Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Get Unlimited Lives

Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Get Unlimited Lives

Candy Crush Saga cheats are what you are looking for – and I have one that will make you happy.  I have to admit, I have spent a pretty penny on the Candy Crush game. I play the app and have had some insomniac nights here recently which I have given myself permission to buy more lives. It’s cheaper than renting an Amazon movie, right? And it can only last so long so if I can go to bed… needless to say, I may have a slight Candy Crush addiction.

Candy Crush Cheats for Infinite Lives

Good news!  Now you don’t have to buy anymore lives! No more asking for Candy Crush help either.  That’s right, what if I told you that I knew of a Candy Crush Saga cheat that would give you infinite lives!  Yes, it’s true. Perhaps you remember all of the Angry Birds cheats – well why this game cheat won’t get you a guarantee to the next level, I sure hope it will help save you some money! Even better news? This hack works on iPhone (iOS) and Android!

Candy Crush Saga Cheats — Get Infinite Lives for Free

Candy Crush Saga How to Get Lives

Here is how you get unlimited Candy Crush lives for free without jailbreaking your phone.  Yes, I did hear that there is a hack regards jailbroken phones, but ain’t nobody got time for that – we can CANDY TO CRUSH!  

Here is a video of how to get the unlimited lives:

Once you are out of lives in Candy Crush – no more asking friends on Facebook, waiting 30 minutes for just 1 life or paying 99 cents to replenish your 5 lives.  Do this trick and you’ll be living forever – with a few seconds worth of work.  Here is how.

link to the video

Go to settings.

goto iphone settings

Scroll down to date & time. 

general iphone settings

Make sure that set automatically is turned OFF. 

iphone date and time no automatic

Click set date & time and change the date to one day FORWARD. 

change date on iphone

Now go back into app

free candy crush lives

SHAZAM! 5 LIVES FULL and you didn’t pay a penny!

Now, make sure you immediately go back and change your calendar before even playing. I know you are excited to play, but the last think you want is to miss a meeting because of your Candy Crush addiction.

There you go folks, how to get infinite lives in Candy Crush Saga.  I hope that this saves you a pretty penny and maybe even a friend! No more bugging your Facebook pals for lives with this Candy Crush CHEAT!

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Candy Crush Striped Nails

Candy Crush Striped Nails

Are you obsessed with Candy Crush? If you are stuck playing the Candy Crush Saga app – you may just love this Pinterest find!

Candy Crush Nails

Candy Crush Striped Nails

Ha, you Candy Sugar addict you.  Don’ these look just like the candies??? If you have no idea what I am talking about – good for you! I dare you not to read about the most addicting app, ever… Candy Sugar Saga  – Do yourself a favor – and don’t start playing the game, and for the love of all things chocolate, do not hook the game up to Facbeook!

So despite my obsession with that stupid app, how cute are these striped nails?? The Nailasarus has done it again, this time with Candy Crush striped nails! Okay, well she just calls them Candy nails.

Learn what colors The Nailasaurus uses and her technique for creating this fun nail design!

View Tutorial

Just because your nails look like candy, this doesn’t give you permission to chew on them. I could only wish my nails looks this perfect when I did them!  Practice makes perfect? Maybe?

Tip: Did you know that there is nail striping tape? Obviously I am out of the nail loop because this stuff is too fun.

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Candy Crush Saga – The Most Addicting App of 2013

Candy Crush Saga – The Most Addicting App of 2013

Maybe you have seen your friends requesting lives for Candy Crush Saga on Facebook 0r maybe you are one of the millions of Candy Crush addicts like myself that CANNOT get ENOUGH of this game, myself included.

Late one night a few weeks ago, I was scrolling thru the Apple app store and came across the Candy Crush app. It was a free app and I thought why not. I should of just said NO to the Candy Crush Saga drug because now I am addicted.

Yes, I am a Candy Crush Addict

Candy Crush Saga App

So what, I like a game right? No, this game is evil. It’s tons of fun, especially if you are a Bejeweled fan like myself but here is the thing. While it is a FREE app to download, there are all kinds of in-app purchases that will sucker you into emptying your wallet. I am totally convinced a psychologist is involved in the making of this game.  It is totally addicting and you only have 5 lives. After your 5 lives are up – you have the option to continue playing, ask a Facebook friend for help or end game. You end the game, you then have to either purchase more plays or wait for more lives to regain themselves.

So let me clarify… you have to either tell all of your friends: HEY I AM ADDICTED TO CANDY CRUSH SAGA AND NEED YOUR HELP FURTHERING MY ADDICTION.. or pony up money if you want to continue to play without waiting.

Proof that this game is out of control? -> Candy Crush Crafts & Sweets

In app purchases on candy crush

Watch out for Candy Crush in app purchases!

I started and thought, there is NO way in HELL that I am buying anything in-app. Well, I lied to myself. You get to a certain level and if you want to continue on, you have to – again ask your Facebook friends for help or PAY for additional levels.  I swore I wouldn’t be one of those Facebook people begging for Candy Crush help (no offense to my friends that do that). So I sucker up the money and pay for the in-app level purchases. SUCKER!

So then there are all kinds of other OBNOXIOUSLY priced in-app purchases. Let’s look at a few in app purchase examples to see how this app is making so much money.

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