Hang your Untamed Fingerlings upside down: Careful, he might not like it.

Blow in it’s face: AHHH CHOO!

Cradle your Untamed Fingerlings: Time for a NAP!

Be Nice to Your Pet!

Remember never to immerse it in any water or liquid, drop or kick it. Excessive force when turning the dino’s head or opening its mouth can hurt him – so avoid that as well!

Fingerling Giveaway

End of School Giveaway

We are excited to be giving away an UNTAMED Fingerling to one lucky Digital Mom Blog reader! We also have a few other prizes. Click here to enter our end of the school year giveaway!

More Fingerlings

Make sure to check out our other Fingerling reviews!

Unicorn Fingerlings Review

Meet Gigi the Baby Unicorn Fingerling
Hot new toy for 2017 christmas fingerlings

Meet the Fingerlings! Read our Fingerling Review

2018 Best Toddler Alarm Clocks – Perfect for Sleep Training!

2018 Best Toddler Alarm Clocks – Perfect for Sleep Training!

In order to keep you up-to-date with the best toddler alarm clocks, we update this post regularly. Here are our 2018 favorite clocks for kids!

Sleep training your toddler? Check out these toddler alarm clocks that will help a child who can’t tell time understand when it’s okay to get out of bed. Parenting toddlers is all kinds of crazy if they get a little more sleep – that will give mom and dad more sleep as well!

Alarm Clocks for Toddlers and Sleep Training

We have 4 kids. Somehow we managed to survive the toddler years! The first 2 we did not use any sleep training techniques – and OH the insanity!  Our littles would get up at all hours of the night, not understanding that they should stay in bed. We started using a toddler clock with our third child.

One of the hardest challenges when I had to get the kids to childcare and we had a strict morning routine was finding a kid-friendly alarm clock. I have had many friends recommend these and are glad to share these here. I hope they work well as you sleep train your toddler. As you transition your toddler from the crib to a big boy bed (or big girl bed), it’s time to introduce the alarm clock. 

Best Alarm Clocks for Toddlers

Here is a round-up of the best toddler alarm clocks. This is a fabulous assortment of the clocks that have different functions to help with sleep training. We are big believers in each child will have their own way of learning and with that, you have to adapt how you parent each kid.  Help teach your toddler how long to stay in bed when it is okay to get out of bed and some toddler alarm clocks even have a timeout time! These toddler alarm clocks serve multiple functions and are essential during these trying years. Find one that will be the perfect addition to your kid’s room. 

Okay to Wake Alarm Clock

okay to wake alarm for toddlers

First, let’s look at the OK to Wake toddler alarm. It is ranked 4-stars on Amazon with over 2,200 reviews! The OK to Wake clock features a color changing night-light timer teaching children to stay in bed longer in the morning so parents get more sleep (at least that’s the plan!). Set this bedside alarm clock next to your tot’s bed and let sleep training begin.

A few things else to note about the OK to Wake alarm:

  • This clock features a color-changing night-light that teaches children to stay in bed longer so families get better sleep!
  • It is 4.5″ and is perfect for your child’s bedside table.
  • The clock is soft yellow night-light and glows green when it’s OK for your child to get out of bed
  • OK to Wake features an alarm clock with snooze, convenient nap timer, interchangeable faceplates, and fun animations that give this personality!
  • This is easy for parents to program – the idea is that this will grows with families by helping them get more sleep, and teach children independence and help with sleep training.

Buy from Amazon

Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light

teach me time best toddler clock

Next, we have the Teach Me Time Talking Clock. This wake-up clock for toddlers is one of the best-rated kid alarm clocks with over 2,200+ reviews and a 4-star rating. With those reviews, you can say this is definitely a good choice!

A few things to note about the Teach Me Time Talking:

  • This child’s bedside alarm clock features a time-teaching educational game and dual-color nightlight all in one!
  • Three interchangeable color rings are included.
  • The night-light is a soft yellow in the evening and turns green in the morning (parent programmable) so children know when it’s OK to get out of bed!
  • As your child grows, they can play with the interactive talking time-teaching game. It  has five adjustable skill levels and teaches time-telling concepts on the analog and digital clock faces
  • For older children: Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock with snooze–just like mom and dads! So this will grow with your kids!
  • Included is a USB cord and will need 2 AA batteries. 

Buy From Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot

amazon echo dot toddler alarm clock

Let’s talk about the Echo Dot. While not this isn’t something you would think of as a traditional toddler alarm clocks – this is what we have moved to for our kids! Why? Every night since our littles were babies, we’ve had music playing in their room. With the Amazon Echo Dot – we have been able to set up a music playlist and play that for them as they go to sleep AND set up an alarm for the morning. This keeps them in bed until the alarm goes off. I do recommend locking down your Amazon Echo Dot so that you don’t have children ordering things, but it’s easy to do.

The rating on the Amazon Echo Dot is off the charts, understandably so. It’s received 4.5 stars with over 19.2k reviews! We have multiple Echo Dots and an Echo in our home and use them daily. This is definitely a tech home device that we recommend.

Buy From Amazon


Argos Children’s Alarm Clock – Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer Clock

sleep train clock

Here is the Glo-Clock Sleep Trainer, also known as the Argo Children’s Alarm. It features a pleasant glow of light – not to bright and the concept is unique. The stars disappear over the night, so when your child wakes up in the night, they instantly know how long they have until morning by how many stars are left. In the morning, at the designated time, the last star and the big star disappear, and the sun comes out as the face color changes to yellow. The kids know they are allowed to get up when the sun comes up.

Buy on Amazon

Bunny Toddler Alarm Clock

bunny toddler alarm clock

This bunny toddler alarm – also known as the Claessens’ Kids Kid’Sleep Classic Sleep Trainer comes in both blue and pink.  Here are a few features you should know about:

  • The Claessens’ Kids Kid’Sleep Classic Sleep Trainer teaches kids when it is time to sleep and when it is time to get up.
  • The sleeping bunny character is illuminated and the child knows he or she has to sleep a while longer. There are three different brightness settings within the display.
  • At the time set by the parents by means of the timer, the bunny character changes to the wake-up position. The child knows that he or she can get up!
  • There are two-time settings, one for the morning and one for the afternoon nap.

Buy on Amazon

Boon Glo Balls

boon night balls

How cool are these Boon Glo Balls? Not an alarm clock, but this will help you in your sleep training your toddlers! You can take the glow balls with you – no more dark trips to the bathroom for a potty break. Your toddler will love this clock as it also doubles as a portable nightlight.  The Boon Glo Balls glow lasts for 30 minutes.

Buy from Amazon

Zazoo Photo Clockzazzo best clock for toddlers
You can customize how your child wakes up with the Zazoo photo clock. Use your PhotoClock as a traditional clock with an audio alarm. The clock comes with display options that may include the time only or time and date.

There are several options for the audio alarm tone including ringing, beeping or waking to music. Use one of the pre-loaded songs for the alarm tone or wake to any song of your choice. The Zazoo photo alarm clock is also a digital photo frame!

Buy on Amazon

Toddler Alarm Clock OK To Wake Owl With Night-Light & Music, Nap Timer

owl night clock

This cuddly OK to Wake! Owl is a night light and toddler clock in a non-traditional sense all-in-one.  It has received 3.5 stars on Amazon. The OK to Wake Owl teaches kids to sleep in so you can too! OK to Wake! Owl’s face illuminates in two colors: a soft yellow glow in the evening comforts kids as they fall asleep. In the morning, Owl’s face turns green when it’s “OK to Wake!” (a time that parents can select). You kids will quickly learn the morning routine, giving parents extra sleep.

Next, this adorable Owl also plays lullabies and gives kids gentle reminders to stay in bed when its tummy is pressed at night or in the wee hours of the morning. A convenient nap timer function (up to 12 hours – that’s a LONG nap!) is another added convenience that parents love. When nap time is over, the Owl’s face glows green to show that it’s “OK to Wake!” Pressing the Owl’s tummy plays a fun wake-up tune.

Buy from Amazon

Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock

toddler clock

With the Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Toddler Alarm Clocks toddlers know if it’s time to get up by looking at the stoplight. When the red light is on it is time to sleep – when the green light is on it is time to wake up. This color clock for toddlers is a parent favorite.

Here are some reasons this may work for your while sleep training your little:

  • Sleep enhancing alarm clock for kids featuring a stoplight and sculpted figure
  • Toddlers know if it’s time to get up by looking at the stoplight
  • Red light means it’s time to sleep; green light means it’s time to wake up
  • Digital clock and optional beeping alarm function included
  • Features a friendly boy driving a red and blue car with sports emblems

Buy on Amazon

Kid’Sleep My First Alarm – Light Up Clock for Toddlers

Pink, pretty and a high rating on Amazon! The Kid Sleep My First Alarm Clock will help your little one wake up when it’s time to wake up and help teach your toddler how to read a clock.

Buy on Amazon

Little Tikes Discover Sounds Alarm Clock

best alarm clock

Little Tikes Discover Sounds alarm clock is the perfect toddler clock for your younger toddlers. The clock will say the time.

Buy on Amazon

Onaroo Night Owl Portable Night-Light with OK to Wake!

Perfect for your little night owl, this portable night light works as a night light and glows green in the morning when it’s okay to get out of bed.

Buy on Amazon

Diggin Thomas The Tank Go Glow Sleep Training Clock

Fans of Thomas the Tank will love this 2-in-1 bedtime training clock and night light.

Buy on Amazon

Rocket Projection Alarm Digital Clock

My 8-year-old has this and loves this, but you know who loves it more? Our toddler! While it’s not the best at teaching how to tell time, it’s perfect for an outer space bedroom. So, definitely check it out!

Buy on Amazon

Sleep Buddy – Toddler Sleep Training System

Next up, we have the Sleep Buddy toddler sleep training system. This toddler sleep training clock is designed to help your tot learn when he or she should stay in bed.  The sleep training system includes a SleepBuddy light, a children’s book, a reward chart and a step-by-step parent’s guide to sleep training. As a result, can help you and your kid get a better nights sleep!

Buy on Amazon

My Tot Toddler Alarm Clock

The My Tot Clock changes colors to teach your toddlers when to sleep and when it’s okay to wake up by using lights (blue light means sleep – yellow light means okay to wake up.)  

This toddler clock also plays bedtime stories, lullabies, white noise and wake up music!  With a clock face, your toddler will also be able to see the time as he learns to tell time. The lights make a great night light, as a result – this is multi-functioning!  This toddler alarm clock even has a built-in timeout timer and a toddler activity manager for positive activities.

Buy from Amazon

Favorite Kid Alarm Clocks for Toddlers

Which of these toddler alarm clocks is your favorite? What tips for toddler sleep do you have for other parents? So, leave your tip and favorite in the comments!

Last updated: 5/15/18.  We have revised to include the best-rated alarms for toddlers.

best toddler alarm clocks

Transitioning your toddler from a crib to a bed? Check out these toddler bed ideas.

Monday Memes – Laugh, Cry and Post These Funny Monday Memes

Monday Memes – Laugh, Cry and Post These Funny Monday Memes

Monday memes because Monday needs as much LOL as possible, right?

I’m no data scientist, but I often think about how many other people are dealing with the Monday crazy by scouring the internet for Monday memes. You know, stupid internet graphics that have funny words and silly photos that make you chuckle. That little LOL and chuckle helps break up the pain that Monday morning can bring. 

Something else I also ponder is how many people really do loathe Monday as much as myself. I am typically an upbeat and positive person, but that first work day of the week just kicks my booty 

Best Monday Memes

If you struggle with a case of the Mondays, every single Monday – and you like to share funny memes specifically those about Monday, look no further. We have rounded up our favorite and what we think are the best Monday memes for you to share and post. Enjoy!

Funny Monday Memes

If your Monday is a horror, this is a Monday meme you will appreciate. If anything, hopefully these funny memes will give you a smile to start your week. 

Shortest Day Meme Monday

Work in an office on Mondays? This is something you will appreciate.

Real Pants Meme

Re-wine me, please. Monday should end with a required happy hour.

Rewine - Monday Memes

I often wonder if retirement on Mondays will be happy. I sure hope so. 

Retired Happy Meme

If only…. 
Lego Meme

Who isn’t always ready for the weekend?

weekend meme on Monday

Mondayest and Mondayed – 2 of me new favorite words for my least favorite day of the week. mondayest meme

Crocs, always getting a bad rap.crocs eme

If you are on a positive, let’s start the week off on a happy note – foot… then this Monday meme is for you!positive monday meme

Wine a little, rather than whine. 

Grumpy Cat defines Monday.grumpy meme


If only we could just pew pew pew the day away…go away monday

Punch Monday in the FACE.

Punch Monday

May your clothes be comfy, your coffee strong and your Monday be short.

Strong coffee meme

Optional? YES. 

Best Monday Memes - Optional

Never enough coffee, nor middle fingers. 

middle finger

Want a little happy? Bill Murray is always the answer. There is something about Bill Murray memes that are just so right. bill murray meme

True story.

Me Running From Monday Meme

I totally get it, kid.

Monday Again

Except, my make-up is not this on-point.

How I look on Monday

SMONDAY – The moment when Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in. This feeling is totally legit.


Hmm, I wonder what the return policy is? 

As a pug owners, a Pug meme always makes me smile.
Pug Monday Meme

MONSLAY – I’m alive, motivated, determined and ready to slay the day. As sucky as the start of the week can be, Monday does mean that the kids go back to school. Total MOM WIN. 

Mullet. Ha. 

If you need this Monday Mug, you can buy it here.

LOTS of mascara and coffee, for sure. 

Lots of excess, not a lot of goodness.


Happy Monday

Good morning Monday. BE NICE!Good Morning Monday

I am not emotionally prepared for tomorrow to be Monday. My thought every Sunday night. 
Emotionally prepared for Monday

Or champagne, I don’t judge.Champagne Monday Memes

Tomorrows Monday

For the optimist. 

Monday Morning Memes And my mama likes everyone.Mama Monday

My face exactly. 

Go forth and conquer. You can make it thru the week. 

If you enjoyed these funny Monday memes, makes sure to share on Pinterest, Facebook and beyond!

50+ Funny Birthday Memes

50+ Funny Birthday Memes

Funny birthday memes are the first thing I turn to when I see it’s someone’s birthday on Facebook. I’ve been collecting these over the years and thought, surely I am not the only one spreading birthday meme love to friends on their special day!

Birthday Memes – Funny Images To Share With Friends

Here is a round-up of over 50+ funny birthday memes that made me LOL and will surely make your friend’s birthday on social media a little bit more special.

Funny Birthday Memes to share with friends

Enjoy and don’t forget to pin and share this post on Facebook!

Funny Friend’s Birthday – For the Friend with a Sense of Humor

There are certain friends that well, have a better sense of humor than other friends. Here are a few hilarious birthday memes for friends who can take a little jab and laugh. 

funny friend birthday meme

funny girlfriend meme

female birthday tinsel tits birthday slutbag birthday

friend meme birthday

Wine Birthday Memes

For the fellow wine lover on their birthday. Here are birthday memes that only wine lovers will appreciate. 


Same Birthday Meme

Getting Old Birthday Memes

For that loved one who is aging, these getting old memes are the perfect reminder that time is passing quickly. Share with caution, some people are so sensitive, sheesh!

Betty White Birthday Funny

age advancement day

no energy birthday

candle birthday cake

birthday dirty old fart

funeral birthday

austin powers birthday meme

dwight birthday

dorothy birthday meme

Richard Simmons Birthday Memes

Oh Richard. Did you listen to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast? FASCINATING. He has always been one of my favorites and come on – Richard Simmons memes are so funny because they are so what you see of his personal persona!

OMG Richard Simmons Birthday

richard simmons birthday sexy beast

Viral Birthday Memes

office space birthday meme

Yeah, about that. 

Stevie Wonder Birthday Meme

Oh Stevie.

napoleon dynamite birthday

Did you hear there is a Napoleon Dynamite sequel coming out? Yes, unrelated – but AWESOME.

Llama Birthday Memes

Llamas are all the rage. Unicorns use to be a thing, but now – it’s all about the llama. Here are several llama birthday memes for sharing: 

Sexy Llama Birthday

This llama is so emo. 

seriously llama birthday

birthday meme llama

llama birthday

drama llama birthday meme

Chuck Norris Birthday Memes

Do you have a friend who just won’t stop with the Chuck Norris jokes? ME TOO. Here are the perfect images to share featuring good ol’ Chuck Norris and birthday greetings.

Chuck Norris birthday meme

Chuck Norris Birthday

Happy Birthday Chuck Norris Meme


Chuck Norris Meme

Bob Ross Birthday Memes

Put a little happy into someone’s birthday with Bob Ross and his birthday wishes. 

happy birthday bob ross bob ross painting meme

party like bob ross

Happy Birthday Bob Ross

Can’t you just hear Bob Ross saying this?

Bob Ross Birthday Meme

Bob Ross Birthday

Donald Trump Birthday Memes

Because who doesn’t want a meme shared on their wall featuring the President, Donald Trump himself. Despite what you think politically, these are pretty hilarious…. 

mexico birthday trump

Birth Certificate Trump

Trump Meme Cake

MAGA birthday meme

hair trump birthday

best happy birthday donald trump

donald trump meme birthday

donald trump birthday

Cat Birthday Memes

We can’t forget the cat lover on their birthday. I really think cat memes are shared more than any other meme! 

funny cat birthday meme

cat cake

grumpy birthday

grumpy cat birthday

grumpy meme

Birthday cat

There you go. Over 50 hilarious birthday graphics, images and memes to share on your friend’s timeline, email, twitter or wherever! 

Love sharing memes? We do to. Check out our other meme collections: 

Best Fitbit Memes

Hilarious Fitbit Memes
Best laundry Memes

Best Laundry Memes

Pinterest Memes

Hilarious Pinterest Memes




How to Make Healthy Choices While Living in a Hotel with the Nutribullet Balance

How to Make Healthy Choices While Living in a Hotel with the Nutribullet Balance

Disclosure: Post sponsored by NutriBullet but all opinions are my own. Does your 2018 include a resolution to get healthy? After our house flooded and we started living in a hotel, we decided to not worry about New Year’s resolutions. With a kitchenette and 6 mouths to feed, we have to eat the majority of our meals out. It’s hard to eat healthily, but we have found a hack that helps us make healthy choices while living in a hotel – here it is..

NutriBullet Balance Tech Review

nutribullet balance review

Our friends at NutriBullet asked if we would be interested in trying out their new NutriBullet Balance just before the new year. It looked like a cool kitchen tech device and perfect for making smoothies. We were excited to try it out. We received it the day of our house flooding. When we moved into the hotel, the NutriBullet Balance came with us and let me just say, it’s been a God-send!

What is a NutriBullet? 

Before I go in further, are you familiar with the NutriBullet? I had heard of the device but hadn’t used one. I had a blender, that’s all I needed for a smoothie, right? Here is the deal. Our blender is big and clunky. We constantly lose all of the parts and struggle to find a place to put it in our cabinets. The NutriBullet offers a minimal, compact design. Clean up is hassle-free and it has an amazing nutrient extraction power. The design of the NutriBullet allows you to even drink from the cup that you blend with. I mentioned how simple clean-up was right? Have you tried cleaning a standard blender? It’s a pain. The Nutribullet cups fit on the top-rack of the dishwasher (that’s right! the cup is dishwasher safe) and the blade cleans easily with soap and water. 

nutribullet balance blender review

NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Balance

NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Balance

Now that we know what a NutriBullet is, let’s talk about the NutriBullet Balance. So what is the difference between the NutriBullet and the NutriBullet Balance? The NutriBullet Balance takes the NutriBullet to a whole new level. The NutriBullet Balance syncs with the Balance App via Bluetooth to send nutritional information to your smart device. Why would you want a Bluetooth connected NutriBullet? Check this out. The NutriBullet Balance has the ability to tell you the nutrition value of your smoothie. It works via the NutriBullet Balance app and lets you create recipes and as you add the ingredients via the app and the blender, the ingredients are weighed with the Nutribullet and the app informs you of the nutrition value. 

nutribalance smoothie

I don’t know about your family, but we make a lot of smoothies in our house. I have to admit, I never really thought about the nutrients in the smoothies that we were making. That has since changed now that we know how easy it is to find out what the nutrition value is of what you are putting in your smoothie!

Let’s Make a Smoothie

Let’s walk thru step-by-step of making a smoothie and finding out the nutrition value of your smoothie by using the NutriBullet Balance and NutriBullet Balance app. Every night, our kids like to have a night snack. Living in a hotel room – again, trying to make GOOD healthy choices, we have started making smoothies as their night time snack. Here is my 7-year-old Izaiah, helping me unbox and make a smoothie. 

nutribullet balance review

Since I have a recipe that I’ve created myself, I am going to input this information in the app to calculate the nutrition info and save it for later use. My recipe will also be available for other app users to see so that they can create it on their own! If you are looking for a new smoothie idea, check the app! There are numerous smoothie recipes to choose from. Bonus – did I mention that the NutriBullet Balance makes more than smoothies? Check out the soups and dessert recipes in the app as well! Here is how you will use the app when creating your own recipe:

nutribullet balance app

  • First, download the NutriBullet Balance app. Don’t worry, it’s free and available for both Android and iPhone!
  • Next, let’s connect our NutriBullet Balance to Bluetooth.
  • Now that we are connected, let’s make a smoothie!
  • Open your app and choose “Create a Recipe” and click “Start”
  • Set your NutriBullet cup empty, in the blender. No blade, the cup should you be standing up just like a cup!
  • Click “Add ingredient” and select what you are putting in your smoothies (ex. bananas, strawberries, etc.) 

nutrition value with nutribullet

  • Next, add the actual ingredient to the cup. The NutriBullet Balance will measure how much you are putting into the cup and tell you the nutrition value. 
  • Continue with each ingredient. 
  • Click Save!

nutribalance app

Your smoothie recipe with nutritional information is now saved on your app for easy access anytime you want to make that smoothie! Remember, you can use the NutriBullet Balance for more than smoothies! I’m looking forward to trying out a few soups. It’s cold here in Texas, perfect soup weather and we are so sick of eating out. 

Final Thoughts

The NutriBullet Balance offers a great way to make a perfect smoothie. The product is very well made, super easy to use and clean. Living in a hotel isn’t easy, but it’s great having a compact device that we can utilize to help us make healthy, homemade choices.  Here is what the kid thinks:

Kid approved smoothies

Learn more about Nutribullet Balance at