Skechers Bob Shoes Are NOT Associated with Toms Shoes

Skechers Bob Shoes Are NOT Associated with Toms Shoes

It’s official. Skecher’s shoes, Bobs – is NOT associated with Toms.

toms shoes not associated with bobs

I knew something with me just didn’t set right for a reason when I saw the commercial showing Bobs Shoes and mentioning Toms. There were a few commenters that left messages that I was wrong and that Toms was a sub-brand or what not and that Sketchers and Bobs were working together. I am TOTALLY open to being wrong. I researched. I even asked Skechers for an explanation. Nothing I found (nor did I receive a response) stated there was any association.

Toms today, released a post on their blog that clarifies any confusion any of you may have had (thanks ST!).

If you have seen the Skechers TV commercial for “BOBS” and wondered what the heck it was all about, you’re not alone.  We about fell out of our chairs when we heard the voiceover state, “BOBS is proud to join a company like TOMS,” as they show young women dancing through a forest in what appear to be replicas of our shoe designs.  Maybe “join companies like TOMS”  should have read “imitate shoes like TOMS?”   We’re not quite sure.

Now don’t get us wrong.  The fact that Skechers is pledging to give shoes to those in need is great, but we wonder, why do they need the alpargata to do that?  Don’t they have a ton of shoe designs?   Well, those are just a couple of questions we have, and from your blog posts and tweets, it seems some of you are pretty confused and concerned.  Seems this company’s community (and shareholders) might have the same questions, but if not, well, we’ll just continue to focus on spreading the TOMS movement, making great shoes (and eyewear) and serving those in need through our One for One model.

It’s not surprising that you’ve been vocal about this, and until now, we’ve been a little too busy to comment.  So thank you.  Please know that we really appreciate your thoughts, passion and support in clearing up any confusion in this matter.  And, of course, assuring anyone who asks that TOMS is in NO WAY associated with Skechers, and will never be.

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Thanks so much Toms for the explanation. And us, like you – wish that Skechers would just use any one of their other shoes designs for a giving cause rather than trying to take advantage of the success of the Toms brand.

Watch out, what’s next Skechers Eyewear? I kid. (kind of)

Read more about this Toms vs Skechers fiasco from the beginning:


Toms Shoes Moves to Toms One for One

Toms Shoes Moves to Toms One for One

Toms Shoes is Now Toms - One for One Company

Toms Shoes is Now Toms One for One Company

I heart Toms. I love the messaging. I love the shoes (so COMFY – perfect for pregnant feet). I love the purpose and cause. Toms one for one movement is getting bigger.

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At SXSW Interactive, Blake Mycoskie introduced the company is moving to a One for One company, no longer just a shoe company. After months of anticipation – today was the day. The big reveal on what Toms first One for One product would be.

And it’s SHADES! Well Toms Eyewear.

Toms shoes is now a one for one. Today Toms Eyewear was introduced, the second one for one product.

Toms shoes is now a one for one. Today, Toms Eyewear was introduced, the second one for one product.

The heart of the company continues to inspire me. Sure, they are overpriced. Just like the shoes, but they are cute, hip and stylish. If you can afford it – WHY NOT. Why not help someone else?  If you can afford an expensive pair of sunglasses, make your money do more. By purchasing Toms Eyewear, you can save and help restore vision by purchasing this eyewear.

Interesting fact: In Nepal, 50% of the blind people are blind because of cataracts which can be cured thru a simple surgery.

“Why not stick to shoes?” a successful businessman asked me after hearing my announcement at SXSW. “You have such a great business and you are helping so many kids, why risk it by doing something else?” he added. Coming from a respected mentor, I had to pause and check my conviction. Luckily it was still there, for it was not a whim or spontaneous decision, but something I had been working toward for years.

TOMS started as a simple project to help get a small group of kids in Argentina new pairs of shoes in 2006. It was really just an idea without any case study or business model to rely on, and truth be told, I never imagined it would become what it is today. I simply wanted to help, and did not have the resources or the will to start a charity, nor did I believe being dependent on donors was the best way to insure the kids would continue to get the shoes they needed for school and their health. So I started a company with a One for One™ promise, and without any investors backing me, or the business community cheering me on, it was a risk — one that could have ended in a pretty public failure. Thanks to you, that was not our fate, and looking back now, that initial act of faith was the best and most meaningful decision of my life.

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